Sunday, 23 August 2015

That'so - New brand review

It's rare that i come across a brand so in-depth and commited to there product's, both professionally and commercially. That'so brand offers professional tanning product's and a new concept of obtaining the most healthy sun kissed bronze. Now available for purchase on Amazon.

That'so :
Professional cosmetics and beauty equipment that embody the concept of Fast Beauty. Simple and quick applications that minimize product waste and guarantee an excellent price/quality ratio.
The principle's 
• advanced technologies, for top quality product  
• cosmetic-dermatologic research, collaboration with research centres  
• Italian design, to provide machines and packaging of unmistakable style 
• eco-sustainability and energy saving 
• innovative services dedicated to national and international customers.
That'so - Glam body
Almond-scented soft mousse. It is the perfect solution to give skin an intense and luminous tan. It leaves skin soft, silky and moisturised.  Colour is instant and will intensify in 3-4 hours. After this time your skin may be washed. It does not leave spots or stains. Safe and natural formulation that does not harm the skin and body. Does not leave patches or an unpleasant odour, it can be easily washed from fabrics and hair.
How to use : Apply smooth evenly over body. To avoid discolouring palms and hands wash with soap and water immediately or apply with gloves. For best results, exfoliate skin regularly. 

 Thought's : The tanning formula is a light airy mousse which smells of nut oils and vanilla. It is a beautiful scent and the mousse easily dispensed. I would advise caution when dispensing the mousse, as its only takes a slight pressure to apply a fair amount of product.  

It is easily rubbed into the skin (or bare hand's if washed off) and does not take much effort at all to apply. It then dries leaving the tan too develop over (3-4hrs) time. The colour left is a sun kissed golden glow which is healthy looking. My skin is beautifully soft to the touch without feeling dry or damaged by the tanning mousse. 
I really do like this tanning mousse and enjoy the application ease plus the result it produces. The below picture i did to show the tanning colour after use and intense colour it gives. It is a beautiful product to use. A small amount needed to produce a healthy glow and then will wash off naturally.

That'so : Deep body lift velvet mousse
Body lifting mousse for the body with instant and lasting lifting effect. A body treatment that acts on two levels: it unblocks and mobilises fat, reducing it gradually (Liporeductyl®and makes the skin more compact, supple and firmer through the immediate tensor effect (Proteasyl®). The gold dust revitalises the skin and makes its firmer and more radiant.

How to use: Shake before use. Apply the product vertically on the area to be treated. Massage until completely absorbed. Apply every day to obtain lasting results.

Thought's : I must admit I'm a true sceptic when it comes to toning and lift products. I rarely see a difference to the area I'm treating. My thigh area was the place i really do struggle with as a body peeve, i don't overly have cellulite/fat on my thighs. So im going to use this till its finished and see what result happens. As i think everyone would like a more toned area's of there body. 

In saying that i have used this product and whilst i cant see any lifting or change as of yet, the mousse is lovely for the skin. It does make your skin feel very soft and moisturised with a very plesant scent. Im going to use this product till its finished and then update any change via social media. Also do a small side post to this explaining the finished changes etc. 

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