Sunday, 27 July 2014

Stargazer Cosmetics

I am so excited, to be given the opportunity to review for Stargazer. I have seen there products used by others. However I was taken aback by the abundance of colours. I was very kindly sent, a selection of products to try. 

They say : Stargazer was established in 1978 with the opening of a stall in the Great Gear Market on the Kings Road London. Kings Road was the centre of the punk fashion in London at the time, and it was this attitude towards colour and outrage that moulded many of the company’s ideas behind the ranges we produce. 

In the late 1980’s, we started to produce the products ourselves. Now in an effort to offer a wide range of cosmetics, hair colouring products. With a wild, colourful and in your face feel to them. Stargazer now is sold across the world. So be part of the Stargazer colour renaissance.

They say ; Pressed powder for blush/shadow application. Wide array of colours that will meet any requirements. Made up of both matt and shimmery shades. This is an example of how descriptives, separate a matte from a shimmer or any other finish. 
E.g : Black - matt finish
        Black gold - shimmery finish

Ice Rose, Champagne, Ice Peach and Bronze

So the eyeshadows I had to try were mostly shimmer, I would use for inner eye highlighting (Except the bronze). I have many looks I want to do. So the feel of the eyeshadow is very light, a fine milled buttery texture. Each of the shadows gives excellent pigmentation of colour. I'd say Ice rose, was the only one I found to be a let down. It's almost a loose glitter on appearenece. I would possibly use this, to jazz up a loved matte shade.

The bronze is by far my favourite shade. As it's effortless and versatile with any base, then blend in some bronze for day time. There you have a beautiful look or for night to transition the shade with some more golds/bronze, any shade to really make this bronze give you so many options. So these shadows are so pigmented, affordable and blend like a dream. You choices of looks is endless and if you want a particular shade, you haven't found as yet for rich colour. Then i would highly recommend looking into Stargazer's colour chart.

They say :  All the Eye Dust colours give you a fine shimmered effect, which can be applied by hand or make up brush. The colours are dense and give a good strong finish on the skin. 

In the past I've not had much joy with eye dust's, because of the fallout. However now I use paper tape to catch it. I must say that the colours are just stunning. The packaging needs some work, but that will be in my overall conclusion below. So eye dusts can be patted on with a dry brush, or finger as they say. I would suggest using a tacky primer, to adhere the eye dust. 

Now I personally love the Pink and Taupe/brown shade. I use pink as a pop of colour, more the vivid shade to the pastel. The Taupe/brown shade is so unique, as it has so many component's when you look up close. You couldn't say it's one particular shade. The pastel pink and blue dusts, I think are mixed with some form of duochrome's.

The hot pink and orange are my kind of colours. Orange for a beautiful sunset eye, or flash of something different to the cheeks. The hot pink could be combined with the orange for the sunset look. 
Personally I would use the Hot pink for a daring flash of colour, dampen my brush. Then flick the brush to give a speckled effect over my eye. Then continue with selected dusts to build, a unique and quirky look. I can't fault the Eye dust's, pigmentation in my swatches show's a little goes a long way. The colours are unique, the quality is just amazing. Also the amount of product, you receive is very generous. Plus the quality is second to none. 

They say : Pressed bronzer giving a  bronzed glow with a slight shimmer. Great for a year round summer look. 

I really like this bronzer and I know it may sound a little daft. This is probably the only bronzer I can comfortably layer.  Without feeling like I need to count, taps to dabs of product for the right amount. Plus then blend till my hand is stuck in "brush hold pose". I'm happy with one layer, for a gentle sweep of colour too my temples and cheeks. I would even use this after my setting powder, as a light sun-kissed colour without needing fake tan. Below I've shown the colour payoff blending's of product. To give a visual as to what I'm trying to explain. 

They say ; A exotic, bright and natural range of lipsticks colours. The lipsticks are available in a variety of colours and finishes (matt, gloss and pearl) and have a long lasting colour.

Lipsticks are one product I'm most fond of but i love rich and vivid colours. Looking at the swatches of the three shades i have, I shall purchase from Stargazer in future. As I love to experiment with makeup and colour, not usual to the market but mostly to professional's. However i have found that jewel in the crown, that gives me such quality to turn my visions into real life. The lipsticks above just give such rich depth of colour, without being dehydrating and patchy. They apply and wear as well. Given that as with all lip products, I say exfoliate and nourish before hand (This goes for affordable as well as High end). I do love that these lipsticks can be ombre so well, the colours just are made for each other. Plus the Red on the left gives the hint of raspberry tones with muted pinks. They are stunning to work with.

So my full rundown into the products I've viewed so far. The Eyeshadows and Eye-Dusts are beautiful and the formula is a rich texture. I would say the only one i found hard to work with was the Ice Rose. This was more suited to inner small highlighting and minor detailing, in which only small sections would need this shade. I would advise the Ice peach instead as this could do the same highlighting but be used on a broader scale. Really this was a minor flaw i found with one shadow, overall they are pigmented and blend fantastic. Im going to be purchasing most of the green shades, as i can never find rich enough greens.

(This next issue is not a reflection of the product). I would advise Stargazer to consider sifter pots, for any loose powder products. So as you opened the lid, there would be no loss of product. As I found that when opening/sealing, some product was trapped in the ledges. It was unfortunate to see such good product, end up on a baby wipe then going to good use. Not complaining as the products are affordable and very generous in quantity. I just would love to see it all go to good use. 

Each Stargazer product had me in awe at the quality and just sheer affordability. I went to see what other products i would be ordering, as i wish to do a part 2 review. Venturing to more supplies so i can showcase many looks. Apologies this review did not come with a look, i will showcase a variety via my Instagram this week. So to round this review up, Stargazer have a vast selection and i would highly recommend you have a wander over to the site. 

(Nail polishes : All of the Stargazer Nail polishes, are made from high quality materials. A wild and magical nail polish colour range. Including glitter and a bright fluorescent range. Every bottle contains a ball-bearing for fast mixing.)

I was also kindly sent 3 Nail polishes but as many of you know my hands are quite swollen still. So i will be doing a full review for the Nail polishes alone. As they really deserve proper swatches as well as a run down on wear time, chipping etc. They are beautiful and i cannot wait to share with you the colours passed onto me. Also i would love to hear feedback to any products you would love to see ? Im going to put in a big order, as i really want to venture into Stargazer's products more. 

Monday, 14 July 2014

Nourish - Toning body shimmer

Nourish is a brand I was introduced to last year and fell in love with. There naturally made, inspired products were a joy to use. So for summer there is a new release, to enhance your skin. A body product, that will make your skin radiate and glow. 

They say : 
Infused with golden resins of frankincense and myrrh plus super-hydrating hyaluronic acid and light reflecting particles, this unique iridescent shimmer locks in moisture and imparts a natural, golden glow.

Our new Golden Glow Toning Body Shimmer provides an indulgent treat for skin that firms, tones and gives a year round, sun-kissed radiance. Combined with a nutrient rich phyto-active marine extract, tone the skin, firming and boosting suppleness. With super-hydrating hyaluronic acid and tripeptides to stimulate the production of collagen, skin feels smoother, softer and has a refined, fresh appearance. 

Bottle packaged with pump, to dispense a very airy and whipped consistency. On initial inspection, a golden shimmer based cream is what you see. On application into the skin you'll find a little goes a long way. The amount you apply can be light for a hint of a glow or apply heavier for that golden dewy sheen. 

The golden shimmer is so versitile, to be applied to the neck, body etc. Any area thats highlighted will become beautifully defined, especially the decleotage area. This product would look amazing with a tan. You could use to make skin look less dull, if you'd like a little life added to your complexion. The uses are endless. It does also include a marine extract to help with toning of the skin

So in conclusion, I can say the new Nourish addition is beautiful. This is the perfect product,for adding some beautiful contours to the skin. It's micro-shimmers do not irritate and it absorbs very well. You only need a little product so this will last a fair while. 

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

BeautyUK - Nails Polish

BeautyUK cosmetics is an amazing and affordable British brand. So as we approach the mid-point to 2014, an amazing release comes. In the form of a new line of nail polish. A amazing array of beautiful summer colours.  I was kindly asked to try 2 colours from the range. 

They say : Our range of cosmetics provides the tools needed, to stay on trend. Innovation and creative development. We give customers exciting products, that spark imagination enhancing their signature style. BeautyUK loves experimenting with new colours, shades to compliment look's. 

*Names are below

The new flagship nails collection boasts 22 statement shades of quick drying, long lasting, high gloss nail polish. 

New nails shades : 
1.Ice Ice Baby 
2.White Out 
3.Let's hit the peach 
4.Rustic rose
5.Pink lemonade          
6.Lady Lavender               
7.Under the heather
8.Pretty in pink 
9.Ultra violet 
10.Smoke signal 
11.Post box red 
12. Pink you've had enough 
13.Tealed with a kiss 
14.Daffodil delight 
15.Coral burst   
16.Pink pop
17.Purple pizzaz
18.Great blue beyond 
19.Cherry bomb 
20.Red royale 
21.Rouge rondevouz 
22.Black out  

Tealed with a kiss 

So "Tealed with a kiss" is a beautiful shade and one I was instantly drawn too. A Dark teal colour that was unusual, a happy change from pinks or a French manicure. I love the boldness of the colour. It will compliment my green makeup looks. It applied really nicely and has a thick, long haired brush. I had a good colour payoff on the first application. The second layer then gave me the strong, vibrant colour that was true to the bottle shade. Long wearing and smooth finish when the nail dried. Very impressed with this polish. 

Ultra violet 

Again what a beautiful bold colour for summer. Shades of Pantone's "Rich Orchid" so your nails will be in trend when you venture out. The colour application was easy and the same as "Tealed with a kiss". Two layers gives a rich and vibrant colour. It's formula is long lasting, having worn them for nearly a week. There's been no major chipping, only slight wear at the edges. I am redoing my nails now, so for the polish to last this long has impressed me so much. 

I would purchase more of these polishes, as I think they are fantastic value for money. BeautyUK products I've tried have exuded quality for an affordable price. They are bringing out more products,  that I am excited to try. So it's a big thumbs up for these new Nails polishes. The shades are beautiful and also the application is very easy. 

Monday, 7 July 2014

Essence - Products review

 Affordable products that are high quality are what Essence are known for, a German beauty brand that is finally making its way over to us. I'm glad they are becoming more widely available. I have been kindly sent some items to try, plus I also have a few products myself. I'm so grateful to Essence for allowing me to review there line. 

Essence products I recieved :

BB cream/16hr All day foundation

 lightly tinted BB cream ensures a smooth, radiant and flawless complexion. it makes small skin imperfections disappear without blocking your pores and provides intensive moisture with spf 30. 

This BB cream is very light and you only need a small amount. As BB creams give lighter coverage with moisturising qualities. Great for dry skin types as it is so light, plus easy to blend. The shade is leaning towards the yellow side of the spectrum. I found combining with the match 2 concealer (peachy side), under the eyes then balanced out the dark circles. Lovely BB cream for summer and  nice light feeling makeup.

16 hr All day foundation : this long-lasting foundation ensures a smooth and silky complexion all. Its delicate texture allows a simple and even application. 

This is a lovely foundation in application and how it buffed in easily. It's like the BB cream does pull to the yellow side of the spectrum. However I felt that balanced out my red areas. It doesn't last the full 16 hrs, I would say that 8 would be a realistic number. With the spot powder, this prevented it being so noticeable during touch-ups. It's a pump dispenser and I would say, 2 pumps was sufficent for my coverage. So I'm really impressed with the offerings from essence, I would like to see if more pinkish tones are available.

Pure skin anti-spot compact powder 

They say : Radiant, fresh and healthy complexion. Anti-bacterial compact powder covers-up irregularities. Clearderm complex to specially target spots and blackheads. Ensures a smooth, radiant complexion. dermatologically tested.

This powder compliments the BB cream/ foundation amazingly well. It's not chalky or powdery when applied. Finely milled and smells fresh (Non perfumed) with a creamy texture almost. I advise to make sure your foundation is dry, to the touch before applying this powder. As the powder has a creamy feel to it, then any additional cream could cause hard pan to the compact.

Silky touch Blush & Eyeshadows

Silky touch blush : Fresh complexion is essential for perfect style. Natural looking soft as well as brighter shades on your cheeks with this silky-soft blush. 

The most stunning find in my makeup collection. I had seen the swatches and was bowled over, my friend had sold this to me. It's stunning deep berry/pink/rose tones with slight shimmers. Its so pigmented and needs a light hand on application. It's finely milled and the micro shimmers are stunning when they catch the light. 

The eyeshadows are a Mono and a limited edition offering. They are both very pigmented, offering a beautiful shimmery effect. I think the shades are perfect for a inner corner highlight. I personally would use the marbelled shade, to do a smokey nighttime look. These are both pigmented and I would happily purchase more colours to use. 

Eye sorbet - Illuminating Plum

They say : Innovative, long-lasting, gel-texture is easy to apply with your finger. Beautiful shades and lots of shimmer to make your eyes shine as bright as the stars. Also ideal for use as a highlighter.

The eye sorbet surprised me the most. It went onto the lid fine and didn't leave patchy areas. However it wasn't opaque with the base colour but a lid shimmer. So I would apply my eyeshadow first then dab on some of the eye sorbet. This will give a beautiful shimmer. 

Match 2 concealer :

They say : Creamy texture of the concealer, offers high coverage. Conceal impurities, dark circles under your eyes. One kit contains two shades in light and medium beige, can also be mixed. 

The concealer is a creamy and really easy to apply. The light shade is radiant and can be applied, as a concealer or as a highlight. I could use this with a brush or my fingers. I would use my fingers as it warms the concealer nicely. However I would for hygiene purposes, when using over spots switch to a brush. I would also sterilise my concealers just due to the nature of the product. This concealer is very creamy so you will need a setting powder to just set it. 

2 in 1 Eyeliner pen - Black

They say : Do you want a fine line for a classic look or an extravagant line for a dramatic look. The essence 2in1 eyeliner pen, with a fine tip one end and a broad, slanted tip on the other.

This pen is very easy to use. I used the thin side to do my cat flick. I wanted to see how easy it was to achieve a quick look. So in my opinion the thicker side is a little less intense in colour payoff. The pen does not drag and dispenses the liner easily. However it's very wet and you need to be careful that you don't cause transfer. Also I did find when it dried it was intense in colour and had a sheen. I wouldn't advise this to be used on skin that wrinkled, as it could bleed. So it's a liquid eyeliner that's easy to use, be slow with it and it will give great looking results. Above is my first attempt at a cat eye with no paper tape used. The liner is also very easily removed,using a wet towelette or makeup remover. It comes away so easily, I would not advise this to anyone needing waterproof products. 

So that's my review on Essence products one by one. I'm so impressed that I can't wait to purchase more items to review. The quality is second to none and it's so affordable is really surprising. I can't rave enought about essence. If you have any requests to products I should trial, then feel free to leave a comment

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