Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Josie Maran : Watercolour in Polynesian purple

A USA brand which is getting more popular within the UK now, as Sephora has become available to order from internationally. So i was kindly given a watercolour eyeshadow from one of my closest friend's. A beautiful purple shadow which has the consistency of a liquid yet sets on the eyelid like a paint. 

What Josie say's : 

These days, lots of companies are claiming to be earth-friendly, organic, "natural," and socially responsible. As a consumer, it can be hard to figure out what those claims actually mean. I know what they mean to me. I started Josie Maran Cosmetics to make cosmetics that are top-quality and healthy for people and for the planet. I want my customers to know what effect they're having on their own health, and the world's, when they buy my products.

- The key ingredient in my cosmetics line is 100% Pure, 100% Organic Argan Oil.
- We work with our suppliers to use ingredients and packaging that minimise our impact on the earth.
- Our glass, cardboard, and PET plastic containers are recyclable.
- Most of our cartons are made from post-consumer-waste paper and printed with soy-based ink.
- Whenever possible, we source materials that support the people that produce them. 

Josie Maran Watercolour eyeshadow

50% Coconut Water, 100% Hydration. Like a refreshing sip of coconut water for your eyes, this pigment-packed liquid shadow instantly makes eyes look and feel more hydrated. It has two layers: one layer of fresh Coconut Water, and one layer of Argan-infused pigments that instantly give eyes a more youthful appearance. 

Why Josie love's it: Living on the beach in Oahu, I became a devotée of coconut water—and noticed that drinking lots of it seemed to make my skin glow. I created Coconut Watercolor eye shadow to bring that hydrating color to the eyes. Have a sip of coconut water for your face with this shadow that's cool to the touch.

What’s in it: Infused with Coconut Water and Argan Oil to provide hydration.
How I use it: Unscrew cap and insert the doe-foot applicator for a fresh first use. Shake it up! Dab a little bit of shadow directly onto lids with applicator, and finger paint to blend.

You do need to shake this shadow really well, because being a liquid and containing oil it will naturally separate. So shake it well and you can judge by checking the bottom of the glass pot, if the shadow has been completely dispersed then it's ready to use. Now you take the doe foot applicator which is provided within the package. Dip the brush in and then apply to your eye, don't overload the brush as this is still a very thin looking liquid with high pigmentation. So just dab a little off on the side of the container (you can always go back and add more) then apply to the eyelid. 

When i first received this product i was more then happy to swatch, check the consistency to see the best method of application. In my opinion and on feeling the product, i would do my base shadows and then use this shade last as my bold pop of colour or the lid shade to a cut crease. I would say the cut crease would look amazing, as you can apply just this shadow on the whole lid then lightly blend in the crease.

The swatches above are beautiful and the pigment on the shadow is stunning. The shadow dries very quickly and feels lovely on the skin. I cannot wait to use this shadow to do a look, as i want to use this in summer when the evening's are lovely sunset's and you watch the star's roll in. Ive seen the green and rose gold shade's which i would love to also purchase as they are beautiful. 

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