Sunday, 8 February 2015

Nourish - Argan skin renew

Nourish is a beautiful brand that uses organic natural ingredients to bring you a range of skincare products. I love the brand and all the products i have tried so far. They are good for all skin types, but my dry skin loves them. Perfect for night time moisturising and also beautifully scented with an infusion of rose. Making this a perfect valentines addition. I would highly recommend the Argan skin rescue aswell. 

They say :

Containing extracts from Rose of Jericho, argan oil and frankincense. To improve cellular density for firmer, smoother skin. Suitable for all skin types. Help's repair skin, also reducing water loss and improves hydration. Clinically shown to increase skin hydration. 85% Organic. Full of vitamins, bio-actives to restore and rejuvenate skin hydration. 

So the Argan skin renew which was kindly sent is beautiful and rich cream, perfect for boosting hydration. Especially for the winter and cold weather, when dry patches are rife and hard to control. With the Argan skin renew it takes the properties of the Argan oil and vitamin E to maintain the skins anti ageing properties and appearance. Also Rosé of Jericho is a naturally known source to boost the skins hydration. Therefore with this mix it's helping to naturally help the skins own properties, rather then use artificial additives to achieve this.

 I love Argan oil and I find its wonderful for my skin, I use it in my skin regieme plus any other dry looking area's to maintain hydration. A little goes a long way so you will only need a tiny amount to rub into the skin and leave to absorb. This absorbs very easily as it's a light cream that you can apply as and when you need. 

I always moisturise in the morning and night time, as I find the cold at night does your face no favours. (It's the only part of your body exposed at night) I like to have a good hydrating moisturiser that's light especially in the evening, I don't like cream to sit on my skin. This absorbed quickly and gave me a lovely feeling of hydration. I love that Nourish is natural and organic. 

 Argan skin renew is just heavenly. I love Nourish's ethos and products. I enjoyed this cream, as its light with quick absorbency. Perfect for night time when the last thing you want is a tacky, sticky cream sitting there all night. Smells divine and is a perfect for skin. I would fully revommend the Argan skin renew. Especially for anyone on the dry side in winter, this is a dream. 


  1. This sounds really lovely and I like the packaging, really classy looking x

    1. It certainly is hun, its a product im proud to show off.


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