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GlossyBox - Valentines Box Feb 2013

So its that time of the Month again when the GlossyBoxes do the rounds, with last month being in relation to the new year and focusing on detox. This month its focused on romance with the box being valentines "Themed" in an even pinker then normal setting. Its the month of love and where better then to start loving yourself ?

So the Box
Will you be Ours ?
Inside this months magazine was a tutorial on how to do "Rocking lips" Just a basic tutorial on how to make the most out of your lips. Honestly this tutorial was ok if you are not someone who wears anything but gloss. I think i would prefer something alot more bold as a article or tutorial.
Contents of the box

So we have
  • Micabella Cosmetics - Mineral Eye Shadow in Intelligence 1g Size sample
  • Anatomicals - You need a blooming shower Cleanser - 150ml
  • MeMeMe Cosmetics - FatCat lengthening Mascara - 8ml
  • Sassoon Salon - Sassoon Professional Illuminating Restore - 30ml
  • Miners Cosmetics - Lip Colour in Dreamer
Plus a Extra Heart Lollipop

Miners Cosmetics - Lip Colour
So while i know of the Miners brand and the Lip stick is a nice shimmery Nude colour, will be good as an everyday lipstick and will be used in creating a look tommorrow to see how it applys and wear time etc. It felt ok on swatching but you cant tell much for something meant for your lips on your hand. So this is to be seen what the performance brings.

Sassoon Salon -  Illuminating Restore
So its an illuminating which im assuming it makes your colour look less dull, I havent heard of this brand before and it says to wash hair and then leave the treatment in for 15 minutes and wash out. So its like a deep conditioning system. It smells lovely and is a nice cream consistancy but again the proof is in the pudding. I will probably only be able to get 2 applications out of this size though so i doubt i will see any sort of wonder results. But we will see.......

MeMeMe Cosmetics - FatCat Mascara

Ive heard of this brand and its fairly new and getting more recognition, will be interesting to see if the mascara does volumise like it says it does and also i really like the feel of the packaging. Its a suede sort of feel. So this will be another product featured in my looks post tommorrow.

Anatomical - You need a blooming Shower

 Know the anatomical brand and love the Scrub ive got of theres , wasnt too keen on the Lipgloss we have had. This is a decent size product though, plus says it smells of roses and it does smell of roses, not in a pungent sense but I dont like rose as a scent. I find its just not my thing. Even though its not horrid, i think with the packaging and scents available. I would prefer something more innovative and fresher.

MicaBella Cosmetics - Mineral Eye Shadows


So i didnt use alot for the Swatch as i know mineral makeup doesnt need alot and well you can see that above looks a coppery/Gold colour which is lovely. I think the fallout from this will be a total nightmare so i will use this with a damp brush, then apply.
So again we will see if this does have a good and easy application. I can see the pigmentation is good and its very glittery. So will be more of a little zing you add to a look rather then a shadow you would use all over your eyelid.

Little Gift of Love

So as a little freebie, we recieve a lollipop with the Glossybox Logo in the shape of a heart.

So not a over-whelming box at all, the anatomicals as a brand is something we have seen in Glossybox quite alot. The makeup is great as i crave more make-up in boxes. I find that its about striking a balance. So i love that im getting makeup from brands ive not tried before and will be exciting to see how they perform. Im glad the lipstick is not a colour that shocking and a nude colour that will suit me during the day as i dont have many nude lipsticks.
So whilst i wasnt overly wow with it, i cant complain. I asked for makeup and its what i got. Its just i feel with the Anatomicals it could have been better and the Sassoon i dont feel is big enough to get an accurate picture of its performance.

So waht did you recieve ? Were you happy with your box ?


  1. My box should arrive Monday xx

  2. I do wonder about GB. I was disappointed last month as GB took NO notice of my profile , including a face was for a teenager when I am far older ,but I thought it was a blip ...this month I again have unsuitable products. Glad my subscription was only three months , I will not be renewing x

  3. Hello! I found you through Classy Weekends! How do you like the glossy box? I think my roommate does this one...but i'm not too sure. I like Sassoon (the one time I ever tried it) was amazing!!

    1. thank you for the follow x Ive never tried the sassoon so im looking forward to that now x

  4. I'm loving that lip's the perfect shade for Valentine's Day!

    New follower from the blog hop. Hope you can stop by and follow me back.


    1. Thank you for the follow and will return the courtesy xx
      Its frosty pink so will be nice to see it on

  5. love your lipstick and nice colour of eyeshadow as well got Anathomicals but do not like brand at all but I do like very much Vidal Sassoon very good quality professional hairdressing brand use them a lot ;)

    1. oh wow sassoon is getting good reviews which gives me confidence for it, did you recieve a box ?

    2. in my box:

  6. Oh wow your is different to mine,will upload mine tomorrow,nice reading yours.

    1. I look forward to reading your review.... do u have a link so i can follow u ?

      thank you for the lovely comment xx

    2. Tara has never heard of Sassoon? What planet is she on?

    3. Ive heard of the brand and man but this is new packaging i do not recognise. On looking into this further i then saw it was the same company, so im very much on planet earth .

  7. I was quite pleased with my box, although I got lipbalm again, but that's ok as I use alot of lipbalm. I got a nice Rituals whipped body cream which smells lush and a MeMeMe highlighter which is ok!

    Helen X

    1. sounds lovely .. i had rituals in my box over christmas and loved it ... yep its the Winter lip balm collection for the year lol


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