Sunday, 22 February 2015

Kat Von D Haul (Blush, Primer, Kat eye set)

So Kat von D has been a brand that ive had to love on the sidelines. That was until two of my lovely friend's at christmas spoilt me with gifts from the USA. Sephora delivers to the UK now so finally the USA is accessible, I couldn't be happier. As i believe ive found some lovely Holy grail's. 

Kat Von D Blush - Heartagram

A fade-proof blush with remarkably rich pigment to enhance individual features and the complexion. Be beautifully flushed from sunrise to far past sunset with this long-wearing blush. The smooth, velvety powder glides onto cheeks and effortlessly blends into the pores to enhance the natural radiance of your skin. The fade-proof formula promises up to 24-hours of colour and the rich pigment offers build-able, custom coverage for every skin-tone. 

This blush is stunning, pigmented and vibrant. The deep berry colour with a touch of shimmer. So a small amount is needed on your brush and a good tap off. Blended into your cheek area and working seamlessly with your contour. Gives the most beautiful flushed hint of colour to the cheek. I love the blush and the packaging is also stunning. Etched with the Kat von d roses and her name raised on the box, this hard case feels secure. I didnt have to retouch my blush at any point, so the pigments last very well. Very impressive. 

Kat Von D - Tattoo Liner/Mascara & Face Primer

Mascara mini 
Now unlike the tattoo liner, the mascara is not the best. The mini kits are a fantastic way trial products. I personally found the mascara scary. It's plastic applicator has small and then spaced long spikes to separate the lashes, with a spiked ball end to apply product. However the long spikes are so long, its impossible to reach your smaller lashes. (I poked my eye out) So once i did that, i then set the mascara aside and went "not for me". This is not a product i would purchase again. 

A liquid eyeliner with an innovative brush tip, for effortless precise application. Achieve eye perfection with this high-pigment, waterproof liner that stays put all day. For a fade, crack, and run resistant finish. The superfine and flexible brush tip glides across the lash-line, for incredibly fluid application. Allowing you to create a variety of looks with ease. Unlike traditional felt tip liners, this brush tip will not fray.

This tattoo liner is one of the most impressive ive used. Now thats high praise as im a gel and brush user, due to the fact i can never find a pen that does what i want. Most will drag and not give me the amount of product i want as i apply. This is a brush tip applicator gives a even amount of product, so it applies like a dream. The pigment is rich and the deepest black. I applied a perfect wing with no drag, even on the reverse back when connecting. Which is the part i find most liners drag, yet her design has eliminated this. I can say i will repurchase as its so easy to use. I did find the bigger wing with more product felt a little wet, so i looked down for a few seconds so it was fully dry. Once dry it does not smudge, chip or fade at all. 

Kat Von D - Lock-it Primer 

A lightweight, water-based face primer that hydrates, smoothes, and protects skin while it reduces the appearance of pores-creating the perfect canvas for long-wear foundation application.

This primer is beautiful. Its a silky cream that glides onto the skin, absorbs to give a soft even base. Now with my dry skin this is essential to have a even base. I use Lock it foundation which is a full coverage, this is applied with a sponge. I have my driest areas on my forehead and cheeks at winter. This primer absorbs so well that when i come to apply my foundation, the dryness is controlled to allow even application. Its been the primer that i have found will hydrate my skin, aswell as give a solid base for my makeup. So im over the moon and have no fear of my foundation looking dry now. Plus this primer works till my makeup was ready to be removed. Effortless and works to hydrate skin. Another absolute must repurchase. 

My lookbook

My look above was created using just Kat Von D makeup. I will have reviews on the new Eyeshadow palettes coming (I used the Chrysalis palette above). I have found so many must haves in Kat Von D's line that impress me. I will definatly repurchase many products and keep an eye out for my up coming reviews on more products from the line. 

Friday, 13 February 2015

Bomb Cosmetics Lip-balm

Bomb cosmetics are a natural and unique brand that offers something a little special. There packaging is fun and colourful, giving a real change to the normal and conventional. It's a brand i would purchase from because of the quirky fun style and impressive flavours. I love to see british brands becoming successful and being natural too. 

They say : 
Bomb Cosmetics is a closely guarded and cherished secret in the cosmetics business. Established over 14 years ago. We launched our bright, natural, fun and affordable handmade product's. Our humble beginnings with just a few lovingly crafted Bath Blasters, we now export a varied product range to over 45 countries. We pride ourselves on making product's, that smell and feel wonderful on your skin.
We carefully select the best ingredients, natural butters and pure essential oils. Minimising our packaging as much as possible, to ensure our little luxuries don’t hurt the planet. Also don’t forget, all of our products come with free extra love. So why not make your beauty regime a little more beautiful?

Bomb Cosmetics - Chilli Mango 

An intensely moisturising and juicy chilli mango lip balm with a delicate shimmer. A vibrant and fruity cocktail of peach schnapps, sweet orange, melon and mango with a twist of chilli.

This is a beautiful lip balm with a fruity scent and light tint. Beautifully presented colourful packaging, for this potted lip balm. It applies like any other potted balm, by slightly warming with body heat. Then taking some on your finger to apply to the lips. Which is highly moisturising and a really good balm. I love the slight shimmer this balm seems to have and the scent last's on the lip's. I like this balm so much that im going to look into more bomb cosmetics items. There range looks very stylish with a cute edge to them. So i look forward to bringing more Bomb cosmetics to my blog. 

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Lip Smackers Lip balm

Firstly an american household brand that is known for its huge range of flavours. So coming to the Uk its taken on some of our favourite and most loved classics. If you want something fun and also available in presentation gift tins. These lip balms will give you more then the balm, they also offer a little bit of retro flashback to your youth. So how are the actual balms at hydrating your lips ?

They say :
In Our World we Explore flavour, colour and design trends to innovate delicious flavours. Develop new flavours and formulas in our lip gloss lab where samples are tasted for authenticity. Design logos, patterns, layouts and labels in our creative studio. 

Since 1973, we have put smiles on lips around the globe. We hope our authentic flavour and colourfully designed products make you happy.
 The colourful, collectable tubes put a smile on every face. We are passionate about making you smile, with high quality products that you love and love to use

LipSmacker Walls Ice Cream Trio Pack 

Taste Walls Ice Cream Retro Ice Creams ideal for party bag pressies or a gift for the girl that loves lip balms. Cult US beauty brand LipSmackers offer the authentic taste of your favorite Walls Ice-cream brands in a lip balm that's good for your lips and tastes even better.  The delicious flavours of Feast, Twister and Starship on your lips. Tastes just like the real thing too.

Flavours include

Feast : Brown coloured lip balm with no pigment on application. Has a rich chocolate smell, is like most universal chocolate scents. Can not distinguish the light chocolate from the dark centre, however it does give the scent and doesn't leave quickly like most chocolate balms. 

Twister : Pink tinted balm. Rich fruity scent of the Twister mainly the pink strawberry centre scent is present, as it settles the creamy scent of the ice-cream comes through and mixes with this. Beautifully moisturising and tinted lightly to give a lovely pinch of colour to the lips. 
Starship 4 : Lightly lilac tinted balm which gives no pigment when applied. Smells like mixed berry fruit and has a hint of sherbet/popping candy also. Lovely smelling balm and moisturising. Leaves a nice sheen to the lips. 

Comes packaged within a traditional twist up tube. 

Bubble gum : Comes in a Pink tube with a pink tinted balm. Probably the oddest flavour as i expected the pink bubblegum smell, like candy floss and sweet. This however was minty and smelled like eucalyptus, with that scent of a chewing gum rather then a sweet scent. Very confusing to the senses but this may be what bubblegum colour is in the USA. I liked this but i prefer sweet scents when using lip balm, this would be fantastic for winter when you need this scent to unblock you. 

Essential for the cold weather is a Lip balm. Nothing feels better then moisturised lips as cracked lips do hurt. So when picking a lip balm now that there are so many choices on the market, I'm looking to find one that gives me the most hydration to my lips. The balm's are fabulous for having in your bag,they give instant relief to dry lip's. It's fantastic for all ages and something fun to bring back memories. 

My little "Frenchie" box - February edition

That time of the month that i look forward too, the delivery of "My little box". This french subscription box has become my firm favourite out of all the boxes on the market. So much so that its the only one i subscribe too. This month being valentines day, was a lovely change to see something non valentines related. 

They say : 
My Little Beauty is a range of beauty products and cosmetics developed especially for our My Little Box subscribers. Every month, we slip a new product from our range into your Box. We hope you love it. You can opt out of our monthly subscription anytime you want - no mess, no fuss.  We already have 80,000 subscribers in France. 


- Must-have beauty products (including one from our own in-house beauty range, My Little Beauty) 

- Fashion and lifestyle accessories 

- Our magazine (My Little World) 

- Illustrated goodies by Kanako 

- And other surprises…

Parisian luxury lifestyle brand Ines de la Fressange offers an authentic glimpse into the Parisian woman’s lifestyle thanks to a product line ranging from every woman’s basic essentials to ready-to-wear fashion and interior design. A refined, creative, and accessible world in which elegance is imbued with a sense of boldness and humour while remaining true to high quality standards. A world where sophistication meets character.

My "Frenchie" box contains : 
- Cotton Beauty bag (Usually contains 2 samples and 1 from "my little beauty" range)
- My little World magazine
- A pot of messages 
- Smartphone case
- Inspirational Quote card 

A little pot of message's 

Well this was a inspired and most lovely addition to start the box with. I must say i was really impressed with this little jar of notes. I wish i could find the site to purchase more, as i really believe that everyone should own one of these. Its a brilliant idea to just have a note to start the day on with a positive. Could be anything contained but thats the beauty of it and its majorly cute to have on your dresser or shelf. 

My Beauty bag 

Loreal - Super liner brow
Superliner brow artist is L'Oréal Paris first 3-in-1 eye brow pencil.1. Draw and intensify with the coloured pencil.2. Shape with the soft brush tip to discipline your arch3. Fix your brow look with the clear wax based formula.

My little beauty - Embellisseur
This completion enhancer with apricot kernel oil will bring your skin back to life. Its anti-oxidant rich edelweiss extracts will protect your skin and leave it feeling soft and smooth. With a lightweight texture and delicate tint.

DHC - Oil blotting paper's
DHC Blotting Paper oil-absorbing sheets mattify your complexion and make cosmetic touch-ups a breeze. Conveniently packaged in an attractive, take-anywhere box, keep one in your purse, desk drawer and make-up bag for a shine-free face at a moment's notice. Made with 100% all-natural hemp fibers.

By Terry - Crayon khol Terrbly
The ultimate in high-precision waterproof eye pencils for bold and glamorous eyes. Its soft tip with glide-on action defines the contour of your eyes, applying deeply intense and ultra-iridescent colour. Long lasting it guarantees exceptionally precise lines, that can be applied as kohl or eyeliner.

Wow what can i say but probably one of the most amazing beauty bags in "My little box" so far. Really impressed with the inclusion of By Terry as a high end brand and being full size, huge thumbs up for this addition. My little beauty products are always a hit for me, as i find they are lovely formula's plus a simple and chic presentation. The loreal Super-liner brow 3 in 1 is a product i will use and try, as i haven't currently got a brow pencil so this will be a good product to try. (I use a brush and powder for my brows) DHC is a brand i know of and i can't say i get oily now, but come summer these will be nice little additions to have in my handbag.

Smartphone case 

Even if this is not too your taste of design or colour, I must say that the presentation of this product deserves a bravo. The box has "my little smartphone case" written with the french colours being used, then inside a card with pictures of how your phone fits and uses. Then underneath you see your beautiful case, then in its small pocket a little note card saying thank you. Such well thought out product and packaging, this truly is classy and chic to its highest level. I love this smartphone case as I find it holds my phone with security, also its also really sturdy material. Fantastically made with a pocket for any notes or reminders you may have written down for the day. 

My Little world magazine and Quote card 

What box would be complete without the inspirational quote card and magazine ? I love and keep these quote cards, as i think they make excellent writing cards to send to loved ones. The "my little world" magazine is probably the only subscription box magazine that i read and enjoy. It has so many tips, tricks and recipes within it that you can't help but read it again and again. I cut out and keep any tips or recipes for my folder and i love the quote pages for my scrapbook. Full of fantastic ideas, look forward to the next edition. 

Well my goodness "My little box" what a terrific edition this month is. Full of fantastic beauty products, amazingly chic personal items with the other additions that make an wonderful box. Im blown away with the quality and I've love every box since the start. Too see a subscription box give such thought and class to its followers is a welcome breath of fresh air. Cant wait for next month...and the month after....and the month after that lol. This box is a refreshing lift from the endless hoard of beauty sampling. 

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Kat Von D - Shade and Light palette

So Kat von D has been a brand that ive had to love on the sidelines. Sephora delivers to the UK now so finally the USA is accessible, I couldn't be happier. 

They say : 
An expert sketch artist, Kat Von D uses shadow and light to create depth and dimension in her captivating portraits, infusing them with lifelike authenticity. Take artistry shading into your own hands with this Shade & Light Contour Palette, and effortlessly sculpt, chisel, shape, and slenderize your features for enhanced definition. Unlike traditional bronzing powders, the Shade & Light Contour Palette is loaded with a unique selection of matte shades that capture the true hues of shadow and light. 

The three contour shades create realistic shadows to recede facial features, while the three highlight shades impart a soft luminosity to amplify dimension. A true artist’s palette Shade & Light, silky and build-able powders blend effortlessly into the skin. For a flawless, fade-proof finish that flatters every skin tone or face shape.

Shade and Light shades :  
Sombre - True taupe
Shadowplay - Soft brown
Subconscious - Deep brown
Lucid - Pinkish nude
Lyric - Yellow beige
Levitation - Soft peach

Kat Von D "Contour Brush & Case"

A dual-ended brush designed that is ergonomically designed with an angled end for contouring, a tapered dome end for highlighting—all encased within a sleek protective case.

Now i didnt purchase the brush that accompanys the kit. Yet i do think the case is genius, as doubled ended brushes frustrate me. Other brushes can be used, that can obtain the beautiful contour this kit offers.

The powders are beautifully fine milled and are a lightweight formula. Stunning to apply and blend, plus a matte finish to contour with. A lovely set of 3 highlighting and 3 contouring shades. The highlighting shades have a shade for each skin tone. A palest pink, yellow and neutral shade are included, these are not overwhelming so can be also used to blend with. I used these to highlight my brow bone, also used as a base colour for my eyeshadow. They are really beautiful shades to work with, no shimmer makes them so readily easy to reach for and use. 

Now the 3 contour shades go from as you would expect, light to dark with cool and warm toned shades. They are also totally matte finely milled powders, that are incredably blendable. I personally want to blend efficently but quickly. As there is nothing more fustrating then a unblendable powder. The shades are very pigmented so not much is needed. I used a small contour brush which gives precision, its also slightly firm to blend it out.

Contour using "Shade & Light"

In the above picture of me using the Kat von D haul, I used my Shade & Light palette to contour with and all highlight my face. I used Sombre (lightest shade) to carve my contour, then took Shadowplay (Medium shade) to blend and give it more definition. I used a tiny amount of Levitation to blend these two shades together, giving a lovely base to blend my blush. Then after my blush was applied, I used Lyric to highlight my upper cheekbone. This shade went on effortlessly and blended so well into my blush colour to give a beautiful finish. I also use Lyric to highlight my cupid's bow and it gave my lips beautiful definition. Im so impressed with this palette and the amount of uses it has. Its defiantly a holy grail for me, also anyone whom struggles to find contour colours.

Have you got a contour kit ? If so which one and how do you find it ?

Nourish - Argan skin renew

Nourish is a beautiful brand that uses organic natural ingredients to bring you a range of skincare products. I love the brand and all the products i have tried so far. They are good for all skin types, but my dry skin loves them. Perfect for night time moisturising and also beautifully scented with an infusion of rose. Making this a perfect valentines addition. I would highly recommend the Argan skin rescue aswell. 

They say :

Containing extracts from Rose of Jericho, argan oil and frankincense. To improve cellular density for firmer, smoother skin. Suitable for all skin types. Help's repair skin, also reducing water loss and improves hydration. Clinically shown to increase skin hydration. 85% Organic. Full of vitamins, bio-actives to restore and rejuvenate skin hydration. 

So the Argan skin renew which was kindly sent is beautiful and rich cream, perfect for boosting hydration. Especially for the winter and cold weather, when dry patches are rife and hard to control. With the Argan skin renew it takes the properties of the Argan oil and vitamin E to maintain the skins anti ageing properties and appearance. Also Rosé of Jericho is a naturally known source to boost the skins hydration. Therefore with this mix it's helping to naturally help the skins own properties, rather then use artificial additives to achieve this.

 I love Argan oil and I find its wonderful for my skin, I use it in my skin regieme plus any other dry looking area's to maintain hydration. A little goes a long way so you will only need a tiny amount to rub into the skin and leave to absorb. This absorbs very easily as it's a light cream that you can apply as and when you need. 

I always moisturise in the morning and night time, as I find the cold at night does your face no favours. (It's the only part of your body exposed at night) I like to have a good hydrating moisturiser that's light especially in the evening, I don't like cream to sit on my skin. This absorbed quickly and gave me a lovely feeling of hydration. I love that Nourish is natural and organic. 

 Argan skin renew is just heavenly. I love Nourish's ethos and products. I enjoyed this cream, as its light with quick absorbency. Perfect for night time when the last thing you want is a tacky, sticky cream sitting there all night. Smells divine and is a perfect for skin. I would fully revommend the Argan skin renew. Especially for anyone on the dry side in winter, this is a dream. 

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Yves Rocher - Valentines Special with L’Eau de Parfum Quelques Notes d’Amour

So after using a range of Yves rocher products and being really impressed, now is the turn of the fragrance line. With valentine's day nearly upon us it may be the perfect time to look for a new perfume, for either the men in your life or the evening out on the town with the girls. 

They say : 

Yves Rocher is there to help every woman in all aspects of her life for all her beauty desires.

 Beauty that is living, changing and unique. Yves Rocher does not deal in stereotypes,is free of 

preconceptions – it shuns any muse. It sees itself as a natural partner for all women in every 

corner of the globe. Contentment is being beautiful, for oneself.

Yves Rocher - L’Eau de Parfum Quelques Notes d’Amour

Rediscover the exhilarating sensuality of a romantic encounter. A woman in love is swept up her feet, overcome with emotions and desires that only love is capable of inspiring. To translate the emotions of this woman in love.

The unusual encounter of a Rose Damascena absolute and a Guaiac Wood essence combined with the sensuality of Benzoin. Yves Rocher has created an exceptional and unique fragrance. 

Packaged beautifully in a squared bottle with the half of each side of a heart design, cut into the front and side of the glass. Its simplicity is it's beauty and would adorn any woman's vanity with class and elegance. 

The scent is beautifully floral with hints of rose's notes picked up,as the mist settles  and captured during the day. It lasts for a long time on the skin, infusing the floral scent to ensure longevity. Fantastic for the coming spring months, as a scent thats light yet richly infused. Anyone whom loves rose's would love this as a alternative to usual valentines flowers. To give a gift that can stay and keep giving that rose scent. 

Smooch cosmetics (Duo Blush, Bronzer and Eyeshadow duo)

I love Smooch cosmetics. There packaging is sleek and compact which is constantly compared to a high end brand, however they are more affordable. Offering a high quality of cosmetics with good levels of pigment and easy to work with being blend able. They offer a really nice wide selection of products. Currently the website is down, so i have found that they are being sold on Amazon. 

They say : 
Smooch Cosmetics known for their saucy, lacy packaging and highly desirable range of colours. The concept came, quite simply, from a drawer of lingerie. The idea was to create a lust worthy cosmetics brand that was saucy and sexy without being salacious. It's all about confidence. We love our packaging but know that if we were to peel back the lace, you still have a product that helps you to look good and feel great.

So the packaging is as it says in the above statement, lacy and chic with a hint of naughty to it. I find its very classy packaging with the inner case feeling like suede. Im in love with them so far so lets see how the products stand up to testing.

Smooch bronzer in shade "Smooched"

The bronzer in "Smooched" is a duo tone. With the main colour being around the "S" initial, you can use a small brush to just use this if you wish. Mixing the colours gives a light shimmer. So you have a choice within one compact. I found the colour to be very good for paler skin tones. The pigment is also very good and easily blend able. I love that this compact has a big mirror within it, so its the perfect handbag compact. The brush within the compact could be improved, to offer a little more control in the placement of colour and blend ability. Other then that its a beautiful compact bronzer. 

Smooch duo Blush in shade "Peachy" 

Now the blush in "Peachy" is again a duo shade product. One half is the more pink for a bolder look, the other half is peachy for a more subtle look. Mixed turns into a lovely peach with pink hints within it. Offers lovely pigment without being overbearing and also blends really well into your contour. This blush is a perfect daily use colour. It also has a compact mirror inside for travelling. 

Smooch Eyeshadow Duo in shade "Seattle"

I love the Smooch eyeshadows. "Seattle" is a beautiful taupe with shimmer and paired with a golden cream shade. They blend beautifully and this duo alone could be used, if you didnt want to take a huge palette or many shades. A lovely taupe smokey eye that can be intensified, by using a eye pencil smudged with the shadow on top to intensify. This is the ideal duo for all neutral shade lovers. Being so affordable and also the packaging is luxurious feeling. 

I loved using the Smooch products used to create the look below. Using the products for this look, I contoured with the darkest part of the bronzer. Then using both shades in the compact to bronze my face with. The blush was then beautiful to use with the bronzer and blended in so easily, i used both the shades within the blush. I have yet to use the eyeshadow duo on its own. However i will post more pictures on my instagram bar of looks featuring it. This will be doing a natural look for valentines day, then how to turn it into a beautiful evening look for those women on the run. 

Look good feel better - Makeup Brushes

Look good and feel better Look Good Feel Better  (LGFB) is the only  international cancer support charity  that helps  women and teen...