Monday, 5 November 2012

Sally hensen complete manicure

Now I didn't recieve this in my glossybox but was sent it from a girlfriends who doesn't use dark polish as was in her box and I love gothic colours.
This was black platinum so I was really entrigued and excited to use it. Boy am I a pushover with products I would see this and think perfect but it was god aweful to use. The brush was smaller and dumpier which I liked as it did cover the nail really well but the polish on first coat is like water and u need about 5 coats to get it dark black and level but even then when you know the nail is dry it seems when the last coats on to turn to gel ? Very strange and kept leaving little bits chipping off and I had to get the polish off it felt so aweful. Even as I took it off it came off in one sweep like mush and to get it out of the cuticle area took loads of cotton buds and cuticle sticks to just get rid if the discolouration.
I'm back to my aqua green polish now trusty polish 2 coat no mess not fuss polish thank the stars !
So Sally Hansen you steeply price polish not my kinda polish too messy and weird texture on drying. Us girls need a polish that you don't need to sit for ages like a nail bar and just run. If you have a fan you may get away with it.

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