Monday, 30 July 2012

Dermalogica Mini Kit and extras

So dermalogica offer we all got courtesy of jo thank you :O)Here is what the dermalogica looked like

Now this set was a wonderful offer you buy any of clean start range and get the lip gloss full size free plus the samples they offer with any order.
Now i got the mini kit which was for sensitive skin as my hubbie suffers terrible if he shaves so he looked at this and was impressed and even commented he would like to try this,which is not like him at all !! lol
So ive used the lipgloss/moisturiser and well to say i was sitting for a while smelling it going huh what is that smell its firmiliar???? i came to the brain lightbulb moment that it smells exactly like chocolate orange/matchsticks you get at christmas. So i was smelling it for ages as i love chocolate orange. lol i know nut case ! lol
So easy application with a lovely feel not like any lipgloss ive used where they are tacky and your constantly going pah pah pah to part your lips and constant licking this coated your lips nicely with a layer that was quite long lasting i must have had it on for 4-6 hours and could still smell it and feel the lovely coat on my lips which felt less chapped and cracked,deffo my fave one ive tried so far and one i will be getting for ages now as was a lovely feel on my lips.
Im a very picky person when it comes to my lips i hate the standard glosses which feel like a layer of tacky tape and licking a zillion envelopes. Not for me so thumbs up dermalogica for that product.

Will update blog post when i try the other 2 in the mini kit as im bogged down with glossy samples and other products which need reviews doing.

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