Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Dorco Eve - Razor review


I have too admit that Im excited to try the Dorco Eve razor (being released to the UK). After reading the website to read more on company ethos, ordering of replacement blades etc. They also offer a subscription service to anyone who want a quality razor with replacement blades wrapped for travel. I'm really excited to try this razor and what sets it apart from other brands.

About Dorco 
Dorco is an expert in razor innovation, providing millions of customers in over 130 countries worldwide with premium shaving products. Dorco is proud to introduce its shaving innovation to the UK, including an six-blade shaving system. Dorco offers a flexible subscription service on razors and replacement blades. Our first female razor the Dorco EVE 6 is designed a ‘double 3 blade’ format and an innovative brush finger. It gives long-lasting smoothness and reaches hard to shave places. The moisturising Aloe, Vitamin E and Lavender will soothe and protect the most sensitive skin. 

Review of the Dorco 
My initial impression of the packaging was that the Tiffany green/blue shade was an excellent choice. It immediately sets to thinking luxury and quality of the product being presented. Upon opening you are met with a thank you card from the company and instructions for your new razor. There are two blades included which are packaged within an encased plastic safety box. (As the picture demonstrates). Attachment of the handle to the blade is a simple motion and it feels sturdy plus safe to use. 


On initial use of the Dorco, it felt smooth and glided along my leg giving me a close and impressive shave. The more I used the Dorco I felt that it gave me confidence plus a close shave upon use. I was passed on two other razors, these I gave to close family members to see if their opinion was the same or variable. After using for a month, I engaged with my family upon they're views of the Dorco, they both asked where they could purchase more blades or the razor itself. It gave them a close shave but without the rash after they'd normally experience. I definitely will be using Dorco from now on and also looking into the subscription service for the blades and replacement handles as and when needed. I'm really surprised as shaving would leave me itching, red visible rash plus the regrow would be back within days. 


Thursday, 30 March 2017

Eco - Tool's Duo Blender


Now set as a confident maker of brushes that are naturally friendly, there was just one member missing in the family and that was the Eco sponge.

Product Information
The duo is designed with EcoFoam® Technology in two sizes and densities to create a camera ready look. Look and Live Beautifully with the unique EcoFoam Technology made of 70% plant based materials. 
The Large Base Blender is soft and flexible to create light, buildable makeup application. The Mini Detail Blender is firmer for more precise and detailed coverage.

Use sponge wet or dry. When using wet, squeseze excess water until damp. Apply makeup in a “stippling” or “bouncing” motion to blend product into skin.
  1. Flat surface to apply product on large surface areas
  2. Round base to seamlessly blend lines
  3. Wedge-like tip to guide precise straight lines 
The eco sponge is an amazing addition to Ecotools, with the smaller sponge being able to reach finer and hard to reach areas. Its fantastic having both a smaller sponge for those hard to reach areas, then you also have a larger sponge for vast areas that need more coverage yet give that air brushed feeling.

Eco tools new set

Having this all in one kit to hand with its beautiful earthy bag to store the brushes, along with the duo sponges i found met all my makeup needs. They are soft and do need a first wash like all brushes, especially natural ones. They perform fantastically and i didn't have one issue with application. I would highly recommend this set and especially if traveling. 

Join the #MyTrueBeautyMovement
To celebrate and empower women across the globe, we've launched three limited-edition women's empowerment brush sets.

Monday, 23 January 2017

Anastasia beverly hills : Self made Eyeshadow palette

Anastasia beverley hill's is a brand ive really been excited to try. When I saw this palette for sale I jumped at it. Id like to try the shade's enclosed and compare them against some of my favourite's eyeshadow brand's. 
About : 
Anastasia Beverly Hills is the world famous authority in creating the perfect brows. A beauty innovator, Anastasia Soare has developed an exclusive range of products that create precision perfect eyebrows at home. Based on your individual features, the Anastasia Beverly Hills ‘Beauty Blueprint’ works to balance and proportion features with an extensive range of cosmetics, stencils and tools well as complimenting makeup products.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Self Made Shadow Palette is a chic eye shadow palette inspired by this seasons catwalks.
Self Made Shadow Palette contains fourteen intense shades. Crease and fade resistant, each shade blends like a dream and include's a doubled ended brush for application like a pro.
Limited edition period and is presented in a sleek mirrored compact.
Palette Contains:
* Pink Champagne - Metallic rose gold.
* Metallic Plum - Satin orchid.
* Self Made - Shimmering pewter grey satin.
* Witchy - Mystical satin midnight blue.
* Blush - Soft barely there peach.
* Blossom - Muted petal pink with an ultra-matte finish.
* Buttery - Sheer buildable matte beige.
* Deep Purple - Enigmatic satin amethyst.
* Treasure - Silky buttercnjup yellow with a satin finish.
* Hot & Cold - Cosy cashmere taupe.
- Ultra matte apricot.
* Isla - Mesmerising sea foam green.
* Spirit Rock - Sultry galaxy black sparkle.
* Hot Chocolate - Rich cocoa brown with a matte finish.

Overall opinion
I love how versatile this palette is, with enough neutral and shimmer shades to create a new look. This palette is well worth the price as it is versatile and unique, I would highly recommend.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

The Body Shop : Down to Earth Quad {Smokey Grey Version)

I love The Body shop products and some of my favourite's have been from the makeup range. I had my first makeup consultation there when I was younger (many moon's ago). So i am very excited and grateful too The Body Shop for allowing me to trial a new eyeshadow palette.
About : 
Founded in 1976 in Brighton, England, The Body Shop® is a global beauty brand built on making people feel good – face, body and soul. Seeking to make a positive difference by offering high-quality, naturally-inspired skincare, hair care and make-up produced ethically and sustainably. Having more than 3,000 stores in more than 60 countries. 

Smokey Grey Quad {Also available Gold, Plum, Brown, Black)
Discover a wide range of neutral shades to highlight the natural beauty of all skin tones & eye colours.
~ The new quads each have a built in mirror, and the individual shades all click in and out of the palette casing, so you can switch shades between palettes and quads. (Please note that the palette is prefilled, so shades can’t be swapped prior to purchase.)
~ The nature powered formula comes in 8 shades with x3 different finishes: true mattes, iridescent shimmers and eye-catching sparkles.
~ All the shades can be used dry for easy blending, or wet for more intense, vibrant colour. This can help to create defined lines and strokes.
Palette & Shadow's
The palette is a sleek and well set out with 4 cohesive shadows that blend well together. Soft and buttery in texture these eyeshadows need a good primer, so they last longer.

Overall view
I attempted the first two looks on the box card and found that the pink shade on the first look to be a very pale, much lighter colour then appearing within the pan. This first look is a very clean look for daily wear, using the darkest shadow used for an eyeliner. The second look I achieved by using the colours mentioned and some glitter pigment on the lid. I used a glitter to emphasise the grey shades more. These suggested look's are a really handy tool, as they show what can be achieved with that set of colours and plus where to place and blend each shade. 
I absolutely love the texture of the shadows with there creamy, buttery feeling. They are easy to apply and are pigmented when swatched. I found it very versitile with the new push out palette, I can swap and change out colour's as I wish. It made me realise that I only require four shades to complete my daily look. I would love to try the other quads available and see how the colour's compare and look's that can be achieved. Im very impressed with the "Grey" quad and how the shadow's have performed. They blend well and have great pigmentation also. 

Can be found at any "Body shop" branch or online. 

Sunday, 14 August 2016

My little friend Box - August Edition

Its summer and the sun has definatly been out and shining for all too see and enjoy. Along with sunshine come's the oppertunity to make amazing memories with family and friend's. This month's box  is inspired by friend's 
About : My Little Box is a hand-picked and beautifully designed box of fashion, beauty and lifestyle surprises. With accessories, products and other goodies created exclusively for you and based around a different theme every month, each box promises to delight the lucky recipient.
Content's : 
- My little Magazine 
- Nail care kit
- Beauty bag included within is Batiste hairspray, My little beauty lip balm and Kadalys creme
- Clipon fisheye lense from Printic
- Bag of Propercorn popcorn 
- A5 inspirational card 

- Clipon fisheye lense from Printic
Ive not had any experience of these attachments for phone's, so im eager to try this and see the difference (if any) it has on the picture's im able to capture. 
I will post some of the photo's I capture with this lense via my social media, as id love to know what you think. 
- Nail care kit
Now whilst im happy with this kit as i dont own one and its a handy item to carry. I must say the presentation is spot on a 10/10 with top mark's to whomever designed this. 

- Beauty bag included within is Batiste hairspray, My little beauty lip balm and Kadalys creme
A great size hairspray from Batiste which is great for summer, as will keep my hair off my neck and face. There is a lovely size Kadalys creme to help keep your skin moisturised during the hot summer months. Then finally the My little beauty lip balm with SPF, always handy to have a lipbalm in your handbag so your lips stay looking plump and hydrated. 

- Bag of Propercorn popcorn 
Hand-popped corn with the perfect balance of sea salt and sweet brown sugar. Packed in an environment that packs nuts. May contain the occasional un-popped kernel. Suitable for vegans

- My little friend's Magazine 
As always the feature magazine from My little box. This has a front cover which has a "friends" illustration in keeping with this month's box. 

- A4 decorative card 
A "Girl power" themed card in keeping with the friends box. It's a fantastic blessing to have friends around you, plus handy to be reminded about how strong your friendships can be. 

Overall view 
I love the theme and box's presentation with the beautiful blue water and illustration. Also the content's are all fabulous handbag must haves, that we all at some point go on the hunt for. Again  the presentation is beautiful on the Nail kit and also the beauty bag with its heart design. I really enjoyed the popcorn treat that was included also and will be ordering some more. It was a really good box this month and I think it was put together well and fitted the theme, plus it had a lovely summery vibe. I cant wait to see whats in store for next month. 

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Dermalex - Psoriasis cream

Having had psoriasis for nearly 22 years, I can say Ive probably used every cream on the market. When I flare up and its at its worst I have to use more emolliants to moisturise and ensure my skin does not crack. Im trying Dermalex to see if it does work and how it feels. 

About : Dermalex reduces the typical symptoms by normalising skin cell production and maturation time. It accelerates the skin barrier recovery via activation of the skin's own repair mechanism and fortifies the skin barrier through the creation of a protective shield and prevention of water loss from inside to outside. Dermalex Repair Psoriasis is a dermatological product for the treatment of Psoriasis skin symptoms such as scaling, itching, red spots, hardened and thickened skin. Clinically proven to reduce itching and scaling from 2 weeks

Dermalex Repair Psoriasis does not contain corticosteroids, tar or tar products, vitamin D3 analogues, vitamin A-derivatives, suphur (S), keratolytic substances like salicylic acids and colourants.
Dermalex Repair Psoriasis
The packaging is sharp and to the point, which is something i do prefer in creams. So on removal from the packaging the tube of cream is the same. With this cream you only need a small amount and it goes so far.
My skin is dry and flaky on a normal flare up, this is hard to get on top of unless your not stressed. Unfortunately I was very stressed this month with going into hospital for an operation. So upon application I did notice is burns and stings quite a bit, not uncomfortably but you will notice it.
 After having used the Dermalex its got my skin looking good and not as angry. Im going to try and continue to use this cream, then see if it can just improve this final stage.

So overall I like Dermalex as it does work and help my skin. Each persons skin is different and reacts in different ways. My experience was upon application when absorbing, it was stinging and felt uncomfortable.(Nothing a good book wont fix as a distraction) Then when absorbed it penetrates the skins layers and helps to get rid of all dead skin, so I would recommend a shower/bath with a good exfoliator. I would recommend for anyone whom is looking for a good cream which is absorbent and does not wipe off as the day goes. Dermalex is defiantly a cream which stays on the skin and removes the most stubborn of layers.   

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Essie : 1000th Shade launch feat Rio Olympic 2016 Collection

I love Essie nail polish for the simple fact that it's quality is second to none. I really loved the sping collection and now with the Rio 2016 Olympic games fast approaching, it was no surprise to see the 1000th shade was influenced by this event. It also is accompanied by other vibrant, celebratory and carnival inspired colour's. 
About Essie's 1000th shade : 
Demand the party’s attention this summer with Essie's hotly anticipated 1000th shade;
Aim to misbehave.  A scandalous yellow perfect for the summertime, this vibrant shade is also the hero of the limited edition Rio Collection. Inspired by the bold colours of the Rio Carnivals and in time for the 2016 Rio Olympics, this is a party of colours you really can’t miss.

· Aim to Misbehave; a scandalous yellow that will have your nails misbehaving.
· Sunday Funday; turn everyday into a ridiculously good time with this beautiful, coral crush.
· Aruba Blue; escape to paradise with this frosty sapphire.
· Bahama Mama; anytime is the right time for this tropical beauty.
· Pure Pearlification; this over-the-top top coat instantly creates a lacquered shine to rival the real thing.
· Jazzy Jubilant; this hyperkinetic chromatic glitter top coat is part jazz-age shimmer, part space-age glamour.
· Naughty Nautical; sail the sexy seas and chart a course for adventure in this shimmering, brilliant blue-green, naughty never looked so nice.

Aim to misbehave & Naughty nautical 
I kindly was sent both these shade's from Essie, I must convey my appreciation to them as the colour's are stunning. The vibrancy of "Aim to misbehave" is true to the shade, then "Naughty nautical" is again just as beautiful with its shimmers.

They are both opaque and with only 1 coat had a great colour set down. Aim to misbehave I'd recommend doing 2 coats, to get the intense vibrancy this shade truly offer's. 

These are such summery bright, colourful and uplifting shades. Your instantly drawn to "Aim to misbehave" as its micro shimmers give an extra dimension also. Im going to purchase more of shades from this collection as they are stunning. I will be doing Olympic inspired nail art via my Instagram using Essie polish. 

Thursday, 30 June 2016

MAC - Chris Chang

This is MAC's summer limited edition collection yet one I was highly excited for, it didnt fail to deliver. My expectations were met and the packaging is beautiful. 
About : China’s most outlandish fashion designer puts an acid-soaked twist on her modern M·A·C collection, featuring a vivid kaleidoscope of cutting-edge colour, inspired by the ancient Chinese art form Kunqu. Surreal hues of Lipstick, Cream Colour Base and Eye Shadow, and uniquely designed packaging, are saturated with her signature dramatic flair. 

- Lipstick in Plum princess
This is a beautiful colour and applies flawlessly to give a rich purple colour to the lips. It's perfect for summer and all the times you just want to add a little pizzaz to a look. 

- Cream bases in Peony pavilion & Sockit Xiqu
These are beautiful and unlike other cream bases, super pigmented plus creamy. I really cannot wait to experiment further with them, in the form of a base for any colourful look i wish to achieve. I have so many look's planned for the next few week's, all colourfully taking on summer. 

Dorco Eve - Razor review

                                             Dorco UK I have too admit that Im excited to try the Dorco Eve razor (being released t...