Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Yankee Candle UK

Now Yankee candle is a well known and loved American brand which is now available in the UK.

Im so glad Yankee candles are over in the UK now, ive seen them on all sorts of american shows and they will be buring in peoples homes. They dont look like your standard Uk tealight or mini scent candle in just bare basic scents. These candles are glass jars of lovely. From a Large jar to mini burner you wont be disappointed, as the scents are like they have taken a huge chunk of the real thing and compressed it into the wax, they are that scented.

Now i wont lie as some of my closer readers know ive been recouperating from a recent operation and well when your confined to bed rest it gets dreary. I love my fresh air and just being free. So its hard to relax.
Now when i used to have a bath (have a shower now) i would candle it like a mini shrine. This i think is how all women and some men love to just go ... ahhhh after a long and stressful day. Candles with a warm bubbled bath is heaven.
So i miss that but with my room i have candle holders and the jars to hold yout standard ones but they literally make my room look pretty and serve no scent purpose. So when i was kindly given the oppertunity to review Yankee candles i was thinking wow my recouperation is going to be lovely now.
Now il explain more and hopefully not bore you but its a well known finding and studies done if your more calm pain suppresses. Ive had many lessons should we call them in how breathing and calmness can ease pain receptors. For me this is true if im calm i can get myself almost in a state of meditation where i can take myself away almost from my body.

Now Burning these candles this week and just trying to maintain a calm and warming enviroment has been ..... blissful. Im kicking myself that ive not stumbled accross this earlier as i can say im kinda burning them and mourning at the same time. I dont want them to end. Thanks to my friend farhana, they will last a little longer as i have cooled the wax in the fridge before lighting so brilliant tip there.
I love them that much and they have made me relax no end. Even if you just want candles for pamper days then please check Yankee candles out as they have so many fragrance tones you wont be stuck to find one you like. In fact i was quite torn as to which i loved.
So ive been burning 2 at the minute as i have them in my room and they look so pretty on my dresser.Plus i have a Decor reed diffuser in my bathroom that scents it and also flows into my hallway.
Plus tip- when your finished if you stick the jars in the freezer then remove the final wax you can save the jar ;O) I love the large jars as they remind me of old style sweet jars.

  • So this medium Tumbler candle is Wild passion fruit

Its a double wicked candle and burns beautifully plus has a lid so when it out you can protect the scent and well i dont want dust in my candles. Im a stickler for dust on my pretty things. lol The lid is embossed with the Yankee candle logo and its just stunning. The Scent is described on the site as an exotic passionfruit with a blend of manderin and melon. Now to describe scents would just be futile but take my word if you get a passionfruit fresh and open it, its exactly how this base scent is and then i would describe it as a beautiful tropical blend of fragrance when burning. Now this is not going to kill your room once you burn them as i know people get a little funny about certain scents. This has just made me want to book a holiday to the bahamas. The melon tone makes it fresh smelling and the sweetness of the passionfruit is just divine. Ive burnt it and its transported me straight back to the stary nights of being in tenerife when i would go in my early 20's, Sitting on a sun lounger over looking the ocean with a fruit cocktail and sippping it just imaginging what the world was doing. Its amazing what memories stir when your given a smell that makes you close your eyes and your transported into a memory that almost real in every sense until you open your eyes. Ive loved this candle as ive just layed back and closed my eyes, put my ipod on and just remember all the fun i had and what i aspire to aim for, getting back to travelling and seeing the world and all its exotics in its fullness.

I joked that there should be a label on these candles with my husband as well when my parcel arrived i wont lie i stuck my head straight in and took a long powerful wiff, then made my husband do the same.
So i think this will be a regular staple in my room now. Its divine.

Plus this candle alone burns for 40-50 hours so thats amazing value.
  • Large Jar - Strawberry Buttercream
Now i must admit the food scented candles sound as good as they smell.
Strawberry buttercream is just heavenly, It reminded me of when i used to bake Victoria sandwiches and layer thick buttercream and jam with fruit on it. It has an amazing smell of fresh strawberries plus that buttercream sweetness that you can smell the sugar almost at the end of the tones hitting your nose. The jars again , Yankee candle really do think not just the scent but the presentation and thats what makes you proud to have them in your home.
You see this in a room and you think wow i need to go and see if it smells like what the label says and its a real focal point in the room. Ive been burning this candle when im doing my evening mini pamper when i have all my wipes and creams around me. Its just adding that final little ambiance to the whole mood of my pampering. Beware though these candles will make you think ... ooo im craving something yummy now lol I did crave pavlova for some reason with this particular scent.
Its a wonderful thing when you walk in your room when its been burning and it hits you how you then go to new levels of thinking how smell makes you feel.

So im loving this one so much and will be adding more of these Jars to my collection as they burn for 110-150 hours. Its crazy how much time you have to enjoy them.
Also if your wanting a Red sweet version i have seen the Red velvet Candle like the cake, Perfect for a cosy romantic valentines night in.

  • Decor Reed Diffuser - Pink sands

Now i usually will buy something to fragrance my shower-room and hallway, a Plug in version or some form of jelly based diffuser. Not even being aware Reed diffusers exsisted. So when i seen this in the box i was struck by one how pretty it was plus what a lovely addition it would be, also how safe it is aswell. If you wanted constant scent in your home you can use these but not run the risk of fire issues etc.
I dont know if you can see but it has on the glass embossed a little Yankee candle logo. So you recieve the bottle of scent and 12 reeds. Pink sands is almost like a vanilla smell to it, listed in the fresh range of fragrances it is a mix of scents with a floral additions. Its not meant to over power but just linger in the home so you feel all lovely and relaxed. Its definatly a beautiful addition to my bathroom and its classy. Instead of going into my shower room and meeting no smell at all i now smell a fresh inviting experience, then this continues as im doing what i need to do. I love walking in there now and just inhayling the fresh and inviting tones rather then nothing. It adds a totally new dimension to a room and how you view that room. It goes from being just functional to enjoyable.
Ive been so relaxed when doing all my usual daily living whilst recovering and having these scents is like a little bit of extra boosting to the system. When your in all day and you dont see much outside these fragrances take you to places you dream about. Like memories of older days passed or lying on a beach with just the waves in your ears imaginging the stars plus all the joys the world has to offer. We often forget our other senses when sight is the main one we use daily, when you close your eyes with a lovely scented candle that makes you open up your mind to,figuring out all the tones you breathe and trying to figure out what it reminds you of and then when you remember, it opens up all sorts of possibilities for imagination.
Its a really lost sense when the world is so busy and bustling but its why when your on your pamper day, lying in your bath with your candles, you close your eyes and your away.

I also have a handful of the Pink Lady Slippers and some really beautiful holders, Yankee candle were so generous to provide me with to use aswell. I have not even had a chance to burn them as of yet as well ive been over-whelmed with scent but will of course let you know without burning them, They smell of light roses and floral bouquet smell. Will be a lovely spring scent to burn with the coming of the new flowers and grass growing. They remind me of the coming of spring and the symbols of new life plus the possibilities the new year brings with it. Im looking forward to burning one of these little ones as i will look at it with positivity and vibrance just like the flame that flickers from it.
When you inspire yourself to do something and set a goal its little things that remind you what its all about, and as this little candle burns and reminds me of my nan who passed in the spring. As we both stood and lit candles together looking at them and then each other, she always loved spring and the new flowers in bud, this is why this candle reminds me so strongly of her. I will light this candle with a smile and a little look to the sky. This little slipper is for her.

If you have a chance to experience the wonderful range Yankee candles has to offer you will wonder how you ever lived without them, plus the feel they bring to your home as you see them burning in there lovely jars.
The ambiance and total relaxation i have felt has been a pure pleasure plus aided my recovery without a doubt. Ive not felt stressed and really love the evenings now with my candle burning and my routine just been taken to the next level of pampering in pure bliss. Its a spa feeling but at home.

So thank you Yankee candle for opening my mind up to new and exciting possibilities.


  1. Oh I'm a huge Yankee Candle fan too (also did a review on my current ones) I like the wax tarts best as they make my whole flat smell gorgeous and are only about a pound each. I am dying to try the pink sands fragrance, it sounds amazing.Following now on GFC x
    Angela x

    If you want to compare fragrances here's the link to my Yankee review http://british-bargains-and-beauty.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/yankee-candles-review.html

  2. Thanks hun xx
    I saw your review aswell lol
    I loved the look of the strawberry you had, i havent tried the wax tarts but will definatly try them now.
    Im addicted to Yankee candles now... no more boring tea lights and no smells. My house and bathroom smell devine x Plus the burn time is just immense x

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