Wednesday, 10 April 2013

High street fashion week - Chic and Geek

Brain child of Stephanie Fittall, Chic and Geek started because I wanted to create something fresh,exciting and most importantly something that's accessible to everyone. I love fashion,but being a mother of 2 and working all the hours god sent, I still couldn't always affordto keep up with the latest trends. So I wanted to help others like me be able to keep up. 

I am the 'Geek'. I love the more quirky and preppy pieces and am a bit of a control freak out when it comes to my work. The 'Chic' aspect is for my other side, the girl who loves effortless glamour and to stand out. With these two different styles working together I believe that they can conquer all. Who says you have to only have one style? I'll bring to you beautiful garments that can make you two dimensianal and feel confident and secure in your own skin.

The concept of Chic and Geek is to have garments that can have two personalities andthat can adapt to your mood. And I for one think every girl has to have there glamorouschic days and their preppy geek days. This is all very new still, but I have high hopes andwon't give up lightly. 

Chic and Geek will showcase in the High Street Fashion Week pop up boutique andcatwalk.

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