Monday, 31 December 2012

A thanks to my amazing Friends xx

So i have the most amazing set of friends and we decided a while ago to run a secret santa, however well i had some naughty friends whom also sent me lovely goodies.
So i recieved a lovely goody parcel that went under the tree and this is what it looked like wrapped

So majorly spoilt right..........
Now there is a white choc toblerone (adore white choc) little santa and reindeer soapy friends, Body shop massive cream and the wrapped gifts ..... 1 pic to take still but will add tommorrow

So there was
The most amazing smelling bathy and body treats ive ever come across

Pretty lip glosses
Eye sparkles and a Stila Snowflake Palatte !!! So thankful to my friend Farhana xxxxxxx

Now i also was sooooo thankful too my friend Jenny who sent me
 and Eye sparkles from her lovely son sam, I love my eye sparkles and well i will plow through these like no tommorrow so double the amount woooooopieeee !!!!

Also was really tocuhed with my friend Kez who is like spoilt me rotten and again i need to take pics of some gifts as i was royally spoilt.
Now i adore all these colout so much and well a girl can never have enough lip glossy :O)
Now i have to upload my beautiful forever friends Diary and notepad from kez aswell as my wonderful Keratin hair sets ( i recieved 3) which with my hair sooooo needed and well even one was a enriched straightener if i want a change and well i struggle with my GHD's now so kez MWAH i love you xxxxx

Now miss p (Fatema) as you may see i love my eye makeups and all things makeup. Fatema sent me the ultimate eye kit with eyeliner, mascara and lush gel liner.

The picture doesnt do the box justice as its beautiful like a velvety packaging and im going to use is as a mini box for my jewels as its lush. So thank you so much.

Now i recieved this gift a while back but promise i left it under the tree till christmas from my friend Nicki.
My special edition glossybox with ESPA ............ one word LUSH !!! so spoilt x

Now i had a lovely package of my friend alison who really did spoil me with this gift and even though it wasnt a christmas gift i have to say thank you and that im forever indebted to all my friends for there generous gifts this christmas and throughout the year.
So aswell as some lovely jewellery i had this inclosed in a box of love from alison.
Yes a Dior bag ! Now if im not the most blessed and luckiest girl in the world then well i feel it.

Now i have some more pics to add to this of gifts i just recieved so more names to add to this amazing post. Which i will do tommorrow. So jemma and Danni i have to do a lovely pic of my wonderful set of gifts off you both but a huge thank you for my goodies xxx

I wanted to do this post for all my friends to say how much i love you all and just a massive thanks for all your support and friendship in 2012. Youve been my strength and biggest gift this year. So for that i cant express how grateful i am for each and everyone of you.

So to our toast of more friendship, love and great laughs in 2013 xxx

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