Sunday, 31 January 2016

Life in a Breakdown : Necklace review

I was really excited to see Sarah had teamed up with Funky Lazer, to create an inspired necklace collection. She has been an inspiration to me as well as countless other's, plus an amazing blogger. One of the first blogs i read and loved. I must say thank you to Sarah for kindly sending me a necklace to review. 

About : 
Life in a Break Down came about when I stopped wanting to blog about the bad sides of my illness and how bad things are in life, because really they aren’t.

It might feel like it sometimes, but I’m alive and kicking and from time to time having a great time, so yes if your wondering if it’s a play on words you would be correct. Life in a Break Down has progressed since it’s early days but in essence it’s still as it was, I’m here a blogging because I want to be, because I love it and because it helps me. (More information about Sarah on her blog). 

Company : We offer three main services, custom design, custom fabrication and custom woodcutting. Personalised, acrylic, perspex, mirror and glitter too.

Description : Laser cut products, specialising in acrylic name necklace, photo booth props, cake toppers and bespoke design all made with you in mind. We micro manufacture using high speed laser cutting technology. 

Necklace #UKbloggers review
I firstly have to thank Sarah at "Life in a breakdown" for allowing me to review one of her necklace's. I love the red and glitter colour selection, plus being a blogger the "#UKbloggers" choice was perfect. 

So firstly the necklace comes packed in a black gift box with the "Funky lazer" logo. The box is very solid and arrived in a electric blue padded jiffy envelope. It's is well padded with the chain placed behind, so no knots in sight. 

My thought's 

I prefer a more fitted necklace like this, as it's not moving around making me aware its there. It's a perfect length which made it sit flat so its easily readable. If it was any longer I think it would move too much. The edge's on the #UKbloggers are not sharp and do not irritate the skin in any way. It's clear that high quality material's have been used. 

The thickness of the chain was my only worry. Thinner size's potentially can dig into my skin and get sore to the point where i will want to take it off as soon as possible. Ive worn my necklace all day and there are no sign's of irritation (especially around the side's) or that the chain is digging into my skin. 

So overall this is a quirky fun loving and well made item of jewellery, that i can wear when doing my makeup look-book. It's unique and the other design's also are fun yet has something for everyone. I would highly recommend plus I would love to see more type's being released (Ring's, bracelets etc). I love my necklace and will continue to use it for as long as my blogging days last and then keep as a  beautiful memory of these days. 

Shop link

Necklace collection & featured : 
- #Ukbloggers Necklace
The #Ukbloggers necklace is 2cm in size and hangs on a 16inch chain. Coming in colours: Blue or Red - Price : £9.00
"For those who love to #blog"

Made by : 
Funky Lazer -

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