Monday, 30 July 2012

Ren Kit and samples offer

Again another offer posted by jo....she's the woman of the month for these :O)
So REN Skincare not known to me that well until i saw the offer posted and had a proper look at the produce available which again i was licking my chops dribbling at the ranges on offer.
So as most people did i got the 2 muslin cloths and bag then recieved the free REN set (rrp £20) and pick of 2 samples of about 10 that come up.

So these were the ren products and the samples came in a lovely little paper bag like a extra present to open. Now i again same as the dermalogica havent had a chance to fully review every product as ive been doing the reviewing products. But wow oh my lordy i have found the product that is the life saver for my T-zone and eyes. The T-zone balancing gel is the most amazing does what it says on the tin product ive ever used, I suffer terribly dry T-zone with my foundation being flacky and horrid in this area if its really bad. I used this and then super hot day Olympic road race pegging it past my door and only 2 applications my foundation was impeccable didnt flake at all nor feel like my skin was suffering. So big huge thumbs up love it so much will be a beauty staple for me from now on.
So the Eye say its like a watery gel is the best description but goes very far and is very cooling and refreshing to the eyes after you have wiped off all your make up and sometimes can leave the eyes feeling a bit raw if you use alot of mascara and eyeliner which i do as i really love my eye make up. This i put on my eyes and was lovely feeling like having cucumber when your at a spa or home spa'g like i have to do lol. I used one of my cloths which i was so surprised how big they are i really expected a piddly size cloth and it was massive. Plus i love the fact you can wash,re-use and re-store them in the bag you get .thumbs up to no wasting !!
So as i said big thumbs up to REN so far im sure i will be getting more of the kit out as the days go on to remove and maintain my skin with all the reviewing im doing so i dont damage my skin and the REN will certainly keep it balanced and revitalised.

So till the next review.......way da go REN Skincare.

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