Sunday, 20 January 2013

Urban Decay - Naked Basics Palatte

Urban Decay a well known and loved brand. Its known and loved for its pigmented colours to making shocking statements or smokey eye effects. The range of products means there is nothing you wont find or love in the selection that fits in with your daily makeup routine.

Now personally i own a few of the palattes in the range with the Smoked palatte being my absolute favourite. Its colours come with a booklet to teach you how to make the most of the colours and the persuasion eyeliner is the softest and most adaptable eyeliner ive had the pleasure of using.

So with the recent releases of the Naked and Naked 2 palattes which offer a more neutral and mellow tone bases for a more easier transition into the day and night time looks. As we all know taking a full palatte around during the day is quite a task with all the other essential makeup we as women have to try and cram in our bags daily.

So the clever brains at Urban Decay have done something that well is quite clever, Making a palatte that fits into your hand,as well as having the colours you would monstly use in the day but also the addition of a smokey shade to turn this day look into a stunning smokey eye for the night when going straight from the office. All the colours are matte and well i love this as shimmer is all good for nights out but when it comes to a neutral look it can be a task finding matte colours. So the Naked basics includes 4 totally new shades, 1 shade previously only available in another palatte and 1 all time favourite shade.

It has an amazing feel to the casing which is really quite strange as it looks sleek but feels like a velvety/suede ? just unique to the Urban decay brand in how there palattes feel. Its a palm fitting, portable sized case which will fit neatly in any bag or night bag for touch ups without feeling bulky.

The Inside has a generously sized mirror which is then set with rectangular full sized shaped pans of colour. The colours inside are
Venus- An off white creamy colour, excellent for highlighting the brow bone
Foxy- Is a creamy almost skin colour which is an excellent base for any eyeshadows
Wos- More of a pinky cream colour which again is an excellent base colour
Naked 2 - Is a really lovely light brown colour which would be a brilliant base for a smokey eye using the last 3 colours and building them up.
Faint-  Lovely darker brown which can be used as a top colour for a day look and built apon for a night smokey eye
Crave- Is the most pigmented dark brown (to the eye the pan looks black) You only need a smidge of this colour as its that pigmented like all the colours.

They are like velvet and feel amazing when i did swatches and hopefully you can see what i mean by the uses best for them as they are so multi-use as colours and can be combined to everyday uses plus mixed and matched.

Hopefully the flash hasnt taken away from the colours, as you can see the top colour is the Crave working down to Venus. Even in the swatches you can see the creaminess of the colours.
This palatte is well worth it and offers the best Matte colours on the market  and id happily just use this palatte alone to contour my eyes to show them to there best or to have a neutral look daily. It offers all i need for that natural look and smokey eye look for the evening. Urban decay have definatley made it more accessable without lacking in the quality of the colours as they are just as pigmented.
Now all the colours are Matte apart from the Venus shade which is a demi-matte shade, which as i said it is the perfect shade for highlighting the brow so having it like this offers a different dimension.

As always Urban decay come up trumps with another stunning palatte that offers the most amazing quality.


  1. lovely review... This palette is on my list to buy :) Farhana xx

  2. I didnt realise that crave was brown and not black. That makes the pallette a bit more purchasable in my eyes.

  3. Yes its looks black but on swatching its a super dark brown colour and well you dont need alot beth its so pigmented.

  4. I would love to get this palette, keep hearing good things about it. I like the fact it will fit in a smallish bag too, the others are too big for that.
    Angela x
    saw your post on FBL so thought I'd come and follow you, hope you can follow me on GFC too. I've only been blogging two weeks, so a total newbie xx

  5. Hi angela
    Thanks for the follow and welcome to the world of blogging. If you need any help then by all means send me a message and im scooting over to your blog now :0)

    1. aww thank you for the offer, I'm sure I will need help, sooner rather than later lol and thanks for the comment on my blog xx

  6. I have this on my list it looks amazing, lovely review :) xx


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