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Luxbox - December 2012

So while it seems the beauty box may have seen its day.... well the newly taken over luxbox may have ended this. Now to all those new to Luxbox, it was running and then reshuffled plus rebranded under future pink media company. Still keeping the Luxbox branding it promised to make issues with delivery and payments a thing of the past. Now whilst the hiccups of delivery were cutting it very fine over christmas and well the brand is a new baby compared to the bigger mummies of the beaity box world like Glossybox. It can be forgiven but they really need to listen more to the customers feedback regarding the way boxes run as well some of us a old hats to this beauty box game and listening to your consumer base is what will see you through this very choppy market. Where unfortunatly a few poor boxes will mean people seek better. So luxbox really could capitilise on the failing of joliebox and the fall of She said beauty... the gap in the market is there.

So box let us see what the 1st box within the new Luxbox provided.

So the box and the leaflet are the same layout and colourings , pretty leaflet for the christmas season

So contents

So the contents are as follows

Sheercover - Base Perfector Primer - Sample size 36.9 mls
Sheercover - Smokey eyes - Full eyeshadow palatte
Green People - Fruit scrub - Sample size 25ml
Masooq Deep penetrating Hair oil - Sample Size 25mls
Ancienne Ambiance Luxury Goddess - Bar of soap

Wowzers holy moley.......whats this Luxbox....i say its a flipping amazing box thats what and well you put the big hitter like joliebox to shame with this.

Now sheercover is a mainly american big hitting brand and its nice to try products from there as well you know what your getting if they do decide to come accross the pond and make a hit at the british market. Plus finally christmas boxes with makeup, Christmas is glitzy and glam all we girls want is some pampering and lovely products and you delivered Luxbox. The pigment on the sheercover eyeshadows is amazing they feel lovely too. Plus i have to show you this picture the packaging is lovely. Really screams class and finesse.

Id be a very happy girl to recieve this makeup again in a box. Now the primer im aware of as well many a late night doing night shift i see the tele-adverts for american products and hence how im aware of the sheercover brand. With its mineral makeup equivelent to our bare minerals brand. The primer is a good consistancy and quality plus really i didnt expect any less. So im super super excited to try and use this range and i really would love to see the mineral makeup range come over here and be more well known. So Luxbox if you are collaberating with Sheeercover ..... Huge thumbs up !!!

Now when i opened my box the smell of bakewell tarts is over its either from the Hair oil which does say descriptively sweet almonds or the soap which has coconut ? Now i put it down to the hair oil as i noticed it slightly leaking. The lid is either badly fitted or there is some residual oil in the lid leaking as the bottle is full to the brim. Looks a little misty oil and im assuming its from the oils seperating and with a good shake it will go back to the right consistancy and appearance. So will see when i wash my hair tommorrow what that does to my very in need of oil hair.

Green people awww a well known loved company within the Luxbox and fabby fruit scrub included and perfect, With all this glitz and glam you need some down time for your skin and this scrub will remove all the heavy makeup and impurities from christmas parties.
Definte taker in my bag for the christmas period at the family house next week.

So finally the Soap, Now its amazingly packaged and does smell amazing plus looks really soft as it looks like dessicated coconut around the sides. Looks like its a real luxury soap as the packaging is lovely and its obviously been given loads of care and attention to make sure it does, even though its soap treated with the same respect any other body care product would recieve. Especially when you want a pamper .... you need a goddess soap.

So i hold my hands up and a round of applause... bravo Luxbox you did yourselfs proud on your return (we will allow the delivery situation just once mind) but fantastic products. Great sizes .... NO SACHETS !! Others take note Luxbox is back and if your not careful will be the new king of the castle if you dont raise your game and luxbox enjoy making loads of beauty box lovers very happy with your quality. Keep it up as this is what keeps us happy.

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