Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Colourpop - The Haul

So with everyone going absolutely mental over colourpop. My amazing friend in the USA done me an order and sent me a pile of goodies. On first glance these shadows are stunning, you'll see all the stunning green shade's. So is colourpop worth the hype or is it over rated ? Let's dive in and see. 

They say :

Welcome to ColourPop! ColourPop was born, raised and made with love in the City of Angels (aka Los Angeles) so we can react quickly to the latest and greatest trends and get them in your fabulous hands stat.

We take the phrase “if you can dream it, you can do it” to a whole new level and specialize in making killer makeup in every shade imaginable at prices everyone can afford. We think that whole barrier between fancy and affordable is absolute nonsense. That’s why all of our products have luxury formulas at prices that won’t break the bank. PS. We are 100% fur baby friendly, bunny approved, and only test our products on humans – the ones in our HQ to be exact.

Top L-R Bubbly, Cowboy :Bottom L-R Dare, Fantasy

Bubbly - A truly angelic pink with tons of silver and bright bubble gum pink glitter = A princess pink that is totally rave worthy.

Bubbly is a beautiful pale pink with loads of beautiful sparkle. Its perfect for your inner corner highlight, goes well with any look. A must have for any one looking for that perfect pearl pink shade. 

Cowboy - True pastel lavender in a Matte finish, you’ll save a horse alright.

Is a beautiful matte lavender shade which is stunning and comes out so vividly. Not alot is needed, it can be used as a transition shade being so light. I cannot wait to use this in a pale look. 

Dare - Shockingly bright neon purple with hot pink and violet glitter. This shiz should be on lockdown ‘cuz it practically guarantees a wild night you totally do not remember.

This shade is very vibrant, with intense glitter duochromes. Perfect for those bright bold looks you crave to experiment with. It looks amazing on and the pigment is so bright, you only need tap the colour on. 

Fantasy - Electric neon red violet topped with multi-dimensional glitter. Practically illegal, this is our ColourPop purple fantasy come true.

This again is another favourite but be warned when using this colour. It can stain the eyelid, so i would apply a good primer and base. This should reduce the pink staining. However if you have a day off after washing this off, then its worth a day of staining. This mixed with dare gives an amazing look. 

Top L-R Empire, Chipper :Bottom L-R Snap dragon, Flux 

Empire - Fiercely rich emerald green, just like the city.
The Green shade that all lovers of this colour must have. Its a beautiful emerald green will enhance any look to a new level, with its vibrant beauty. I adore this shade and its perfect for the upcoming summer. 

Chipper - Mid-tone minty green eyeshadow with multi-coloured glitter. This shadow will brighten even the darkest days especially when repping legit mermaid sea foam green.
Again another must have for the upcoming summer, Chipper is a tad lighter and enhances any eyes looking for jewel shades. The multi-tonal glitters make this shade really sing in the natural light. 

Snap dragon - Mid-tone sea foam green in a Matte finish, it’s pretty as a flower and fierce as a dragon.
This colour really surprised me with its mix of green and aqua pairing. Its matte finish does not dull its intensity nor it's presence for your look. 

Flux - What the Flux would you do without this light mint green in a Matte finish?
This shade surprised me the most with its lovely matte light minty almost tiffany mixed green. Really is stunning if u want a nice pastel, day look that brings out the colour of your eyes with a subtle hint. 

Flawless - Deep red violet in a satin finish. It legit woke up like this.
Flawless is a bright and amazing rich red purple colour, said to be a dupe for a popular cult favourite. 
Colourpop has been impressing the USA and those worldwide whom can get it with the help of very lovely US friends. Im in love with this brand and i can't get enough of there intense pigmented creamy eyeshadows. Its really quite something to have a brand not only have one stand out product for a bargain of a price, yet to supply a whole range of them. It really is an impressive achievement for a new company in this day, with societies' emphasis put on "you get what you pay for". Well i think colour pop just broke that mould, as for $5 you certainly can now get more for your money and at a higher quality then some high-end brands. I admit its not all rosy with one minor point, if you get the richly pigmented shades such as Dare, get a strong base as this can stain. However who am i to complain about a eyeshadow with "too much" pigment. Il complain if i need to rub it 20 times and trust me colourpop does not have this problem. So yes the hype is real and yes they are coming to the UK soon, so once they do i can see us UK girls having an all out riot on the website. 
I have 3 more sets of reviews with looks coming, plus new looks on my Instagram feed featuring my colourpop colours. 

I will do a post about how to apply and best way to get the most from cream shadows, for those new to this kind of formula. So for now il say Colourpop, i got to hand it too you all there at HQ "You did it and us girls love the Unicorn dust that land"s to brighten the dreary world". 

So this is using the purple shades Fantasy & Dare with Bubbly as my inner corner highlight. Also used Pre-nup blush on my cheek's to give me that naturally flushed look. I then topped the look off with my Flawless lippystix.


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