Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Blossom and Jasmine

Maker of luxurious candles and unique scents. Offering natural aromatherapy from spa to home. There spa offers natural treatments and within this the candles are a huge part of the experience. Created in 2009 by celebrity beauty stylist and nail expert Gintare Lisauskiene.

Our philosophy
All our Blossom & Jasmine Boutique's products are hand made in
the UK. We will only ever use the purest natural ingredients and
100% highest quality essential oils for a purity of aromatherapeutic experience.
We guarantee we don't use any chemicals and toxins:
No Parabens (preservatives)​
No Silicones  (preservatives)
No Petrochemicals (petroleum bi-products)
No Sulphates or SLS (artificial foaming agents)
No Animal Ingredients
No Artificial Fragrancing or Colours

The candle comes in a beautiful black box with the "Blossom and jasmine" name embossed in gold on the side of front. It has at the bottom the name plus the scent the candle will throw.
So each candle has a scent to achieve a particular mood, the Indigo candle i kindly received to review is for lifting energy levels. I defiantly need a boost in energy all the time so this was well suited for me to trial. With hints of lemon and basil it really was calming to smell without being over-powering. I really looked forward to lighting this to see the scent payoff.

With the candles coming in travel size of 75g and a burn time for 12hours, a 230g Medium 1 wick candle with a burn time of 35 hours which also comes in the option of a black glass tumbler, then the bigger Large size 300g 2 wick candle with a burn time of 50 hours.

So the candle is stunning and chic, it has a simple display of the logo in gold. This made the candle so classy and i was proud to display this in my home. It burns beautifully plus whilst the scent of the candle unlit is very prominent. Once lit it then becomes a subtle throw of scent which is quite invigorating. I love my candles in the evening when I'm doing my moisturising and settling down for the night. I have however liked this candle so much that when I'm doing my makeup ( The candle is on my dresser ) I'm enjoying having it lit. Might seem silly during the day to have a candle lit but its really calming lit with some music. Plus i imagine a spa to be lit up so having candles during the day time is not such an unheard of notion. Also with some candles i find the scent is very over-powering when lit and i need to either move it or extinguish. I like my candles to give a nice hint in my room and leave tonal notes around that i catch plus it really does make me feel nicely perked up. After a warm shower then coming into my bedroom with this lit, i can smell the tones and just relax a while before i need to continue. It takes the rush and stress out of the morning which is defiantly what i need.

You might say well how does basil and lemon smell of when lit and i would say its like having lemon tea then light hints of a earthy scent, i must say the lemon could be increased without compromising that scent of the candle but i understand its all balance. so lovely present for someone special or to make a professional space chic and more comfortable. 

Really is a candle of beauty and burns evenly with no smoking or tunnelling, good scent throw and burning hours so far are exceeding what this should be a 50 hour candle. Now i don't sit with a stop watch but i can tell from usually burning my candles for 2-3 hours in the evening. When its cooled i can see the impact that time has had when its re-solidified. There was barely a dent made in the candle from doing this regularly during the week.

So whilst these are luxury candles i think if you can afford them, then spoil yourself to one or even use the travel size which is just as beautiful. So thank you Blossom and Jasmine for letting me review such a beautiful candle. 


  1. I am liking the sound of these x

    1. They have a spa too, sounds beautiful plus the candles are so beautiful.

      Mines lit now and its day time xx

      thanks hun xx


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