Thursday, 19 December 2013

Birchbox - Dec 2013 Christmas edition

So this is the Christmas edition from Birchbox and i must say i was quite impressed. However again it wasn't overwhelming. Maybe we have been spoilt with Laura mercier these past two months to appreciate the contents fully. In looking at my box after some thinking, i came to the conclusion it was a far more cohesive box then its counterpart. It had items for haircare, skincare, makeup and nail item to jazz your look for the festive season. 

Contents :
Nail Rock - Glitter nail art kit
Twistband hair tie
Sin care - Party girl Facial serum
Alima pure - Luminous eyeshadow
Number 4 - Non aerosol hair spray
Aromatherapy Associates - Bath oil 

So my box was very generous and quite surprising. I wasn't expecting the serum or to receive quite decent sample sizes. This sin-care facial serum is always a nice option within a box to trial new skincare. Aromatherapy associates i really like there oils and only takes a small amount to gain great throws of scents. 

So the party items in the Nail rock kit (Mine was the golden glitter) i usually would find this quite messy and just go with adding a top coated glitter polish. However I'm willing to try something new and pamper myself for an evening doing my nails. Plus its a full kit so you will gain a few uses from this set. The Alima pure eyeshadow is a lovely almost duo-chromes of vanilla and golden tones to add to a lovely christmas look. Really multi functional use as you can use this as a subtle highlight for new year as well (If your going for a party look).

The twist-band is a really good item to have as an emergency in your bag. As you may find you need to tie your hair up when it gets too hot within a function, this will protect your hair. Unfortunately my hair is so thick it would not hold my hair as from previous experience. I will try this one to see if the band is better able to hold my hair on this occasion.  As with the Hairspray it offers a light and free coating on the hair, however it was in my opinion not going to offer my hair the hold it requires. 

So overall the box as i said was good and covers all the bases to help the party season go off with a bang, plus its great sample sizes. All the things we ask for in beauty box but just don't feel this years boxes went far enough to surprise. The gift card was useless as to spend $20 in a overseas shop then all the customs and expense that comes with it, really is not worth the hassle. Especially when you think they could have bulk sent them over to distribute in our boxes. So a better box then counterparts but could have had more wow factor. 

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