Saturday, 11 August 2012

JolieBox July

So my first JolieBox arrived after a long wait but i wasnt disappointed and the customer service were amazingly helpful. So as it was my first box i recieved a extra gift added plus i love the fact the joliebox has a mini baggie in it. Its really a extra perk and would love to see other beauty boxes follow suit with this as its such a beauty box lover essential to keep your products nice and you can reuse them to your hearts content.
So the contents of the box were
  • Etat pur- Salicylic acid 300 - Sample size 15ml
  • Jane Iredale- Tantasia self tanner- Sample size doesnt say but looks like 10-7ml
  • Nail Girls nailpolish- Gold and Silver colours - Samples sizes again doesnt say
  • Wen by caz dean- Sweet Almond and mint cleansing conditioner-Sample size 60ml :OD
  • Extra product for first box- Institut Esthederm Bronze repair 20ml and joliebox toe spreaders for nail polish.
Now i was really impressed with the quality and effort joliebox have put into the presentation of there box. It was impressive to recieve a 60ml sample of the Wen conditioner and 2 nail polishes from nail girls. I dont suffer from acne so the salicylic acid will be going to the hubbie to help him. I will have to mix the jane iredale tantasia with another product as the amount given will barely cover my forarm so i will have to use another product so i dont end up with some tan line ending at my elbow. I love the fact that my freebie product was a bronze repair so that while your testing a tanner you also have a moisturiser that will actively help keep the tan in place. Joliebox really do think of everything from the bag as packaging to the toe spreaders for the nail polish which is a lovely touch and just makes you feel like your custom is important to them. They are happy to throw these little extras in. I love the products and using the nail polish as we celebrate the success of team GB and support our para-olympians in the coming weeks. Really well concieved box by joliebox and i cant wait to recieve the summer themed box in the coming week.

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