Friday, 28 September 2012

Luxbox Limited Edition

Now Limited edition Luxbox, I love Luxbox even though the September box was very hit and miss and not i feel up to there usual standard.
Now i recieved 7 full sized products for £20
  • Eldora - False Lashes
  • Green People- Eco eye Trio- Earth Colours
  • Steam cream
  • Sensationelle- Flicktips
  • Balance Me - Eye Wonder cream
  • The rosebud perfume company- Mocha Rose Tube
  • Delicious Teeth- Tooth Cleanser
Well this luxbox to me is fabulous as ive not been with luxbox long so i havent recieved any of these products, Now i love eye products so the eye trio i saw in the box before my first box and really was loving the look of it and i was really happy to recieve this. Plus the colours are perfect for my complection and its super compact.
Now i noticed there was an amazing smell coming from the box and i was smelling everything and found it was the rosebud perfumes lip balm. I dont usually like chocolatey scented products, love eating chocolate but in a beauty product it puts me off for some reason as i find it sickly. Now this however is not sickly nor off putting which was a plesant surprise. So im really happy as i love shea butter based products.
Ive got balance me products regularly and have a wonder eye cream in another beauty box, now i love naturally organic products so this will be used and probably glad of the 2 now as i now have a stock of them lol always a thumbs up in my book to have more of a product you love then less of one ;O)
The product i cant wait to try is the sensationelle flicktips, now i was very critical of these new stick on eye liners as i think what is the point as with a bit of practice and patience anyone can learn to apply liquid eyeliner plus you wont end up in the middle of the night with one missing and panic. However these flicktips when i was younger i was forever adding bindis and diamontes to under my eye or near the corner of where my eyeliner ended. So these are blasting me right back to my youth and i love the designs to make wonderful expressive designs with your eyeliner plus with your eyeshadows. Brilliant fun and i urge everyone to have a play with these as youll be amazed.
The delicious teeth hummmm this is a taste that will take a bit of getting used to as im so used to the taste of minty toothpaste that lemon is a drastic change but im willing as its bicarbonate based which really is better then chemically inhanced toothpastes and also i find your mouth feels like its had a proper mini tooth scrub, I like the packaging, its bulky to some but the tubes irritate me no end with toothpaste build-up etc and i prefer the ones you can press and dispense the amount you need and cover. Plus 100mls its huge and i wont be buying toothpaste for a while lol
I left the best to last Steam cream ah how i love this little tin of joy, i love it when companys take pride in packaging and go away from the norm and jazz it up a bit, now im saving this for when winter hits hard as my skin suffers awefully in the cold so this in my bag will be my little life-saver. I will be re-using this tin and recycling it when the cream is all gone as its handy and a perfect container.

Now you noticed no mention of the lashes, ownership and hands up i cannot apply these on countless applications they feel weird but im going to persist as im getting on a bit now and i need to help the poor lashes i have a little bit as im loosing that lushness with constant usage of mascara, the magnifibres was amazing and worked perfect so i will give these one more go and if a no-no then stick to magnifibres.

So thank you Luxbox for a fabbie treat :O)

September Glossybox

So september's Glossybox was called rising stars and was a special box designed by Maggie Li which is beautiful.
It contained
So i recieved
  • Lady GAGA- Fame fragrance Sample
  • Rodial- Snake serum and 5 minute facial- 2 sachets of each
  • Balance Me- Wonder eye cream
  • Vinchy- Idealia Day Cream
  • Maghrabian- Hair Oil
Now i wasnt bowled over by this box after seeing the box with a full size mythic oil which would have suited my hair better. In saying that i will use all of these products. I love Vinchy and have there night cream which is lovely and this day cream is a lovely fragranced cream with a creamy lovely texture so it will be something i will use and probably have in my bag as a cream for when im out at the hospital to keep my skin hydrated and smooth.
The lady gaga frangrance has baffled me as its in a black container and the whole hype around this fragrance is the fact its black and then disperses clear and drys clear. Now the actual scent is lovely and i can see myself bying the full bottle as i liked it that much. I would have however prefered a clear container to see the black fluid as its called. However thats me picking at minor details.
Now the rodial snake serum and 5 minute facial is sold as sachets £29 for 10 of the serum and £10.95 for 10 of the 5 minute facial, which seems overly expensive and i would not pay that for 10 sachets of anything. I really like the product and it did leave my skin feeling more firm and lines in my eyes have gone but i think i could live with a few lines and maintain my skin care regieme and get the same results over a longer time but still get these results with other products. I just would rather have a jar of cream or serum for £30 price tag then 10 sachets.
Now the Maghrabian hair oil, im loving hair oil i have used the ojon oil in my harrods glossybox and still have over half left its lasted that long with little needed, so i will use this but the improvement the ojon has done to my hair will mean that i could not say when using this oil if any improvement was made as argan oil as a whole will give excellent results. If your hair is frizzy like mine, the added oil and treatment will improve it it just depends on the time scale i think. Plus regular consistant use. Which ever oil you feel works for you and improves your hair is worth it in my book, i take care of my skin religously now and i wonder at times why didnt i start treating my hair in the same way instead of constantly chucking hair dye and god knows what else on it plus straightening but not think to replace the nutrients and help maintain good conditioning apart from when i wash it. So its worth investing in your hair as well as your skin routine. You will then glow from head to toe.

So an Okish box from glossybox this month but im hoping that these amazing boxes that people recieve are rotated and fairly distributed each month as too keep the majority happy, as i can see that getting the lax box each month will put people off but as long as the people recieving this box this month get the fuller box next month is in place then fairity rules.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

September Joliebox

So september Joliebox has come around and after the fabulous August box lets see what this box brings

So the box is one of the boxes from last months special edition range, I liked the fact that it was a different box to the one i got.
So this months box i must say was a little light but its just merged with the USA birchbox and this maybe the reason why its in the middle of the transition period.
So we have
  • Balmi Lip balm- Blackcurrant Flavour - Full size sample
  • I love....- Mango face mask- Full size sample
  • Redken- Align 12 protective straightening lotion
  • Twistband- Hair Tie- 2 Ties, Green and Yellow
Extra Product - 2 Dr Bragi Bio marine exfoliant

So this box although its a little light which you can forgive in light of the fab box from last month and this is the box produced whilst the companys merging. It still has fab amazing brands.
The balmi is cute and easy to use plus fab as a balm to take in your bag when travelling, I love the packaging how its so different. The redken is something i will deffo use as my hair is dry and needs a good straightening protector and also says it banishes frizz which will be perfect for me. So im excited to use this.
I love face mask is in the mango flavour which is lovely and i love the smell of mango and makes a lovely change from the usual flavours that you see. So il be using that tonight with my cuppa and chill out in front of the box watching downton abbey. Pure bliss !!
Now the dr bragi is very small but i know its going to be fab as i had a mask from them before and that was just so revitalising and calming for my face, these 2 sachets are cream exfoliant to renew and brighten tired skin so that will be going on my cheeks under my eyes where im usually getting tired skin.
So all in all not the best box that jolie has produced but no way the worst of the september boxes.

She Said Beauty September Box

So the september box for she said beauty, was looking forward to the beauty boxes as they seemed to have turned a corner and with the fashion weeks and new season coming in we all hope that this reflects in the boxes.

So this month was a slight change to the colour of the box but no major changes.

So this months contents :
  • DHC Cleansing Oil - 30ml Sample Size
  • Ginvera Green Tea Marvel Gel- 15ml Sample
  • Collection 2000 Primer- 18ml Sample size
  • Collection 2000 Fixer- 18ml Sample size
  • Amie Spring clean cooling Mask -15ml Sachet
Bonus product- Popchips Original Flavour 23 g bag

So apologies first off i couldnt hep but dive into the pop chips as i was reading about the products. I will find a picture to post.
Well the products i was happy with and i definatly really wanted to try the collection 2000 as it looked very vamped up. So i took the primer and fixer to try the next day to see how that worked with the mineral makeup i use. Now the primer was like silk and i loved the feel it had on my skin plus how much easier it was to apply an even layer of my foundation. I have dry skin and i find i can get some chalky areas so i need a good primer. This didnt show any sign of dryness. So i was happy with that product.
Now after i applied all my makeup i had a go at using the Fixer, this was not as great as the primer. The spray was un-even and felt like parts of your face were spritzed with blobs of the fixer and others just left so i think its more a packaging error then a fault with the product.
Now ive used the DHC oil and its fab at removing heavy makeup. Plus i must say the ginerva Marvel gel is aswell. Its is a bit strange that it goes on very slick but then comes off like a peel and with it a layer of muck you never knew your face had. Leaves you feeling like your pores have had the MOT of all mot's.
Now with all this primer,fixer and then the marvel gel to clean your face you look at your box and the Amie mask is the welcome product that has your face whoopying like a ribena berry. So you can feel relaxed with a cuppa and a good movie , slap this face mask on and just enjoy the abiance of the moment.
So it was a well put together box with products you use one after the other and just feel like its a full experience of pampering without needing a spa.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Apologies for my absence

Hey my beauty friends
First of all apologies for the lack of posts, ive been in hospital for a week and will be definatly catching up this week with the beauty boxes i have recieved for september so no fear im still here.
Thank you for sticking around xx

Sunday, 2 September 2012

A week of pampering and treats awaits

Right so its that time of the month where we all are awaiting our beauty boxes, now we had a fantastic Joliebox and a not so great Glossybox with some good and some bad points in it.
Now while we all cheer on our olympic and paralympic athletes me included

Ive been on a bit of a hunt for some bargins and well i went a bit mental on them really but hey all us girls need it once in a while. So now whilst im at my ebb of taking my fingernails off chomping at the bit awaiting my boxes i decided to have a look in latest in beauty and oh dear .... they released a collections section. Now to those new to Latest in beauty the do luxury samples for a fraction of the cost plus a little beauty box for just postage charge and you choose 3 samples.
So they usually do a editors choice box which is like the limited editions you get with beauty boxes you can see whats in it and decide if you wish to purchase it, this has now evolved into Collections so you have the editors pick choice still but added is mother and baby, summer essentials, around the world and also wedding prep.
Now the first to go live was the Editors pick section with a box from Aveda, 2 went on sale within days of each other. Either the Damage repair set or the Smoothing set, each had the same body products but different hair care.
So i purchased the Damage repair set as my hair is so dry, so this was £14.95 incl postage so a steal
So will be exciting to use this as ive heard brill things about aveda.
So my next goodies were from my fave brand REN skincare, they were doing an offer if you bought anything on the site you would get the travel size of the shampoo and conditioner they have now released in full sizes plus you still get your 2 samples with your order.
So as my Muslin cloths are my favorite product and im forever using these i get the 10% off as well so all i paid for is the cloths and postage with the rest being free. Major bargin off REN skincare.
Now i also had a splurge on a murad set that was a steal i mean valued at £56 with RRP £26 and i got it for £12 it was too good not to and i use Murad products so im keeping this for winter when my skin really suffers with the cold.
Really is pretty so no wonder everyone is eyeing up this baby !! lol
Final purchase i promise every girls weakness Makeup, Now MUA was having a bank holiday special if you spend £10 they gave you a false lashes, mascara and a eye dazzle.
So I bought a foundation, colour palate another dazzle dust in green, eyeshadow in light pink and a liquid pen eyeliner. The palates are such good value for £4 and ive heard nothing but good things about this brand. Now i used the foundation and eyeliner plus mascara in the picture above of me with pride and i must say the coverage and result is exactly how i like my makeup to be.
By all means leave a comment to how you think my look is :O)
My biggest makeup bargin is this Benifit Flawless foundation over half-price down to £9.99
Plus from the same company i got this for free
My last bargin was a blind bag off a facebook run makeup company called the makeup bag, i love using this company as the price is fantastic and it never fails with quality.
So till beauty box's next week !!!

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