Monday, 18 February 2013

Birchbox - Feb 2013

So i have re-subbed to Birchbox, Formerly Joliebox and i admit the standard of Joliebox was slipping hence why i left, but then when the first Birchbox released in Jan 2013 i was impressed and thought, Lets give it a chance and see if it will be as good as the American counterpart.

So with it being London fashion week the Birchbox has taken on the persona of all things glam and beautiful. So we have everything in here to get us catwalk ready from application of the perfect base via tutorial in the Magazine to a spritz that will liven our skin up if we are flagging during the day. Plus a natural energy boost.

So let us see what my first Birchbox has to offer.

The Box
I like this box and the edging of magenta foil 

The contents 

Extra Gift (wont be drinking this as cant take supplements)

So the contents were 
  • Gerda Spillmann - Bio Ford Cream Foundation Shade 3/ 4.5g Sample 
  • Korres - Guava shower Gel - 50ml Sample
  • Nick Chavez - Plump and thick leave in thickening mist -59ml Sample
  • Vichy - Thermal spa water - 50ml Sample
Eboost - Natural energy booster - Sachet 
Eyelash Curlers 

So wow im really impressed, I was needing new eyelash curlers so i was really quite surprised to see a set included as well they say on the card they are a £10 set which covers the cost of the box alone. We will see how they perform.
Korres is a brand from Greece I've been dying to try and have been wanting to purchase, so im really happy to get a decent sized sample to try in my box. Plus guava is a nice change to the usual scents of shower gel you usually find in a beauty box. On smelling it, i really like how its tropical and reminds me of holiday and fresh fruity smells.
Now the Nick chavez is not a brand I've heard of but i suspect this thickening mist with it being fashion week is to style and add that bit of bounce and life to your hair when your on the go and it needs a quick spritz. So i will give this a go in looks week and see if it does what it says on the tin so to speak.We will hold judgement on this till then.
Now the Gerda Spillmann cream foundation i was loving the compact as its so sleek and really is a lovely design. However the writing on the silver box is near on impossible to read, from what i can make out apparently its a light weight formula that doesn't clog pores and thats as far as i got before eye strain kicked in. So i will do some more research on this brand later and update this post with any info i think is relevant. The shade is 03 and to look at it below you would think omg how dark, but it goes to a creamy almost liquid consistency and blends in really well to my skin tone so wow if Birchbox used my profile them major thumbs up as you have accomplished something your competitors are still trying to achieve.

The compact and shade 03 

This foundation has a scent to it , like a perfumery old style scent of the powder puff pots your granny would have on her dressing table. Its hard to describe its not horrid but its odd when most foundations i use are fragrance free so I'm not sure this all over my face would be pleasant for that reason alone. Again we will see on look day when we trial this baby out.

So lastly there is the Vichy thermal spa water which is supposed to be able to multi-purpose to your needs enriched with 15 minerals and 13 trace elements (need to do some major googling later lol )
It can be used as a toner, make-up setter or a refreshing boost. Now I'm not sure on this as water and makeup in my head don't mix and certainly don't set makeup. So this i will hold judgement on as i would assume its a spritz if your hot and need a cool down so i guess il have to see when i have my makeup done that once applied it will set it or have it falling off my face ? Ive never used a setting spray so this is a first for me.

So fantastic box from Birchbox with quality sized samples from really great companies that I'm more then happy to trial from. I love the magazine included with the inspired London fashion week cover and the contents. It has a tutorial on how to achieve the perfect base and also more on the products included in the box, so happy reading for me later.

Did you recieve this months Birchbox ? What are your thoughts ? 


  1. I am SO looking forward to receiving this months Burchbox! I think I will pretty much like everything. Apart from the scented foundation... that sounds... strange. Ha ha :)

    Love, Rachel

  2. Snap! I have just resubbed to Birchbox this month to try out the new branding now they have taken over from Joliebox. I'm really glad your review was positive - looking forward to receiving my box now!

  3. Amazing stuffs they got there!

  4. Oh fab box xx

  5. ooh thats quite a good box!! I have to admit i caved to buying one at the weekend, so i hope get one as good as yours!!

  6. Aloha!! Thanks for visiting my blog - Im now following your blog, hope you will return and follow mine too!!

    So far I have resisted the temptation of subscribing to any of these boxes, but it is very tempting!!


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