Wednesday, 30 January 2013

My hair care

So now i know i need to write more on the hair care i use as well im not totally mental, I have the curliest hair you did see so what does curly hair go in hand with .... FRIZZ !!

This is the bane of my life, if i want nice curly locks i need to literally take a full can of mousse and wack it on layer by layer. Its not so bad hair oils have come out, my hairs definatly looking more healthy from the introduction of a little treatment now and again.
I dont neglect my skin so my hair needs the same love.

So now i will tell you my experience, if i want curly hair wow i will suffer the next day, i cant just hair curly hair... go... then come and fall asleep. OOOOOOOOHHHHHH NOOOOOO i would be in tangle hell within about 10 seconds flat out. I have to then redampen and plait it to be woken in the morning with nest head going on at the top..then again unplait, redampen and spritz plus wide comb used. Its such a pain just in writing it alone i tend to do the old "yes hair dressers will kill me" scrape back in a plait after a shower and dry yourself luv type attitude.

I will batiste my hair in and out somedays as products in curly hair fantastic to weigh down but not much fun and giggles to feel your hair.


Now i like Blush and cherry most as they just perk your hair a little, plus if i have it i will also use percy and reed leave in conditioning spray as that is genius .... come on batiste jump in on the leave in conditioning sprays please.

So today flipping through my glamour... with not so glamourous hair, quite dryish i come across this

Loreal Extraordinary Oil in a 3.5ml sample sachet.
Usually i would look and put sachets in my donating box to go to give and makeup. This made me double take as i wont lie my Ojon oil is nearly out i got in a Glossybox and im not going to pay that price for hair oil as good as it is. I need a alternative.

So open sachet expecting honestly a piddly amount ..... nope wrong it was a good cup your hand dollop and fear loosing some at the sides. That kinda amount lol Its oil i dont know what i was expecting i suppose i hadnt kicked my brain in gear yet.
So rubbing my hands together and its silky yummy not oily yucky. Its went on my long hair and coated it. My hair is super thick and down to about above my belly button to give you an idea of the length this tiny sachet had to deal with. All my hair was coated and tamed down. So that little pump of a sample did my mane with no problems or hitches. Now i have 2 of these samples so im going to leave this one in and reapply the other the day after tommorrow as its just nicer to my hair not to overload it. As im product free at the min i want this to really settle in.
As it says on the back
A precious blend of 6 flower extracts, leaves hair with a sumptuous softness and luxiourious shine. hummmm on first look yes you do.... we will see .
See says rub 2 drops now unless i missed the dropper that came with this sachet you cant go by this by any means. Says 5 in 1 miracle hair protector. Plus lists like before shampoo and as a masque etc what you can expect. Well i know that in one word what i expect and thats condition. I want this to moisture and condition my hair till its screaming wash me off.

So we will see if this oil lives up to its Miracle properties and if this will be a good replacement to the god expensive Ojon oil.

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