Saturday, 24 November 2012

Sheepskin slipper boots

So again had a wonderful twitter win with debenhams.
These sheepskin boots turned up and I was thrilled, I love the feel of these boots there so soft and warm for these cold evenings. The suede makes them look stylish and really luxiourious, bit of a nice change to slipper socks. I will definatly be recommending these to everyone.

Now I'm thrilled to win these as I can trial a variety of products and steer my blog to all kinds of avenues of testing from fashion to looks as well as the accessories used too.
It's a real thrill to be able to take this new direction.


  1. One of the most luxurious feelings in the world is the smooth soft down of degree slip-ons whether it's the middle of the hot summer time or the dead cool of winter. The natural way that sheep fur protects against freezing temperature ranges and icy cool winds works just as well to protect against extreme hot temperature ranges. Many people like the feel of seat covers made from sheep's wool because it keeps you warm during the cool months season and cool during summer time time season. So, here are 7 strong reasons to get your degree slip-ons today.
    Buy sheepskin slippers

  2. I love to wear sheepskin boots as they are very soft, warm and comfortable .They look royal and stylish and makes you feel very relaxing when you put on them. Thanks for sharing this on your blog.

    Posted by | Sheepskin Slippers

  3. Beforehand I didn't like used sheepskin slipper. But after heard some stories from my friends who owned them, I curious and started bought one for my self. I have one from So comfy. It is very well designed and comfortable to wear and the style so cute and cool. That was suit to keeping my feet warm in winter. One genuine from sheepskin.


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