Saturday, 11 May 2013

Wet and Wild - Lust Palette

Ok so Wet and Wild is an American drugstore brand thats not available in the UK. I had tried the petal pusher palette and have 2 single pan colours after buying them from another blogger friend. I loved the quality of them also the colour payoff and pigmentation is exceptional in my opinion. It made me lust after so many of there products to trial and see if i could get great value when doing my american hauls.
So when i saw a brilliant amazon seller i had to do a haul. So here is my review on the Lust palette and my trios reviews will follow after this review later in the week.

So being that it is an american brand i do not know much other then it is drugstore line and that they are very cheap in price. Especially for the palettes, however like our drugstore brands you must either trial and error or do some research into what are the stand out products. Wet and wild have now become well known for there eyeshadows. They do offer collections on occasion and at the moment there is a Fergie inspired range available.

They do offer single shadows but the trio, six and eight pans are the ones which offer the most value. Lust is a 6 pan shadow set with mix of matte and shimmers. The swatches as you can see offer high pigmentation and whilst the fallout is what i was expecting to be the only price to pay, there is none. It does lift a slight amount when you dab in your brush but i always blow my palettes after use so that no shadows mix or become contaminated with another colour. 
So the mattes are beautiful with a lovely frosty pink, cream and plum colour. In addition the shimmer shades being of this amazing brown mixed plum with duo-chromes of red, silvers and pinks inside it (bottom right colour in the pan) They are of a buttery consistency and blend amazing for a drugstore brand. I can see why they are spoken so highly of and will be defiantly trying to get my hand on more sets. Comfort zone and walking on eggshells are my most wanted list now.

So do you own any wet and wild ? would you recommend any ?


  1. This looks fab xx

  2. The deadly sins Wet n Wild palettes were some of my favorites!! Such a shade they were limited edition (although you can get them online like you did)


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