Sunday, 3 March 2013

Actiderm Cosmetics

So Actiderm a brand more known for its weight loss treatments and bringing spa services into the home in there products.
They say there philosophy is -

We are committed to advancing the science of natural skincare. Every pure, bioactive product in the ActiDerm range is specifically blended to help achieve and maintain the skin’s ideal balance.
We invest heavily in clinical trials & research. Our scientists continually strive for new formulations combining established & proven active ingredients.
Our award winning Laboratory staff are responsible for every product  from its conception to production. Our training staff ensures appropriate application for maximum effect. its conception to production. Our training staff ensures appropriate applic
ation for maximum effect.Nots
Its not known to me there skincare and trailing this brand has been really lovely as I've been given the full system to use and see the effects and results.
Came all professionally wrapped
So first part of the skincare is the cleansing with
Micellar Lotion 

From my understanding these Micellar lotions have oils included that help keep the skin hydrated and not drying, now I've used this to remove makeup and if i haven't used makeup then just remove the daily dirt form my face. Its really good at removing dirt you wouldn't necessarily know was still here or missed bits after washing. Ive just used it on a cotton pad and it has a spray pump so that makes application easier and more controlled. My skin has defiantly been liking this as i do find some makeup removers can leave the skin feeling dry. With additional drying being from the makeup, you want something that nice on removing it.
You only need 2 sprays and it will be enough to remove and clean the face.

Now after this stage i have used the Hyaluronic serum on my face, which is like a light oil. It dries into the face quickly and has a droplet dispense system like most facial oils. Again not a lot is needed and it is the product i like the most out of the whole system. So most facial oils will improve dryness and this certainly left my skin soft and less dryer.  It dries in quickly and is not heavy.

Now there is also a Lip and eye concentrate to help with the lines and wrinkle that all of us suffer from as age kicks in, but also if you don't suffer from these yet then you should be using a preventative. Now i have a few little lines on my lips forming and do have the odd line on my eyes where my eyeliner can run down. Now it encourages that you apply then tap into the skin to aid absorption.  So i have done this and whilst I've not noticed a great deal of change to my eyes the lines on my lips are not as prominent nor do i feel my lip products try to bleed as much. I cannot say weither its been the product or application, it may even be a little of both but this method over the 3 weeks has been improving my lips.

So there is after that stage both an collagen cream and night cream to use, now whilst these are incredibly thick and will soak in well. They do hydrate the skin and leave it soft. I have not broken out either even though it seems heavy.
Night and Collagen cream tubs
Thickness and colour of the creams

So in conclusion this is a great skincare regime and whilst there is some results I've seen from using serums in the areas i have problem with. I cannot say that I've thought of it as a wonder treatment for ageing, it does go to show that a skincare regime makes the world of difference and will improve the condition if you start earlier rather then later.


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