Sunday, 14 October 2012

ELF cosmetics

Now this company is new to me but I saw a 50% offer on any order of £50 so effectively only spend £25.
Now they do a studio range which is the top end price range and a normal range which is usually around £1.50 per product or brush.
Now I got a lot for my money and bought mostly from the studio range,.
I must admit the packaging is sleek and professional looking with a definite aim to impact the market of affordable makeup.
They have regular offers on there Facebook page and offer everything from mineral makeup, brushes,kits and nail produce. So there is no shortage of choice.
Now I've used the brush cleaner so far and it's effective at cleaning smaller brushes and only really recommended if using a few times not a daily cleaner nor has the power to shift heavy cream makeup such as foundations. Would recommend as a brush daily cleaner tepid water mild shampoo or soap and never immerse your brush as could damage the shape, always leave to dry and if possible with the bristles not touching anything so they dry even and quicker.
The nail polish remover pads are impressive they smell citrus like and also clean the heaviest of polish off with ease I use both the back and front and can get away with one pad for both hands unless its a purple or red colour which will need 2 as the colour pigment can stain the fingers when turned over so use 1 pad per hand and you won't get this problem.
So this week is fun fun fun week with this big box of goodies to play with, will of course as always update as I go through the products.

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