Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Burts Bees Rose Tinted lip balm

So whilst i know the Burts bees brand, ive never actually tried any of there products but heard rave reviews.

On first inspection the packaging is really cute and i love the outter casing which twists open and then you take the tape of the top of the lip balm and it slides out of the casing. As the picture shows.....

I really do love this lip balm, it has a tint of rose which i found really plesant and brightened my lips when they were not having a particularly perky day. Its feels amazing and soft on the lips and helps with cracking which im really prone too, Now beeswax is a known nourishing natural moisturiser and its a perfect product for lips as in this season of the winter months where the cold is setting in and you need your lipsalve more then ever.
 It smells quite nice not overly sweet and noticeable when applied but when you smell the actual salve it is lovely.

This is probably one of the best tinted lip balms ive tested as i find when there tinted they dont last long as a salve and you need to apply just as much as a gloss with it wearing off, this salve stays in place (and ive tried) whilst eating, drinking and all sorts of activity.
So lovely product from burts bees and ive really enjoyed this product.

My Stockist for burts bees Rose tinted lip balm is : 

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