Saturday, 1 November 2014

Halloween look - In the flesh

So this is one halloween look i did, as it was and is one of my favourite shows. I adore the spin on this show. Its original and makes you think, what if ? 

In the Flesh is a BAFTA award-winning BBC 3 supernatural drama series. Set after "The Rising", which is the show's take on a zombie apocalypse. The drama focuses on reanimated teenager, Kieren Walker and his return to his local community. During The Rising, deceased teenager Kieren Walker and thousands of other people (who died in 2009 )were re-animated as rabid zombies.

A medication was found to bring consciousness back to the undead, returning their minds to who they were before dying. The undead were medication and rehabilitation by the government, in a plan to reintroduce them to society. They are given contact lenses, cosmetics, and daily injections of medication.

 They are officially referred to as survivors of Partially Deceased Syndrome (PDS). Many are haunted by returning memories of themselves while rabid. 

My "In the flesh" look

So i have to apply makeup everyday to hide my "PDS", its so hard to do when this foundation is hardly a pot id buy. Plus concealer around these purple dead eyes, its beyond a nightmare.

So i do what i do best - use what i have to hand. Turn this purple that im cursed with, into something i can wear daily. 

Only problem is my old scar wounds on my hand, well covering them can be most difficult. I may need a doctor to help me with those. I'l work on that for next year.... 

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