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About Scentsy 
Since 2004, Scentsy has grown from a small family business to a thriving international company. We still hold true to our core values and a dedication to contribute with our Consultants and customers.  
We're completely in love with fragrance  and how it makes life better. Share the Scentsy Love with inspiring new ways to show off your style. Our products are sold all over the world by the best people ever: Scentsy Consultants. At Scentsy, we're a family. We're honest, hardworking and real.  

Albert Einstein — quoted "Try not to become a man of success. Rather, become a man of value. A successful man takes out of life more than he puts in. A man of value will give more than he receives."

Buddy Clip's 
These clip-on cuties are filled with scented beads — perfect for backpacks and bedrooms! Each Buddy Clip features its own unique fragrance.

Lenny the Lamb Buddy clip

My buddy clip is for when I'm in hospital as I have terrible trouble sleeping, so Stella is just a little scent of home. They are both well made and my niece loves Lenny the lamb which has definitely helped her to doze off more calmly. The clip is perfect as then there is no chance in loosing your buddy. Ideal for anyone whom cant warm waxes but wants the scents for there home. The scent packs will also do this job also. 

Stella the Unicorn buddy Clip
Name: Stella
Species: Unicorn
Favorite hangout: At the end of a rainbow
Favorite activities: Prancing, dancing and spreading good cheer!
Favorite book: The Last Unicorn
Favorite song: Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Favorite sports team: Indianapolis Colts

Food I crave: Cupcakes, lollipops and all things sweet!
Fun fact: Historically, unicorns are symbols of purity and grace, and have been thought to have magical or medicinal powers
Ambition: To help others believe anything is possible.

Scented waxes 
Paradise Punch & Raspberry Rush
Paradise punch and Raspberry rush are perfect summer scents for your home, especially with the weather being so beautifully sunny. 

Extras included also 
Zen garden washer wiffs
Twister scented wax sample
Dipdab scented wax sample 

must say since trying a sample off my lovely consultant Kayleigh, I have wanted to try more and more scentsy. The scent throw is unreal as it permeates through the whole house. I can cut the wax down if I want to warm the wax for shorter time. Plus the recent samples were duo mixes to show how versatile the wax is and the scents you can get when mixed. I cannot wait to purchase some more scent packs and waxes to warm as they last plus come in a sturdy packet for storage. I do suggest while its so hot that they are stored in a cool place so they don't start to melt. 

My Scentsy consultant 


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