Saturday, 19 January 2013

Polish polish oh nail Polish

So now im probably not the only woman whom has a vast and massive collection of Polishes. Which is all well and fine as we need to have our nails match our outfit or mood as an expression of ourselfs. Well thats my excuse to my husband who looks at my dresser draw and thinks omg "tara do you really need this amount?" ummmmmmmmm well yes is the simple answer
My Polish at the moment is China Glaze in Nude .... I love how it goes on so easy and drys quickly so no faffing around with waiting forever to apply the second coat.

Apologies my nails are chipped and not shaped since i came home from hospital.

Another favourite of mine which is not well known but i had so many compliments over christmas with this colour and the coverage it gave my nails.

Avon Nailwear Pro in shimmer Gold colour was just a huge hit that i would recommend these to anyone and i have a lemon colour too which is amazing when you have a tan in summer.

Value for money nail polish

Now i got 5 Nail Quakes for free with an promotion off MUA, so its worth keeping an eye out on the facebook site and seeing if they are running a promotion or purchasing some colours for £1- £3.50 a pot depending on what colours you like so still an amazing bargin. Also MUA do the nail constillation range and fur effects so its worth having a look if your after something for that special event happening in your life.

Special polish with an amazing feeling

Essie polish is amazing and i love this polish so much, its not cheap by any means and is a treat a month for me personally to add to my collection. But they are amazing if you have the budget to spend on polish.

Now how to remove this polish ??? hummmmmmm

Star find of 2012 was the Bourjois magic polish remover, literally 1 or 2 twists on your finger and wallah polish please if your using a glitter polish do not use this to remove the polish as the felty inside will stick to it and when you use it again you will find glitter sticking to your fingers lol So please just stick to cotton pads to remove glitter polish.

So thats my polish run down and believe me i could have fitted more on here as my collection is as huge as my makeup lol but ive just put the main ones im using at the moment on here and i will be doing a monthy update with new and exciting colours and finds.

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