Friday, 28 September 2012

Luxbox Limited Edition

Now Limited edition Luxbox, I love Luxbox even though the September box was very hit and miss and not i feel up to there usual standard.
Now i recieved 7 full sized products for £20
  • Eldora - False Lashes
  • Green People- Eco eye Trio- Earth Colours
  • Steam cream
  • Sensationelle- Flicktips
  • Balance Me - Eye Wonder cream
  • The rosebud perfume company- Mocha Rose Tube
  • Delicious Teeth- Tooth Cleanser
Well this luxbox to me is fabulous as ive not been with luxbox long so i havent recieved any of these products, Now i love eye products so the eye trio i saw in the box before my first box and really was loving the look of it and i was really happy to recieve this. Plus the colours are perfect for my complection and its super compact.
Now i noticed there was an amazing smell coming from the box and i was smelling everything and found it was the rosebud perfumes lip balm. I dont usually like chocolatey scented products, love eating chocolate but in a beauty product it puts me off for some reason as i find it sickly. Now this however is not sickly nor off putting which was a plesant surprise. So im really happy as i love shea butter based products.
Ive got balance me products regularly and have a wonder eye cream in another beauty box, now i love naturally organic products so this will be used and probably glad of the 2 now as i now have a stock of them lol always a thumbs up in my book to have more of a product you love then less of one ;O)
The product i cant wait to try is the sensationelle flicktips, now i was very critical of these new stick on eye liners as i think what is the point as with a bit of practice and patience anyone can learn to apply liquid eyeliner plus you wont end up in the middle of the night with one missing and panic. However these flicktips when i was younger i was forever adding bindis and diamontes to under my eye or near the corner of where my eyeliner ended. So these are blasting me right back to my youth and i love the designs to make wonderful expressive designs with your eyeliner plus with your eyeshadows. Brilliant fun and i urge everyone to have a play with these as youll be amazed.
The delicious teeth hummmm this is a taste that will take a bit of getting used to as im so used to the taste of minty toothpaste that lemon is a drastic change but im willing as its bicarbonate based which really is better then chemically inhanced toothpastes and also i find your mouth feels like its had a proper mini tooth scrub, I like the packaging, its bulky to some but the tubes irritate me no end with toothpaste build-up etc and i prefer the ones you can press and dispense the amount you need and cover. Plus 100mls its huge and i wont be buying toothpaste for a while lol
I left the best to last Steam cream ah how i love this little tin of joy, i love it when companys take pride in packaging and go away from the norm and jazz it up a bit, now im saving this for when winter hits hard as my skin suffers awefully in the cold so this in my bag will be my little life-saver. I will be re-using this tin and recycling it when the cream is all gone as its handy and a perfect container.

Now you noticed no mention of the lashes, ownership and hands up i cannot apply these on countless applications they feel weird but im going to persist as im getting on a bit now and i need to help the poor lashes i have a little bit as im loosing that lushness with constant usage of mascara, the magnifibres was amazing and worked perfect so i will give these one more go and if a no-no then stick to magnifibres.

So thank you Luxbox for a fabbie treat :O)

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