Thursday, 30 March 2017

Eco - Tool's Duo Blender


Now set as a confident maker of brushes that are naturally friendly, there was just one member missing in the family and that was the Eco sponge.

Product Information
The duo is designed with EcoFoam® Technology in two sizes and densities to create a camera ready look. Look and Live Beautifully with the unique EcoFoam Technology made of 70% plant based materials. 
The Large Base Blender is soft and flexible to create light, buildable makeup application. The Mini Detail Blender is firmer for more precise and detailed coverage.

Use sponge wet or dry. When using wet, squeseze excess water until damp. Apply makeup in a “stippling” or “bouncing” motion to blend product into skin.
  1. Flat surface to apply product on large surface areas
  2. Round base to seamlessly blend lines
  3. Wedge-like tip to guide precise straight lines 
The eco sponge is an amazing addition to Ecotools, with the smaller sponge being able to reach finer and hard to reach areas. Its fantastic having both a smaller sponge for those hard to reach areas, then you also have a larger sponge for vast areas that need more coverage yet give that air brushed feeling.

Eco tools new set

Having this all in one kit to hand with its beautiful earthy bag to store the brushes, along with the duo sponges i found met all my makeup needs. They are soft and do need a first wash like all brushes, especially natural ones. They perform fantastically and i didn't have one issue with application. I would highly recommend this set and especially if traveling. 

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