Monday, 31 December 2012

A thanks to my amazing Friends xx

So i have the most amazing set of friends and we decided a while ago to run a secret santa, however well i had some naughty friends whom also sent me lovely goodies.
So i recieved a lovely goody parcel that went under the tree and this is what it looked like wrapped

So majorly spoilt right..........
Now there is a white choc toblerone (adore white choc) little santa and reindeer soapy friends, Body shop massive cream and the wrapped gifts ..... 1 pic to take still but will add tommorrow

So there was
The most amazing smelling bathy and body treats ive ever come across

Pretty lip glosses
Eye sparkles and a Stila Snowflake Palatte !!! So thankful to my friend Farhana xxxxxxx

Now i also was sooooo thankful too my friend Jenny who sent me
 and Eye sparkles from her lovely son sam, I love my eye sparkles and well i will plow through these like no tommorrow so double the amount woooooopieeee !!!!

Also was really tocuhed with my friend Kez who is like spoilt me rotten and again i need to take pics of some gifts as i was royally spoilt.
Now i adore all these colout so much and well a girl can never have enough lip glossy :O)
Now i have to upload my beautiful forever friends Diary and notepad from kez aswell as my wonderful Keratin hair sets ( i recieved 3) which with my hair sooooo needed and well even one was a enriched straightener if i want a change and well i struggle with my GHD's now so kez MWAH i love you xxxxx

Now miss p (Fatema) as you may see i love my eye makeups and all things makeup. Fatema sent me the ultimate eye kit with eyeliner, mascara and lush gel liner.

The picture doesnt do the box justice as its beautiful like a velvety packaging and im going to use is as a mini box for my jewels as its lush. So thank you so much.

Now i recieved this gift a while back but promise i left it under the tree till christmas from my friend Nicki.
My special edition glossybox with ESPA ............ one word LUSH !!! so spoilt x

Now i had a lovely package of my friend alison who really did spoil me with this gift and even though it wasnt a christmas gift i have to say thank you and that im forever indebted to all my friends for there generous gifts this christmas and throughout the year.
So aswell as some lovely jewellery i had this inclosed in a box of love from alison.
Yes a Dior bag ! Now if im not the most blessed and luckiest girl in the world then well i feel it.

Now i have some more pics to add to this of gifts i just recieved so more names to add to this amazing post. Which i will do tommorrow. So jemma and Danni i have to do a lovely pic of my wonderful set of gifts off you both but a huge thank you for my goodies xxx

I wanted to do this post for all my friends to say how much i love you all and just a massive thanks for all your support and friendship in 2012. Youve been my strength and biggest gift this year. So for that i cant express how grateful i am for each and everyone of you.

So to our toast of more friendship, love and great laughs in 2013 xxx

Christmas treats and Goodies

Beauty Treats

Well i was well and truely spoilt for christmas and the hubby i have to say left me speechless.
I recieved a dressing table and chair with the most amazing old style mirror and to say i filled it the minute it was assembled is an understatement. lol (Yes its full haha)
Now to the goodies that filled my pride and joy

So the first 2 goodies i recieved off my lovely in-laws , a mini frontcover set with the added gel liner converter, I have the full set of the new frontcover portable eyeshadows and i love this gel liner. It will turn any eyeshadow into a liner and if you want a change from black with the vast array of colours you really cant fault or go wrong with it and well personally i think this mini kit is well cute.
My Elizabeth Arden omg i nearly went dumb struck when i opened this gift. I love my elizabeth arden flawless foundation and products. The brand screams class and just a wonderful treat of a brand to recieve. Hence why its a treat with the high end price tag. So yes i did a little jig inside when i opened this lol
This gift from la senza made me giggle as well im not a early morning person lol
Next was from my sis in law, Now ive been raving about nip and fab for ages and a kit id seen in sainsburies they were doing as well im one for my pamper sessions aswell as my makeup play days. So yes this i looked and hugged with love, Now bonus it comes with a patent black bag. Brill for just using on trips out. Plus this lovely pair of earrings.
Now i revieved some lovely jewellery from my husbands aunt and a dear friend whom gave me some stunning pieces but ive posted my 2 favourite rings i love.
So happy christmas from me and next post is on my wonderfully generous friends and what i was so blessed to recieve.
From Tara xx

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Luxbox - December 2012

So while it seems the beauty box may have seen its day.... well the newly taken over luxbox may have ended this. Now to all those new to Luxbox, it was running and then reshuffled plus rebranded under future pink media company. Still keeping the Luxbox branding it promised to make issues with delivery and payments a thing of the past. Now whilst the hiccups of delivery were cutting it very fine over christmas and well the brand is a new baby compared to the bigger mummies of the beaity box world like Glossybox. It can be forgiven but they really need to listen more to the customers feedback regarding the way boxes run as well some of us a old hats to this beauty box game and listening to your consumer base is what will see you through this very choppy market. Where unfortunatly a few poor boxes will mean people seek better. So luxbox really could capitilise on the failing of joliebox and the fall of She said beauty... the gap in the market is there.

So box let us see what the 1st box within the new Luxbox provided.

So the box and the leaflet are the same layout and colourings , pretty leaflet for the christmas season

So contents

So the contents are as follows

Sheercover - Base Perfector Primer - Sample size 36.9 mls
Sheercover - Smokey eyes - Full eyeshadow palatte
Green People - Fruit scrub - Sample size 25ml
Masooq Deep penetrating Hair oil - Sample Size 25mls
Ancienne Ambiance Luxury Goddess - Bar of soap

Wowzers holy moley.......whats this Luxbox....i say its a flipping amazing box thats what and well you put the big hitter like joliebox to shame with this.

Now sheercover is a mainly american big hitting brand and its nice to try products from there as well you know what your getting if they do decide to come accross the pond and make a hit at the british market. Plus finally christmas boxes with makeup, Christmas is glitzy and glam all we girls want is some pampering and lovely products and you delivered Luxbox. The pigment on the sheercover eyeshadows is amazing they feel lovely too. Plus i have to show you this picture the packaging is lovely. Really screams class and finesse.

Id be a very happy girl to recieve this makeup again in a box. Now the primer im aware of as well many a late night doing night shift i see the tele-adverts for american products and hence how im aware of the sheercover brand. With its mineral makeup equivelent to our bare minerals brand. The primer is a good consistancy and quality plus really i didnt expect any less. So im super super excited to try and use this range and i really would love to see the mineral makeup range come over here and be more well known. So Luxbox if you are collaberating with Sheeercover ..... Huge thumbs up !!!

Now when i opened my box the smell of bakewell tarts is over its either from the Hair oil which does say descriptively sweet almonds or the soap which has coconut ? Now i put it down to the hair oil as i noticed it slightly leaking. The lid is either badly fitted or there is some residual oil in the lid leaking as the bottle is full to the brim. Looks a little misty oil and im assuming its from the oils seperating and with a good shake it will go back to the right consistancy and appearance. So will see when i wash my hair tommorrow what that does to my very in need of oil hair.

Green people awww a well known loved company within the Luxbox and fabby fruit scrub included and perfect, With all this glitz and glam you need some down time for your skin and this scrub will remove all the heavy makeup and impurities from christmas parties.
Definte taker in my bag for the christmas period at the family house next week.

So finally the Soap, Now its amazingly packaged and does smell amazing plus looks really soft as it looks like dessicated coconut around the sides. Looks like its a real luxury soap as the packaging is lovely and its obviously been given loads of care and attention to make sure it does, even though its soap treated with the same respect any other body care product would recieve. Especially when you want a pamper .... you need a goddess soap.

So i hold my hands up and a round of applause... bravo Luxbox you did yourselfs proud on your return (we will allow the delivery situation just once mind) but fantastic products. Great sizes .... NO SACHETS !! Others take note Luxbox is back and if your not careful will be the new king of the castle if you dont raise your game and luxbox enjoy making loads of beauty box lovers very happy with your quality. Keep it up as this is what keeps us happy.

Lavera - Eye roll on


Lavera natural cosmetics is a brand which offers a wide range of natural skincare and face products.
Blending essential oils and natural ingredients to help the most stubborn of problems and in reviewing there eye roll on to help combat tired and dark looking circles i was intrigued to see if this would work. Like all women at some point im most prone to tired eyes in winter, with the changing seasons it seems that my body fights all natural patterns of sleep you find in the summer months hence why i end up waking to puffy, sore looking eyes. Im really glad i could try this as other then piling on concealer i have yet to find something that would relieve this.
Well this roll on is really good for bringing this down, Ive applied every morning without fail for 2 weeks. Its wonderful it seems to wake up your tired eyes with a zing but the packaging is ingenius, the silver rollerball even though yes its a little cold hit in the morning. It does awaken your eyes and have them less puffy looking. It hasnt been difficult to apply makeup at all now and well saving me a fortune in trying to camoflauge the dark lines.
It soaks in really easily and doesnt leave any residue, plus is a really light liquid. Now ive been additionally applying in the evening as the difference is apparent.
Now with looking more on the product it contains extracts of karanja oil and organic white tea plus added effects of aloe vera and coenzyme Q10. Aloe vera being of course a well known cooling agent as well as tea.

Now i really would recommend this to anyone to have on them as a matter of need weither it be to combat tired eyes or if its simply to perk them during a hard day.
Its a wonderful product and one i cannot even think of living without now, if id not been directed to it i would have not seen it at all. Plus in recent beauty awards it was highly commended within the beauty bible anti-aging catagories. It all starts with prevention in anti ageing and when coming down to starting on eye care then dark circles are the main areas people find the most trouble with.
Lavera eye roll on will help prevent and illiviate the symptoms and look of dark circles.
My stockist of Lavera Eye Roll on

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Joliebox Dec 2012 - Party Season

So the december joliebox has arrived and i have to say with great disappointment. I really was expecting more from joliebox with the christmas box being such an eagerly awaited box and not so great comment last month.

It seems that the over taking of birchbox has meant standards of products slipping greatly, when you subscribe you allow for sachets being with a dulux or big sample with substantial product allowance as to gauge the efficency of the product to give the best feedback to the company as possible.

But when its every month you start to wonder if this is just the begining of how things will always be. Now i really dont mind a array of products however what i do mind is when a box is substantially worth less then the subscription fee i paid.

So this is the Joliebox this month with its festive packaging.

And also the complementary Joliemag aswell with the cover being Fiona Leahy, Party planner

Now as to the contents of the box, this is what you saw on opening the box.

So we have -
BellePierre - Shimmer powder in dilegence
Dr Duve - Hand and decollete cream - 2 Sachets
I love....cosmetics - Shimmer and shine lipgloss
Agua de colonia - Alvarez Gomez - Perfume Vial
Colour club - Joliebox custom colour mixes either "put a pin in it" or "insta-this"
Olay - Regenrist skin cream

Well oh my goodness how many times can olay pop up in beauty boxes, Its marketed to a specific brand of woman and age range and well im far from that age catagory. Plus if they are trying to reach a younger market then at least put some promotional material in, jazzy up the packaging or something to show a change or people assume that its just standard old olay.

Sachets of hand cream and a perfume vial - well as i said i really dont mind but well when you not recieving a decent size product. I really dont like perfume in boxes as i find its an unknown and usually cheap perfume mascarading as a high end perfume but smells like socks or old ladies. Really not a hit for me at all and well if the profiles were listened too then i feel jolie have had ample and a fair few comments addressing this issue and seems to fall on deaf ears.

Lipgloss- What can i say its shimmery and a lipgloss, smells nice but i dont like the fact it just comes with a piece of plastic around it for protection as it makes the product cheap then, package your product well companies as in the beauty box world first impressions count and can mean the difference between a whole following of consumers wanting to buy or the other way they avoid you with a barge pole... harsh but true.

BellePierre is the only saving grace of this box, the shimmers are renound for quality and even though the colour i recieved is really not to my taste i know that if i try it i may find some use for it. So only thing good in the joliebox !!

Custom colour nail polish...hummmm now i have had loads of boxes and things in the mail all of which have nail polish i have ammassed a huge collection in one month alone. I know its this years fashion trend but so un-immaginative and boring really.

I have no clue when the birchbox collaberation is happening but it better happen soon or jolie may loose there customer base..I have unsubscribed as well im kind of sick of paying over the odds for samples of cream i can request myself.

So apart from the bellepierre and the 2 lindt chocolate bars.... poor show joliebox very poor christmas box.

Friday, 14 December 2012

MUA professional Brow Kit plus 40% offer

Now I'm the first to confess I only use to do general eyebrow tidy-up but it alluded me as to why anyone want to enhance that area.
Oh how wrong I was wow, having seen this kit and read reviews on how to define and use it to its maximum I thought give it a go.
It was only until my mother in law and sister in law came and saw me that the full impact of what looking and treating your brows well does.
Showered with compliments on how well I looked and how shaped my eyebrows were left them all asking how i achieved this look.
So i told them the new brow kit from MUA.
Now it comes with a colour natural to dark brown and lighter hair shades plus a highlighter for the brow bone and also a fixing gel. Also included are a pair of little tweezer which are really brilliant and ive used them really effectively plus also a brow brush to apply the powder to your brow. It is a really dense thin angle brush to ensure a good thin shape on the slimmest part of the brow.

If your looking for a quality brow kit that is really natural looking and to give you a proffessional finish then look no further then MUA and at a reasonable price of £3.50 you cant go wrong.

Now MUA is also well known for its amazing offers in store (superdrug) and online.  Recently with the facebook site getting to 40k followers they ran a promotion for 40% of everything (excluding brushes) plus 5 free nail quakes.
So being nearly christmas and knowing my sister in law loves MUA too i thought treat her to some new makeup and also stock myself up too (any excuse lol )
Here is what i purchased....

Now i think this is amazing for the price i paid over £40 worth of products for £25 with free shipping and the nail quakes too.

Well worth a look if you want to try a brand renound for its highly pigmented products at an affordable price.

Bravo MUA xx

Glossybox Special Edition box- ESPA

So glossybox as well as there own beauty box which comes out monthly in addition they release special edition boxes which have products from a few brands or just feature one particular brand.
Now in november they released the ESPA box a well know company offering a spa experience at home with the products they have developed.

Now i was lucky to have been gifted this box of a really kind and wonderful friend and i was over the moon to hear this was going to be sent to me as a early christmas present ..... I had a peak but now he is nice and safely back under the christmas tree.

So in the box as well as a £30 gift card to use online with no minimum spend at offer within a box and so generous) there was also ....

• 50ml Energising Shower Gel – Coconut, Eucalyptus and Peppermint revitalise for the perfect start to your day.
• 50 ml Energising Body Lotion – Shea Butter, Vitamin A-rich Almond Oil and Peppermint nourish your skin.
• 7ml Skin Radiance Mask - Mulberry, Bearberry, Liquorice and Pumpkin Enzymes revive skin's natural glow
• 7ml Skin Radiance Moisturiser – revive dry, dull skin with this naturally skin-brightening moisturiser
• 3ml 24-Hour Replenishing Eye Moisturiser – Ginkgo Biloba, Mimosa and Evening Primrose hydrate and diminishes fine lines, puffiness and dark circles
• A Glossy handbag sized magazine – with a home spa ritual developed by an ESPA therapist

Now this box just overflowed with luxury, the packaging was lovely with an amazing aroma when you opened the box wafting out just making you want to open them all and try them immediatly.

So with the voucher if you use it now the delivery is free up until christmas with the added gift of 4 free samples and the sizes are really great for getting a true feeling of the ESPA brand.

I will be so excited to be using this over christmas and really using the products to relax after the mad and hectic day which is christmas.

Brilliant limited edition box glossybox and ESPA.

Tis the season to be Glossy- Glossybox Dec 2012

So December Glossybox.....Much awaited and anticipated as it seems glossybox have made a fantastic turn around in sourcing quality products.
I had a brilliant Novemeber box so i was itching at the gill to see what this box brought and BOY i was not disappointed....In fact i was as happy as ELF in the store hearing he had heard santa was coming.

So the title of the box is "Bejewelled Christmas" and i must say the packaging is impressive, its etherial with a lovely hint of christmas glitz and glamour surrounding the festive season. Which really is quite a catchy moto on the front "May your days be sparkly and Bright".

So contents your all wondering ? What did the Glossy Elves put in my box .......

Well they adorned me with a fantastical array of brilliant products.....

Rituals - Magic Touch Whipped body Cream - Sample size 70ml
Sleek make-up - i-Devine True Eyeshadow palatte - Full size
Milk_Shake - Conditioning whipped Cream - Sample size 100ml
Anatomicals - I never fake strawberry lip gloss - Full size tube 10ml
Seche - Nail lacquer - Full size 14ml - Iconic

2 bonus products came in this box
Glossybox - Blusher in Glossy Rosewood as a lovely bonus Christmas gift
Dr Jart BB cream - An extra from glossybox for recieving Olay in 2 consecutive boxes

Well what can i say about this box ? Amazing ? Definatly
I love rituals after trying there foaming body shower wash and i cant wait to fully try this new offering as it is a well known brand that offers a rich array of products that will leave you feeling amazing. So more on that little beauty later.....
Sleek eyeshadow palatte, now ask anyone who knows me im a fully fledged addicted buyer of all things eyeshadow and eye makeup. I love my palattes in my collection and to add another one was the reason i was screaming like ELF in my house when i opened my box. I couldnt have been happier and i look forward to trying the pigmentation and longevity of these colours in achieving christmas party and day looks.
Milk_shake oooooo you had me at the whipped cream description, nothing would bring me more joy then to smell like lushous cream and leave my hair as light as air and maintaining hold on my styles.
This baby has a full head of curly hair to come to terms with so i will repost how it does with a full mane and if i achieve a frizz free look. Wow just smelt it and its like a poofball of whippy cream mouse that smells devine like strawberry mixed with candy floss wow product find of the year definatly.
Anatomicals oh im glad to see you again, after trying your lovely scrub with its no nonsense and straight to the point packaging. Im guessing when i crack this baby open tommorrow i will get a fully fledged wack of strawberry to my nose and be in fields of summer heaven. Also i saw a vlogger say this smelt like calpol and well she was bang on.
Seche nail laquer, now i confess this is not a brand i have used but im loving nail colours in rich reds for the season so lets see if this can go the full distance on my nails. Its Iconic which is a red tone with hints of brassy shimmers. So very in with the new season trends.

My 2 extra products i cant wait to use as i really loved the glossy lipstick when i have had it in a past box and this blush is just right for my skin tone. Plus with my good old friend Dr jart BB cream i really am set with this box to achieve a wonderfully seasonal look.....well done glossybox on such a consistant and consise box with a clear message of seasonal glitz and sparkle.

So tis the season to be Glossy and wow fa la la la laaa laaaa laaa la la you came up trumps for christmas and see you in 2013.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

So we all know what it's like gift hunting and finding that something special for the people you love, no matter the occasion.

Well look no further then  , there website offers a wide range of gifts for any age as well as occasion. With a varied variety you will find yourself stuck for choice.
I myself did when I looked at the site and was very shocked at how reasonably priced the service is. When you consider you are getting a fully personalised item,It's fantastic value.

Now I have alot of people young and old come to our house and its a well known and little tradition me and my husband like is to keep a jar or box of snacks and sweets as a welcome to our home. Our nephew and other young guests like this tradition alot needless to say.

So I thought lets get a personalised jar with a little welcome message on it and see how it goes down.
With order done and may add a very fast and efficient delivery even in this time of mail backlog and general slower postal service then normal, you can fully trust utterly personal will get your gift to you speedily.
Well wrapped and lovely to see the finished article which came stuffed full of family favourite sweets.
It is a timeless and welcome addition to the home with the added bonus of being able to re-stock as needed when becoming empty. So the joy and fun of welcoming gifts will never end.
Now i personalised pretty simple as we wanted it to be a jar for everyone to have access to but if you look at the link you can see it can be more personalised say if you needed it for a gift or an addition to your home aswell.

A fantastic site that will meet all your personal and gifting needs, so why not pop on over and have a look at the fantastic range.
Also why not say hello to the wonderful staff on facebook
 For all you Personalised gifts needs and Orders

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Its christmas

So to all my lovely readers, I wish you all a wonderful christmas period and i hope you all the joy in the world. I have a ton of makeup to get through this week and have been asked to do some tutorials on party looks ... so this week will be make-up and christmas looks.
I also have some exciting new reviews coming. A book review of a new up-coming author, Fashion and looks for the coming Spring/Summer 2013, Plus personalised gift reviews...and my biggest review... My personal make-over and overhawl of my look.
So an exciting and wonderful time to come.


So I happened to stumble across a wonderful opportunity from a well known and loved distributor of beauty products. I'm very grateful to them for allowing me to test a product.

So Chloe is a well know high end brand. Its signature scent is advertised as being a fresh and lovely scent. With notes of peony,sandlewood and honey's tones.
It comes in a wonderfully elegant bottle which would grace any vanity table. It strikes as a design of old school chic with a heavy glass bottle, chloe on the rim and finished with a bow. I personally love old style bottles of perfume that have no gimmic or massive campaigns as i think the perfume speaks for its self.

Its truely a wonderful scent and not one ive personally tried, i must say it is utterly unique. It a strong scense of floral scents which sit on the skin and leave an aroma around you that no one can miss as the staying power of this fragrance is like none ive ever encountered. I would have to re-spray with all other perfumes halfway through the day to ensure the scent could be smelt but this Chloe really stands the test of time for the day.
I really do think its wonderful value for money when you think about the price you pay for a scent and even though this is the higher end it will really last you ages as a spritz is all you need.
You can definatly smell the Peony as the main scent and as it settles the floral tones then come in with the hints of honey and really it lasts so long you can pick up on all the tones through the day. Ive worn this a couple of times and everyone has commented "what scent is that" Its un-mistakable.
Chloe is perfect for a Party when you really dont want to be carrying alot around and you need a long wearing perfume. Its and all round scent, you can wear it in the summer and feel as floral as the buds around you or in winter with the hints of honey encasing you in a warm snug blanket of scent.
I love Chloe and whole persona of the perfume. It has a real classy feel to it and is an all woman scent.
If your looking for a real scent thats different and will last you, then definatly go for Chloe and test it on your skin to see how the perfume really takes the day by the hand and shakes it alive.

So thank you for a really amazing product and it was a pleasure to test.

Look good feel better - Makeup Brushes

Look good and feel better Look Good Feel Better  (LGFB) is the only  international cancer support charity  that helps  women and teen...