Saturday, 22 December 2012

Lavera - Eye roll on


Lavera natural cosmetics is a brand which offers a wide range of natural skincare and face products.
Blending essential oils and natural ingredients to help the most stubborn of problems and in reviewing there eye roll on to help combat tired and dark looking circles i was intrigued to see if this would work. Like all women at some point im most prone to tired eyes in winter, with the changing seasons it seems that my body fights all natural patterns of sleep you find in the summer months hence why i end up waking to puffy, sore looking eyes. Im really glad i could try this as other then piling on concealer i have yet to find something that would relieve this.
Well this roll on is really good for bringing this down, Ive applied every morning without fail for 2 weeks. Its wonderful it seems to wake up your tired eyes with a zing but the packaging is ingenius, the silver rollerball even though yes its a little cold hit in the morning. It does awaken your eyes and have them less puffy looking. It hasnt been difficult to apply makeup at all now and well saving me a fortune in trying to camoflauge the dark lines.
It soaks in really easily and doesnt leave any residue, plus is a really light liquid. Now ive been additionally applying in the evening as the difference is apparent.
Now with looking more on the product it contains extracts of karanja oil and organic white tea plus added effects of aloe vera and coenzyme Q10. Aloe vera being of course a well known cooling agent as well as tea.

Now i really would recommend this to anyone to have on them as a matter of need weither it be to combat tired eyes or if its simply to perk them during a hard day.
Its a wonderful product and one i cannot even think of living without now, if id not been directed to it i would have not seen it at all. Plus in recent beauty awards it was highly commended within the beauty bible anti-aging catagories. It all starts with prevention in anti ageing and when coming down to starting on eye care then dark circles are the main areas people find the most trouble with.
Lavera eye roll on will help prevent and illiviate the symptoms and look of dark circles.
My stockist of Lavera Eye Roll on

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