Thursday, 6 December 2012


So I happened to stumble across a wonderful opportunity from a well known and loved distributor of beauty products. I'm very grateful to them for allowing me to test a product.

So Chloe is a well know high end brand. Its signature scent is advertised as being a fresh and lovely scent. With notes of peony,sandlewood and honey's tones.
It comes in a wonderfully elegant bottle which would grace any vanity table. It strikes as a design of old school chic with a heavy glass bottle, chloe on the rim and finished with a bow. I personally love old style bottles of perfume that have no gimmic or massive campaigns as i think the perfume speaks for its self.

Its truely a wonderful scent and not one ive personally tried, i must say it is utterly unique. It a strong scense of floral scents which sit on the skin and leave an aroma around you that no one can miss as the staying power of this fragrance is like none ive ever encountered. I would have to re-spray with all other perfumes halfway through the day to ensure the scent could be smelt but this Chloe really stands the test of time for the day.
I really do think its wonderful value for money when you think about the price you pay for a scent and even though this is the higher end it will really last you ages as a spritz is all you need.
You can definatly smell the Peony as the main scent and as it settles the floral tones then come in with the hints of honey and really it lasts so long you can pick up on all the tones through the day. Ive worn this a couple of times and everyone has commented "what scent is that" Its un-mistakable.
Chloe is perfect for a Party when you really dont want to be carrying alot around and you need a long wearing perfume. Its and all round scent, you can wear it in the summer and feel as floral as the buds around you or in winter with the hints of honey encasing you in a warm snug blanket of scent.
I love Chloe and whole persona of the perfume. It has a real classy feel to it and is an all woman scent.
If your looking for a real scent thats different and will last you, then definatly go for Chloe and test it on your skin to see how the perfume really takes the day by the hand and shakes it alive.

So thank you for a really amazing product and it was a pleasure to test.

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