Sunday, 17 February 2013

Elemis - Freshskin Cleaning wipes

So i did a review a while back for Elemis Freshskin and loved the products as they were delicate and lovely on my skin which has taken a battering and also as a beauty blogger I'm constantly rotating my skincare brands so to have something that not abrasive at the end of the day is lovely.

Ive been using the Elemis Cleaning wipes for a month now to remove my makeup or to freshen myself up in the morning if i need a little pat down.

They are lovely and an essential for any dresser. I use 1 wipe and its enough to remove my whole face of makeup. Its moist enough that you dont need to add additional remover like i find i sometimes need too with some brands of cleaning wipes . Its a slightly textured wipe to help with removing stubborn mascara or like me gel liner. I use so much gel liner i would use normally cotton additionally to remove it.

With these i havent used my cotton at all nor my makeup remover. So even though they are a tad expensive then my usual routine. I keep these to those days i know I've layered it on thick to cover my bad blemishes. 
Plus these wipes do not dry your skin at all, i know all these baby wipes claim to not dry skin and are brilliant for babies skin but they are meant for your butt (just saying) not your face so they for me always leave it feeling like its gasping for something if i use them. *Again my own personal experience*
So with these as they are so moist and don't leave my skin feeling dried out. It gives me time to enjoy the process in the evening rather then super speed removal and slathering myself in moisturiser. I can sit for 5 - 10 minutes and have a cuppa then start my skincare routine.
Its simple pleasures but hey if i didn't have it in my head like this it would end up routine on the point of being a chore and if your wipes dry your skin out then your effectively erasing all your hard work in one wipe.
Yes i see said the blind man..... the error of my ways. Now unless i can afford these wipes, i wont be using baby wipes on my face, as convenient as they are. I know they are adding to the dryness so i will now go back to my trusty cotton and makeup remover.

So £6 for 25 wipes per pack at Time to spa.

So which do you use ? Wipes ? Cotton ?

Do you find wipes drying ?


  1. Nice review...seems like some good wipes..
    New follower via I Love My post Hop
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  2. I bought these wipes for my daughter in law as part of her birthday present, so I'm glad to hear they are so good. I use all sorts to take make up off, as I was recently testing the Alba wipes for the company I have been suing them, I really don't like them, not moist enough at all. I have a huge bottle of decleor remover so i use that in-between anything else I try. My favourite wipes are actually anti ageing ones from the pound shop, really lol you get two for a pound and they are brilliant.
    Angela x

  3. Oh thanks il have to have a look and see if i can see anything like that when im doing my shopping online x


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