Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Soap and Glory Cosmetics - Glow all out / Love at First blush

Now i love the Soap and Glory range, I have the Bronzo powder, Lip stuff eyeshadow and whipped body wash. I have liked the face powder the most in Bronzo as its not too heavy and leaves a nice glow to the skin. So i decided to get the 3 for 2 offer and purchase the others. Now i wanted the "Its a blot" powder also, however i could not find it for love nor money. So i need to order it online next payday and i admit i may be getting more items as well.

So this time i bought the Glow all out which is a luminizing powder and Love at first blush which is surprisingly lol a Blusher. I also got the Kick ass concealer but il review that separately as i feel it needs its own review being that it does something different for your face.

Glow all Out - Luminizing powder

So the luminizer is a light powder and embossed with the Soap and glory logo. It is a pearlscent powder that gives that glow to the cheeks. The powder is soft and you don't need much at all, it doesn't cake but it also doesn't feel heavy so i would be in a natural when applying so you can see how much glow your adding to your skin. It brings the cheeks out so well and I've used it and had all three powders on me. They also compliment each other, now you may see the shimmers in each and it can go overboard if you don't dust off the excess. However you can reach a lovely balance and make your skin glow and look amazing. Also you wont look like a glitter-ball so don't worry as this Glow all out can be added to a plainer blush if you wanted to add something to it. So its really about seeing swatches in store and what you want out of a powder.

Love at first blush - Blusher 

Now love at first blush is really lovely and it has a 3 wheel pie like setting in the pan, you could use this alone and grab a smaller contoured brush to pick up separately the blush, highlight and bronze shades individually. I swirled my brush in the pan and it gave me a luminized - blush almost berry colour, really lovely and natural. So for the day i would only use this as my main blush and contour, now I'm not a mad contour woman as i have a rounder face and honestly looks like I've just got 2 sponges of bronzer on my cheeks also yes i do blend it properly but it just does not work so i use bronzer to colour me up as i can look pale in the winter until summer.

My look with Soap and Glory Powders

So this is my look with all 3 powders on (Bronzo, Glow all out and Love at first blush) and i really like the finished effect, i will upload a natural light picture when i receive the "All a blot" pressed powder as i will be interested to see how that powder feels all over and sets a foundation into place.

Do you own any Soap and Glory Cosmetics ?


  1. This looks great! I've seen it in boots a few times & I'm always tempted to buy looks so pretty in its packaging too xx

  2. I have to admit that I a, always tempted by these products too xx

  3. like it :)

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