Monday, 6 August 2012

She Said Beauty- August Box

So my first box from She Said Beauty and this is what my box looked like. I love the style of this box with the contrasting colour of the blue and inside the striking pink. Maybe however id prefer instead of a saw-dusty type packing it should be shreaded tissue paper or something else as the dust was just statically holding to the littler products.

So included in my box was :

  • White Glo- Whitening toothpaste- Fullsize £4.07-150g Sample size-24g
  • Redken-Radiant 10- Fullsize £19.99* intro price-170ml Sample size-30ml
  • Balance Me-Rose Otto Lip salve- Fullsize £12.00-10ml Sample size-10ml :OD
  • Papier Poudre-Powdered Paper- Box of 12 booklets 65papers £20.55 Sample size 20 papers Gift Booklet
  • Absolutely Flawless- Nail foils Full size £1.90 32 nail foils Sampls size- 16 nail foils
  • BONUS- 4711 Eau de Cologne- Full size £17.00 100ml Sample size- 3ml
So what do i think :
I must say its my first box and im happy with it, I swapped my nail foils (thank you rachel) and i love the new design i got its a really new and innovative product for me which i think will half the cost going to the nail technician for touch ups or new nail art, plus the easy and quick way to jazz up your nails when your a little bored with them. So tara thumbs up !!
The next product i love and adore is the papier poudre powdered paper ... oh gone are the days of taking out my mineral powder to touch up and then spilling half of it down i have a product i can take a slither of paper and rub it all over my face in small caressing circles and feel like a 1940's french woman walking down a quiet paris street, ok back to real world tara. Yes this product is as easy peasy my favourite kinda easy, Throw in your bag , grab and run. I can go out knowing i wondt ruin my out fit or my bag and still have that little book of paper to rescue me when i have a shiney part that needs a quick pat and its done. so again a new make up friend.
Now the cologne much debated topic on the group... and yes agree smells like a clinical steriod voidness of cleanliness i wont be putting any where near my skin...goody baggie pressie pile you go into.
toothpaste what can i say about the toothpaste..yes cleans my teeth and does exactly what i know it will do, can i see a difference i dont know how long can these things take ? So will i be changing brand to find
The redken is doing what its supposed to be doing in making my hair more conditioned but again would be ongoing to see if it will actually help my hair by nourising or is it simply one of those quick fixes ? we are yet to see

So my overall of the She Said Beauty box is very happy bar the horrid perfume i am using the others very happily and like them. Cant complain and i cant wait to see whats in the next box :O)

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