Friday, 10 May 2013

MAC - Extra Dimension Highlighter in Defiantly defined

Here we go again it seems with another MAC product but forgive me i know the rule with limited edition powders, especially Skinfinishes to grab them or you will kick yourself. Now this is a highlighter i know and its part of the Extra Dimension collection. 

One already sold out before i even blinked so i guess everyone knew that was a one to grab first when it was released and thats in no means a bad thing for the other two on offer. Im surprised they are not sold out yet really i am. Majorly confused but then in looking into it more i realised there was a (correct me if I'm in anyway wrong) dimension collection in 2012 with these kinds of highlights like glorify etc as when I've been watching whats coming over from the USA I'm hearing it compared to past collections gone just like the pro-longwear bronzers were before part of the hello sailor collection. 

Plus as a Highlight you really only need a little and these pans are considerable size, maybe unless you really love it and would want 2 then i can see how people would skip re-promtes. I purchased the Definatly defined for myself and the Shape the future is a present to a dear friend of mine.

Now i will say in plee if anyone on this earth sees a Heroine or knows a store with it please let me know as I'm housebound so i cannot go mac hunting but literally any information on if that will be re-stocked- anything please let me know kindly. Thank you as i adore it and was gone like RiRi woo within hours.

So back to these powders which are divine.

Plus you all know im compact mad, i adore pressed powder and having that lovely glow. I know that the last collection did not have the duo effect of the separate colours and ability to use which ever shade you wish or even mix them. I love this so much and i can see why MAC are known for these plus why they sell out as wow, its a thing of majestic beauty. 
This is why i really do think collections should be spaced out more as then i could buy more of a collection or just not miss out as I'm having to heads/tails what i want more with a certain budget.

So its a Highlights but again with this product you could use it on the face, body or anywhere you wanted some illumination or just a lovely glow.

So on the left is the more pearl golden light colour and the right is the coral golden colour. Stunning and when used on the cheeks its just amazing.

Now I'm if your wondering in MAC shades a NW20-25 plus in the cool toned ranges so hence my love of all blue based lipsticks. It will suit all women i would say as they blend so well, however my friend whom is a darker complexion I'm giving shape the future too, tried it in the MAC store and she was glowing so healthy i would say if you can try them go ahead and see what you suit or like. I would more then happily wear the darker shape the future as its more golden then peachy. 

Again batted another great product out MAC.
Also if anyone is thinking like i did Viva Nicki glam 2 as a condolence for lavender whip oooo no as this picture shows the obvious changes in the tone of lavender. So just a friendly hit of info and swatch my beauty lovelies.

Viva glam Vs Lavender Whip 

What did you purchase from the collections and also girl top 10 Pro-pan colours ?


  1. The best ever highlighter i have come across....Thank you for telling me about this mac limited edition Tara. :D

  2. I would love to try these two :) x


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