Saturday, 25 August 2012

Buzz Agent - Lambrini Campaign

So im doin the Lambrini Cider campaign, which is the new summer flavours being released and a general jazz up of the lambrini brand. So We have 3 new flavours coming Bright forest fruits, Tasty summer fruits and Crisp apple and pear. So here is a picture of the Buzz Kit

So us ladies are going to be doing blind taste testing sessions and a general good old fashioned get together to experience the new flavours. As lambrini is such a well known brand, these new flavours are looking to re-vamp and i can say im really impressed with the presentation.

So as this a blind testing i cant put what the drinks are described as tasting like but i can this space !!

All will be made clearer at chez taras next week for this brilliant campaign !!!


  1. Oh, I just signed up for BzzzAgent and can't wait to get picked for something. Yay.

  2. :O) you will love buzz agent kristina xxx

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