Friday, 28 September 2012

September Glossybox

So september's Glossybox was called rising stars and was a special box designed by Maggie Li which is beautiful.
It contained
So i recieved
  • Lady GAGA- Fame fragrance Sample
  • Rodial- Snake serum and 5 minute facial- 2 sachets of each
  • Balance Me- Wonder eye cream
  • Vinchy- Idealia Day Cream
  • Maghrabian- Hair Oil
Now i wasnt bowled over by this box after seeing the box with a full size mythic oil which would have suited my hair better. In saying that i will use all of these products. I love Vinchy and have there night cream which is lovely and this day cream is a lovely fragranced cream with a creamy lovely texture so it will be something i will use and probably have in my bag as a cream for when im out at the hospital to keep my skin hydrated and smooth.
The lady gaga frangrance has baffled me as its in a black container and the whole hype around this fragrance is the fact its black and then disperses clear and drys clear. Now the actual scent is lovely and i can see myself bying the full bottle as i liked it that much. I would have however prefered a clear container to see the black fluid as its called. However thats me picking at minor details.
Now the rodial snake serum and 5 minute facial is sold as sachets £29 for 10 of the serum and £10.95 for 10 of the 5 minute facial, which seems overly expensive and i would not pay that for 10 sachets of anything. I really like the product and it did leave my skin feeling more firm and lines in my eyes have gone but i think i could live with a few lines and maintain my skin care regieme and get the same results over a longer time but still get these results with other products. I just would rather have a jar of cream or serum for £30 price tag then 10 sachets.
Now the Maghrabian hair oil, im loving hair oil i have used the ojon oil in my harrods glossybox and still have over half left its lasted that long with little needed, so i will use this but the improvement the ojon has done to my hair will mean that i could not say when using this oil if any improvement was made as argan oil as a whole will give excellent results. If your hair is frizzy like mine, the added oil and treatment will improve it it just depends on the time scale i think. Plus regular consistant use. Which ever oil you feel works for you and improves your hair is worth it in my book, i take care of my skin religously now and i wonder at times why didnt i start treating my hair in the same way instead of constantly chucking hair dye and god knows what else on it plus straightening but not think to replace the nutrients and help maintain good conditioning apart from when i wash it. So its worth investing in your hair as well as your skin routine. You will then glow from head to toe.

So an Okish box from glossybox this month but im hoping that these amazing boxes that people recieve are rotated and fairly distributed each month as too keep the majority happy, as i can see that getting the lax box each month will put people off but as long as the people recieving this box this month get the fuller box next month is in place then fairity rules.


  1. I felt the same about this box, I wish I received the full sized product and yeah I agree the perfume bottle should be clear lol, xoxo.

  2. Lady Gaga fragrance was black! I didn't know, so it took me by surprise when i first sprayed it x


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