Sunday, 19 October 2014

Memebox : Snow white box

So the princess that insprired this box, is the beautiful Snow white. Famed for her pure skin and light spirit. This box contains items that should make you, the fairest of them all. 

They say :
Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who’s the fairest of them all? You, with the Snow White Box, of course. The cooler months spell for the perfect time to brighten up skin, even out uneven complexions, and target pesky dark spots! Whatever shade of the rainbow your skin color is, optimize your skin’s radiance and clarity for luminous, glowing skin.

Contents : 
- Nella Fantasia : Oneday Whitener 
- Original raw First Essence : Vitamin essence 
- Faceflux : Anti-wrinkle revitalize cream
- Daltokki : Whitening Essence 
- 5 Seeds : Apple Water Brightning Scrub 
- Morningtree : Revitalizing Whitening Deep Spot 

Nella Fantasia : Oneday Whitener is a facial whitening cream. Which can be used to help even out skintone, or even help lighten a dark foundation. 

Faceflux : Anti-wrinkle revitalize cream sounds lovely and refreshing. Especially for the eyes, when you can look the most tired and the darkest of tired bags. 

Daltokki : Whitening Essence is an item i didnt think i could use but with a few drops, this could be a dark foundations saviour. Being a essence it wont dry your skin. Which is a bonus for the cold months drawing in. 

Original raw First Essence : Vitamin essence is said to contain a multitude of natural essence's. To help keep skin hydrated whilst you sleep but also to infuse the skin with nutrients. Its the time when the body is repairing, it makes sense to have a night product. So im looking forward to the results.

5 Seeds : Apple Water Brightning Scrub is a product i know will be amazing, as apple is packed full of fantastic skin vitamin. This is marvellously refeshing to the skin and ideal for dry skin types. Packed with vitamins and natural ways to remove dry skin. 

Morningtree : Revitalizing Whitening Deep Spot not found the need to use this as yet. However im sure it will come in useful to lighten any redness. Also help a spot thats healing to revitalise the skin. 

A lovely box with alot of products to give you a creamy fresh complextion. Also keep your skin fresh and hydrated.

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  1. Looks like a lovely box!


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