Monday, 5 November 2012

Techniques foundation brush

I cannot wait to test this brush, I love my foundation and my makeup brushes but I do find cleaning my foundation brush takes time and a lot of drying time. That much time to keep them good meant I felt like I needed to get a second. So I know I can leave a brush to dry sufficiently without compromising my brush nor foundation with damp wetness if I didn't leave enough dry time. I use cream foundations so my brushes need a full clean.
Now I have a BB cream to trial I think it may change the way I view my foundation but I'm one of these women who need full coverage. I have uneven blemishes that age brings and well its natural and part of life. I'm not lucky enough to be able to just use eye and lip makeup anymore as I did in my 20's. So piccies galore this week of brushes and new makeup swatches and looks, plus reading a new book release.
So busy week this week and I can't wait x

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