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Urban Decays- The great and Powerful OZ - Theodora Palatte

Now we move to the supposed wicked witch of the 2 palattes.... Theodora.
I have a feeling this will sell more as the colours will appeal to more people and believe me, 2 colours in here sold it for me and something that to me made Theodora OUCH .... HOT !! . I admit it .. Im swamped with neutrals ... more brown then sand here lol

So like before she is Wicked but by no means any less pretty as glinda.... shhhh too me she is a sexier palatte, look wise. (Dont tell glinda shhhh lol ) More my kinda of look so thats the naughty and bad side of me exposed lol.

So taaaa-daaaaaa Theodora !

Stunning palatte it really is the colouring is just amazing, again like glinda i had to shut the glitter down as i was blinded lol
The back (The writing was too dark but you can see the best bits, and Mila kunis ? hello she is a sexy minx.. right ?? )
The Colours

Again how to get the look card and Theodora Super saturated Lip Gloss

Zero Kohl Pencil Included

Now yes persuasion is a lovely Kohl and Urban decays Finest, Better formula maybe in that its a softer and easier to work pencil. Yes for the above line, Zero is perfectly fine aswell. You need to push a little harder to get this thick line but think of Kohls before we had Urban decay, Scratchy horrible nearly poke your eye out pencils. So many wonder why its Zero, I just think another addition to my Urban decay Family.

Broken and Beware (Broken is the cream and Beware the light Brown)

Now the immidiate thing you notice with these two is there more Matte then the shimmers in Glinda and well when you think of these colours i really prefer the lack of shimmers and the texture is just out of this world when you swatch them. Yes there similiar to colours in another palatte but there popular and well used colours for me. I think these 2 have id say a little sparkle but not in your face sparkle i can see little flecks in different lighting and its really lovely.
Just lush neutral colours with Urban decay quality and pigments pay-off like you would expect.
Broken is a perfect base and highlight colour for any look you use. This is why interchangable palattes are amazing. Swaping your favourite or replacing them for travelling ... the uses are endless.

Now Bewitch confused me as in my light the opposing colour looked surprisingly similiar, maybe a tad darker in the next one.... now this is a bit sparkly, not full on glitterbomb explosion so the top 3 are perfect for day looks. When i wondered as to why so many browns in one palatte i was thinking hummm we all have loads of neutrals, its a staple so why not and also the bad witches makeup is not if you look dark its the skin that gives them away. Yes black is a big thing but the films clever its taken the parts where you cover the badness. So whats the girl next doors favourite colours ??? Neutrals ... well thats my thinking when they developed the palatte. I was overthinking this one more then Glinda colours lol


See on swatching its so important as to naked eyes 2 colours look the same but on using wow ... corrected. lol
So obviously west is more darker then the above colour and has got a shimmer, I could feel it more in this one. It wasnt the usual butter there was some grittiness i felt but funny didnt fallout with glitter madness, as you would expect. So maybe its just first use or the glitter is purposefully made not obvious if that makes sense. You can see it in lights but its a hint of a shimmer.
Lovely Browny colour i must admit and was with all the colours above will give a perfect look all blendable too which is bonus. You need eyeshadows to blend easy and these go without saying are in the calibre of just no question on quality.

Spell (Duo)

Now this is the most baffling colour to me totally, The gold is the same calibre as the silver in Glinda which is really confusing as that golds a bit gritty. So again i was like what is going on ??? As it is like a liquid metal again as you can see, the shimmer is more buttery looking and just looks like a nice feeling shadow.
Now the darker looks on sight Black so wicked witch like in my over thinking above i was like ooo its like the night sky and again if with tweeking Urban decay you can get a black and speckle it with silver you could have an amazing Night sky tone just throwing them ideas again lol
So as you can see the supposed black is not black at all is a mutey browny with like a spash of blackey/purpley. Hence spell the name its a mix of all tones its beautiful and again Urban decay out did themself with the duos colourings. Im not sure what id use this mutey dark colour for its for me a bit hit and miss ? The gold is fantastic its almost like your flaking yourself with gold leaf.

Jealous (Duo)

Ok hands up time this is one of the reasons i wanted Theodora ..... ok i love these greens. Ive never seen them but heard one green resembles a MAC colour Juxt ? Correct me or if its discontinued ? As i love this and ive seen a new colour in a palatte coming by urban decay that is a cracker for the bottom darker green called Mildew. So i can console i can find one of these 2 at least.
I mean there beautiful, The lighter green is just amazing as a tonal for your eye and with green eyes i can imagine this will make my eyes look like ive just embossed them with crystals.
The darker i mean its just stunning, i would use these 2 alone on one look as its that amazing with the Broken as a highlight, base colour. There like looking at just the better shades of a green swatching when your looking for a shade of green. However to get 2 in one pan ! Urban decay are you in league with the wicked witch ? I mean is this darker her skin colour and the lighter her bits that aint exposed to sun ? lol  How did you do this amazing spellbinding bit of magic. As this Duo is magical.

Theodora - Super Saturated Lip Gloss
This lip gloss also was another reason i wanted Theodora so bad, I know its been compared to F-Bomb and swatches almost Identical. However i dont own F-bomb so this was why i wanted this deep, sexy and drop dead amazing lip colour.
Again its why i can see why this palattes so neutral as i was always taught as a girl .. eyes or lips but never mix of you will look like your too much.. of that makes sense.
This colour is so vibrant to pull off a vibrant eye look would just be odd. If thats your style all power too you and if i was 20ish and i pulled some cracking feets of style crime plus experimentation. Im however in my 30's so i have to abide by the one or the other rule.

So theodora you may think is ahhh neutrals but the Jealous Duo and Theodora Lipgloss make it worth it plus the addition of the better gold in the Spell Duo. Its probably everyones more go to palatte and really its why its so good for opinions as people all have them.
Thats why there is 2 totally different catering palattes but if you want reliability with quality then please purchase it as you wont be sorry. You can flip the colours out and keep the palattes up to you and these are sturdy palattes with huge mirrors.

So Theodora is a lover of neutrals with some tricks up her sleve, so dont underestimate the girl next door ..... as the wizard of OZ did.


  1. Lovely...its so nice and usable. I am not jealous in the slightest....darn Spending Ban! LOL x

  2. spending ban...... OMG how are you coping with the new season coming in ???
    I have a spending ban for now but if i see Urban decay it instantly lifted as im a UD addict.... i cant help myself .... flushed is out in a week or 2 and i shouldnt but im like a kid having to be pulled away from the sweet aisle lol
    thanks babes xxxx

  3. fantastic review

  4. You are soo super happy you have this in your hand and it comes across. I want this pallette.


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