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Style freedom - Haircare line

Cruelty free hair styling products created by experts in an unique four step system- exclusively at Superdrug.
Dry shampoo
No need to wash it and start again. You can retain your Styles and keep the hair fresh and clean by simply using Style-Freedom Dry Shampoo. Removes dirt, grease and oil and revives your style to it's optimum finish. Features :

Style-Freedom - Dry Shampoo -Prolongs Styles, whilst keeping hair fresh - For all hair types.

Review: probably the lightest and most effective dry hairspray that I had the pleasure of using. it also helped maintain volume also to my hair for the day as it can be very flat.
Super root volumiser
Gives super lift at roots and creates full volume. Suitable for all hair types, but particularly fine, flat or limp hair that lacks body. Features : Style Freedom Root Volumiser - Super Root Lift & Volume - Suitable for all hair types - particularly fine and limp


Beach body spray 
For that beachy, textured 'Mermaid' look. A non-sticky spray that boosts waves and movement along with creating super body. Ideal for hard to curl hair, flat-flat hair and straight hair in need of texture. Pure Texture Features : Style-Freedom Beach Body Spray. For big & beachy texture. Suitable for Longer and Wavy hair types
Review: this beach spray is amazing to use and gives my hair a lovely wavy shine plus helps to keep the frizz away when used with the shine polish.

Pure shine 
Ideal if your hair is looking dull, flat or dry. Produces an instant shine, whilst combating frizz and fly away hair. To use, Mist across hair from approximately 12 inches from head. Can be used on either wet or dry hair. Features:

Style-Freedom Pure Shine. Produces a weightless glaze and controls flyaway hairs - Suitable for all hair types

Review: this light weight spray is very impressive in the way it works but also in the way that it performs. It gives my hair a beautiful softness and lovely feel when used. It definitely breathes life into lack lustre hair.

Workable hairspray
A Hairspray designed to give hold as you style. Great for fixing blow-dry sections and curls as you work through the hair. Fast drying and giving long lasting style support. Hair can be brushed out, restyled and re-worked whilst keeping the original movement and shape intact. Boosts condition, gives shine and features UV protection. Features:

Style-Freedom - Workable Hairspray - Creates hold as your style - With Argan, anti-frizz and anti humidity. Gives condition and shine (Suitable for all hair types)


Hair Detox kit
 Silicone and polymer filled shampoos and conditioners can build-up on the hair shaft, couple this with styling, heated appliances and environmental factors, and your hair simply becomes under-the-weather. Key triggers to look out for in 'Toxic Hair' include:- Limpness, inability to style effectively, excess grease and continued need to wash or wiry, course and unruly textures. Just as our body can benefit from a good Detox, so can our hair. Style-Freedom Hair Detox Kit is a two part system that firstly uses ingredients including Green Tea and Citrus to detoxify the hair shaft, removing all impurities. Secondly, the system replenishes and nourishes the freshly detoxed hair with Shea Butter and Vitamin E to renew strength and vitality. Pamper your hair to a weekly Style-Freedom Hair Detox treatment. Purified and Revitalised hair, Improved Styling, Improved Appearance, Increased growing ability due to strength & quality.

FeaturesUnique two part system with Green Tea, Citrus & Vitamin E. Give your hair a fresh start and unlock it's full potential. For all Hair Types

Straight and sleek
For those who battle with taming curly, frizzy and wavy hair. Straight'n'Sleek is an advanced blow-dry formula with Shea Butter and Vitamin E, which is able to effectively 'lock-in' your created smooth or straight style, retaining the sleek hair texture and preventing reverting to waves, curls or frizz. non chemical/regular use formula featuring natural extracts. For perfect and durable blow-dries. Silicone Free, Non-chemical/regular use formula, UV and Heat Protection, Hydrating Shea Butter & Vitamin E, Humidity & Weather protection, Smooth results can withstand up to two shampoos


Style Freedom Straight 'n' Sleek Cream' Smooth's &Straightens frizzy and curly hair. Weather & Humidity Resistant. Silicone-Free Multiple Use, For all curly & wavy hair types.


Sexy hair potion
Create big, shiny volume with this sexy hair potion. Can be used as either a blow-dry or roller set spritz to create durable big volume or curly hair styles. Features: Style-Freedom Sexy Hair Potion. Big Volume Creation Spray. For all hair types, particularly fine


Curl Angel
Define, Control and Strengthen your natural curls. Curl Angel's formula gives perfect frizz free curls via humidity protection. UV filters protect agaist damage, whilst Shea Butter & Bamboo extract strengthens. Results are beautiful, bouncy weightless curls with sharp definition, gloss and movement.


Style Freedom Curl Angel - for beautiful, natural looking, frizz-free curls. Key benefits, Anti Frizz, Humidity Protection, UV Protection, Shea Butter and Bamboo Strengthen Hair, Weightless, Defines curls, Gives bounce and Shine, Silicone Free

Having used curl angel after washing, it really does leave my hair feeling conditioned and a great curl was exactly what my hair needed when I used this product. I love to use my curl angel when my hair is down for the day. 

Style freedom can be purchased from Superdrug

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