Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Kiss - Gel Fantasy nail's

So Kiss have a new set of nail's available for your use. The gel fantasy nail's are acrylic in feel and appearance. I really like this version of the nail's released, they are comfortable plus affix securely. 

They say : 
Amazing gel shine. Ultra smooth finish. 
Kiss Gel Fantasy Ready-to-Wear Gel Nails
24 Nails with 24 MEGA-Adhesive Tabs & Glue Included
Mini File & Manicure Stick Included
Medium Length

   Content's :
24 Nails
Pink Gel Glue (0.07 oz)
24 Adhesive Tabs
Mini File
Manicure Stick's

Clean with nail polish remover and wash hands soap. Select a nail for each finger and set aside in order. 

Adhesive Tab Application 
Select adhesive tab that coordinates with selected nail size & peel off sheet. Apply adhesive tab to natural nail, press & smooth then peel off film. Align to cuticle and press down firmly.

Glue Application:
- Apply glue to back of nail
- Apply glue to natural nail
- Align with cuticle, gently press & hold 5 seconds.

Expert Tip
- Press down several times 
- Avoid contact with water for the first hour. 

- Trim & file surface to disrupt protective top coat. 
- Soak in Kiss Artificial Nail Remover (Acetone remover until soft). 
- Wipe off softened nails & glue. 
**NB : Do not force or pull nails off.**

I really found these nail's easy to apply and the instructions are laid out to obtain maximum result's. Firstly making sure my nails were clean i then selected the sizes needed for each nail. This make's it easier then trying to find one as your juggling glue and other nail's drying.  So the glue is really strong and adhere's the nails together with such a bond, be careful not to get any on your skin. So i applied a layer of glue to my nail and also to the edge of the nail itself, so there is no gap at the top when you press it down. It takes a good 40-60 for a sticky bond to form, i held mine in place for a minute to ensure security. Once they are stuck down then they are not moving at all.  

I really would use these nail's again as i think they are high quality and give me a fantastic finish.

Above are my nails after i have applied the Kiss gel fantasy, they are beautiful and i feel confident wearing them. Apologies for my nails condition but i was only just released from hospital after needing some treatment. So they need some TLC in the coming weeks. 

Sunday, 26 April 2015

MAC - Julia Petit collection

This collection is limited edition. Inspired from the well known beauty blogger and tv personality Julia petit. It was a small collection and i bought only 2 lipstick's from it. I did want to purchase the blush but it was sold out. The lipstick's are unique, one shade is not a colour i would usually go for. 

Julia's blog link http://www.juliapetit.com/home/

They say :
Whether fearless and exotic or classically demure. Julia Petit’s brazen approach to style and makeup artistry, has transformed her into one of South America’s most revered lifestyle bloggers and a cult beauty icon. In her  MAC collaboration she brings the alluring women, a fantastical urban landscape of São Paulo to life with sizzling sun-kissed hues.

So the lipstick's i picked are called Boca and Aqai. Below are swatches and also me wearing Boca, which has become a firm favourite. 

The packaging is the glossy black bullet with the MAC logo, then Julia's name is in gold with her signature. The less is more on a packaging i feel is best and it looks more classy. 

Lipstick's in Boca and Aqai

Lipstick : Lips go from day to night and matte to satin in three modern hues. Formulated to shade, define and showcase the lips. The iconic product that made M?A?C famous. Glossy black packaging with Julia Petit’s signature in copper.


So above are the swatches for Boca and Acai. Boca is a nude shade, that is on the light pink/coral side. It can look darker in the bullet but when applied its alot more wearable. Acai is a lipstick alot of people shy from, as it is a rich bright berry shade. It tend's to be a shade mostly seen, also used more in the autumn/winter. I find this colour will be a vibrant summer colour shade, I will love to show off. 

Wearing the shade Boca

So above i am wearing the shade "Boca". As you can see its a lovely pink nude shade on my lips. I love this shade as i can never find a nude that i like or suit's me. Its creamy on my lips and last's a long time before needing reapplication. Im so impressed and cant wait to wear Acai and see how that shade looks. 

Thursday, 16 April 2015

My little Dream box - April edition

I love the time of the month when "My little box" arrives. Its not just a marrad of beauty items but an exciting box full of unique surprise's. With this month's theme being "Dreams", I cannot wait too see the offering's with this concept. 

So the art-work on the box is beautiful as always. I love too keep these boxes and have them for storage on my beauty shelf. They look chic and unique.

So the contents for this month were : 

- A cloud pocket with a surprise inside 
- Beauty bag with the standard 3 items 
- Magazine
- Pillow parcel with an item inside 

So many surprise's within this box, let's get cracking and see what is hidden within

Fluffy cloud pocket 

This beautiful pocket is stitched and inside is lined with felt, so your surprise is well protected. What a beautiful surprise, which can be either a pendant, bracelet or tied to any place of importance to you. It's really beautiful and was presented so finely, also in keeping with the boxes theme. So much detail on this one item, its why i love this box so much. 

"Stamped with love" pouch

Now within the pocket marked "stamped with love", I found this amazing addition. A stamper with many message's and pictures plus a black coloured ink pad. The sayings are a mix of french and english, which will make any correspondence unique. I love to be crafty and this is perfect to help liven up a letter or diary entry. I used this to print the fluffy clouds that dreams are made of. I think it came out quite well and was very easy to clean. 

A little tip : make sure the stamp has been inked sufficently, like any stamp this is too ensure a clear print. 

Beauty bag

So within the beauty bag this month is a delightful trio. 
- Sabe Masson in Copacabana is a perfume stick, that is so soft and fresh scented. Perfect for the spring month's, Copacabana is a exotic and fresh scent. This is a perfect choice for me out of the 2 available, as i tend to not like overly floral scents. The packaging is vibrant and full of colour. 
- Loved by Lou lesage is a beautiful lip balm that is a rich deep red colour. A small pot of richly moisturising lip balm. Perfect to rehydrate those lips for spring, ready to show off those lovely spring colours. 
- Repairing hair mask from My little beauty's product range. Full of walnut oil and Shea butter, that will give your hair a boost. Helping to re-nourish dry or damaged hair. So i cant wait to try this hair mask and see the results. 

All in all a really nice selection of products. Lovely to see a hair mask plus light products for spring. The lip balm is a rich vibrant red, with the perfume stick it's a handbag friendly product. So im really excited by these additions. 

My little beauty "April edition"

The magazine this month is not the usual quality of a glossy spread from month's passed. It however is a paper version that's been folded. I really dont like this version, i hope that they revert back too the old format. A magazine may seem trivial, yet the glossy version was one i enjoyed reading in the evening. 

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Nourish - Balance: Vita-boost Body cream

Nourish is a beautiful brand that offers a lovely range of skincare products. The newest release is the Body cream. In total 4 body cream's were released, I opted to try the "Balance" body cream. 

They say :

Apple glycans improve cellular messaging, boosting skin's elasticity and suppleness. Phyto-active marine algin is combined with hyaluronic acid and peptides known to stimulate collagen synthesis and improve the dermal extra cellular matrix for firmer, smoother skin. Deeply enriching East African shea nilotica softens and protects skin from moisture loss.

Balance vita-boost body cream

Boosts skins natural elasticity and suppleness with extracts of natural apple. 81% Organic.

This body cream is packaged really well with a pump action to dispense the cream. It ensures that you get the amount you want, also no contamination of your cream. It smell's beautiful with a mix of apple scent and the hint of cream. The apple scent is like a tart granny smith, a juicy green apple. Full of spring and summer scent. 

On one pump you can rub into your skin, it will show like cream (without being heavy) and not disappear till fully rubbed in. It absorbs whilst being rubbed in and doesnt sit on the skin, leaving your skin feeling refreshed. My skin looks hydrated and feels silky smooth after being applied. It goes a long way and is gentle on every part of the body. Its the perfect cream if your looking to boost your tired or dry skin.

The place's i noticed the most difference was the tricky and hard to reach area's. Areas that can be particularly tricky to hydrate and keep supple, are the joints where they are moving constantly. This movement can mean cream will wear off quickly and not absorb fully into the skin. So you'll often find you need a really thick heavy cream, hoping this will in some way get some cream to absorb. This cream does absorb fully and helps drier area's like my elbow's, not become sore or too tight with daily life. It can make winter skin transitioning into spring a lot more comfortable, until the area is fully restored.

Another favourite from nourish that works beautifully and is perfect for spring. The scent is amazing and so fruity that you'll love the change, from the more heavy scents of winter into the light airy scents of spring. I like that i can see if the cream is fully absorbed,  just too have a nice 10 minutes (whole body area) of it being massaged in. You will really get the benefits of the scent and taking the time to massage it in (you can be quick with it and still get the same result), as its so refreshing and a perfect spring morning wakeup call. 

Monday, 6 April 2015

Yves Rocher - Makeup review and look

Now I've been so impressed with the skincare, i wanted to see if the makeup was as good. Eye makeup is my main focus whenever i wear makeup, as i think it can be so exciting and creative. I received a pack of eye makeup from Yves rocher and at the end of my review i will show you the look i achieved. 

They say : 
to captivate…

Yves Rocher constantly innovates to offer trendy and creative make-up products. Daily, our new 

make-up products are irrefutable beauty allies. Yves Rocher can offer all women high-quality 

affordable cosmetics at local outlets because it is an  all-in-one grower, producer and distributor that

 handles every stage of its products with no middlemen. This uncompromising course of action has 

always been the brand's standard and always will be.

The products il be reviewing and trying are : 
Eyelid primer
Eyeshadow Quad
Mascara volume vertige
100% Kajal eyeliner

Eyeshadow Quad

Yves Rocher is reinventing the smoky eye with its new eyeshadow combinations featuring four effects for endless customised options. Easy to apply, the ultra-soft and fine textures blend into the skin for perfect coverage. A flawless hold and pure radiant colours that give you a perfect look.

Green quad and swatches

LooksUsed dry, the ultra-pigmented tones reveal shimmering, satin or matte effects. Used wet, the shimmer and satin turn metallic, and the matte becomes dense for a more intense and sophisticated look. Always in perfect harmony, they offer endless personalized makeup possibilities.

The eyeshadows are light in texture and buttery, applying well to the eye and adhereing to any primer with no fallout. Even the light glitter shade did not cause much concern in application and blended in well with the other colours on blending. In applying as recommended on the package i achieved a lovely deep green smokey eye, with the light green giving a beautiful lightness to the look. The black was very pigmented and only little of the eyeshadow is needed to achieve this look. I really liked the packaging and product in the way it performed. Perfect for travel and i would not hesitate to purchase any of the other shades to try. 

Mascara Volume vertige

Mascara Volume Vertige : Maximum volume and spectacular curve. The unique combination of the Reservoir© Brush, which releases the perfect amount of mascara to maximise volume. The formula enriched with a fixing botanical extract, leaves your lashes looking sensational.

Gives a light and pigmented application onto the lashes with no clumping. It allows for perfect placement of the mascara onto the lashes. In application and drying it was very fast, then took another layer very easily again without clumping. During the day it did not flake nor cause any irritation. On removal it came away easily and with little trouble, a very impressive mascara both on the eye and on removal. 

100% Kajal Eyeliner

100% Kajal eyeliner : Eyes highlighted in luminous colour this spring. Yves Rocher unveils the key to your powers of seduction. A creamy intensely pigmented Kajal in 6 trendy beguiling shades for a captivating look.

This Kajal is creamy and very pigmented. It can be applied from the bullet and also be applied using a brush. On the inner part of the eye i used a smaller brush, the product was creamy enough to apply like this. I used a small brush to just apply some shadow to the liner to set it, as it was so creamy. However it did not give me any indication it would transfer or not set, i just wanted to help it last longer. It is a step i would do with any cream liner. This liner can also be applied to tight line and used in the waterline. 

Eyeshadow primer

Fixing Eyelid Primer : Smoother eyelids for intense colours which stay radiant for longer. Plus eye-shadow remain's in place. Enriched with Camellia oil, this eyelid primer smoothes and fills wrinkles and fine lines.

This eyelid primer is meant to help the eyeshadows stick, plus keep them looking strong for however many hours you need your eye makeup to last. In saying that it didn't give me a very good base to cover my veins and blue tinge that i would usually find in my primer. Now this is a moisturising primer and if you don't need coverage for veins or dulling this skin colour then its amazing. I would still use this as a primer to moisturise, then use a coloured base so i have a skin colour canvas to work on. So it did fill the lines and didn't make my shadows crease which was important. So whilst I'm very on the fence about this primer, it does moisturise plus feel silky. It does need more pigment to become a firm base for ladies needing the coverage. 

Look with products

Above is the look i created using only the 4 above mentioned products. As you can see just below the eyebrow where there is a reddish tinge is, that area is where the primer needs to be more pigmented to help cover that. Other then that feedback, i can say these products do perform. They offer a silky, pigmented and quality makeup. Im quite excited to use more products from the range and see what i can achieve with them. 

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