Sunday, 10 February 2013

Bliss - Steep Clean 15minute Facial Treatment

So comes another offering from Bliss products, which are spa products that have been made for the consumer market. With spas around the country and a serious collection of products to recreate the spa at home feel. There is now a new product to help give your skin that radiant glow and treat it deserves.

Now i will have a pamper day at the weekend if its the friday or sunday night i will make time to try and cleanse my skin and hydrate it intensely from the abuse I've given it all week.
So when i saw the new Bliss product to review i was really interested and it has a impressive set of statistical analysis on the side of the package.

New Treatment for the unclogging of Pores

Now i like the idea of a weekly treatment to open the pores up and get them to have a full breather. I clog them so much during the week with products and makeup that when its pamper day its a welcome chance to use this product. 

So this is a double sided pump now you can press them both at the same time, I have small hands and well found it easier to pump them separately. That would be my only gripe with the product that while i love the separation of the contents and having to mix them in your hand, see the colour change and apply i just think it maybe needs the top to be joined so you find pressing them both at the same time easier.

Innovative Packaging

So this is how the different sides of product look, a yellowy green side and bright blue side, the consistency is like a gel but has more thicker feeling as you can see the product as its been dispensed has kept its shape. However its not hard to manage or apply on the face or mix.

So you mix it till it gets to a green aqua colour then apply to the face like a normal mask.
It smells like something and i could not put my finger on it... wasn't sweet but had reminded me of something I've come across before. It will come to me lol Too me it smells nice and inviting to use.

So i have used this twice now, its meant to be used once a week. 
You mix as much as you need of the solution then apply to face, neck if you choose. I only did just past my chin. It was nice and easy to get a layer that spread evenly. I noticed my face tightening as the mask drys a bit and gets to work. It doesn't set like a normal mask and go like clay.
Then after the 15 minutes you wipe the mask off, now i used my cleansing cloth with warm water as i personally just like to remove them in that manor.

Now I've done this twice and first time i was like wow my skin felt so clean and fresh it was just like id had someone take all the filth out of my face. Now after my second application i did this process and i have to say this is one hell of a treatment. My skin actual feels like its breathing if that makes sense and when i usually cleanse before finding this treatment i would feel like theres a layer of product still on my face.
I really enjoy this product and using it as a 1 day treatment at the weekend is a great product to women who are on the go and cannot pamper as much or use multiple products to achieve this result.
So deep cleansing it defiantly does deliver on, I don't however have big pores so i cant comment on if it decreases them as its honestly something I've never taken any notice of.

I will defiantly be using this regularly now as the feeling it gives your skin is like nothing I've experienced, and I've tried a lot of masks in my time.

Its made me want to look and explore the Bliss range more. 
Have you used any of Bliss ? Was there any products you enjoy to use ?

If you wish to purchase you can find it at


  1. Did you notice your pores being less congested or smaller? I'm always on the look out for products that do these? Xx

  2. Pores defiantly felt cleaner and less congested with products , plus i didn't even see my pores when i removed it.
    I dont notice my pores much though as in size wise, but its defiantly something that will clean them thoroughly out.

  3. Oooh this looks really nice!
    Do you know the RRP or where they are sold?


    1. its available in and il update the post with the link to the product x sorry i totally forgot too x

  4. Sounds like a lovely product and great that its two products in one.. But like you say, I can see me pressing both tops at the same
    Great review though, very tempted to try. :)

  5. This has been on my wishlist for yonks, tried a sample a while ago and loved it xx

    1. Its so lovely to use, addicted to it now lol

  6. great review! :)i want it now hehehe.

    following you now!

  7. Thanks for sharing such wonderful tips, always needed when acne starts to show up on our skin, sometimes it gets very frustrating and you feel like hiding your facial treatments from everyone.


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