Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Frontcover cover go set

I'm in love with this set the colours are vibrant and the kit is full of eye lid primer, removable colours with a transportable palate. Also genius eyeliner clear fluid which makes any colour a gel liner.
Now the colours are amazingly pigmented and just quality products enclosed.
The cover includes looks to try and to get the best use out of the set Aswell which is an added bonus as some colours you may think wow they are quite bright but with the right look applied it can send a usually plain look into a amazing eye catching transformation.
Well worth the money and if your looking for a new set to play with bold colours then this is well up your street. I will post some pictures of looks I achieve with this set in the coming days.


  1. I love how bright it looks! xoxo.

  2. me too purity xxx love highly pigmented colours,will post the others in the set... these are my favourite ones :)


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