Friday, 1 February 2013

Eyeko - Eye Chubby

Ok so eyeko london is a brand that ive only recently  had brought to my attention and seen alot of in the magazines that i buy. With the main products being eyeliners and mascaras promoted alot at the minute so i was happily clearing my draw to get it in some kind of order for my eye products and low and behold i come across an eye product of theres. Now its a chubby pencil and il admit i dont own pencil eyeshdows as i used to get them all the time and they would be fine till you sharpened them. Then you would have a scratchy edges that could leave your eye paying the price so thats why ive been put off them, but now we are moving on a few years and pencils are more soft, they are even screw up types so no sharpener is needed. So i thought i need to give this guy another go.

So on swatching its really a lovely colour i was really surprised how much i liked it , the texture is really soft and i know i have to do my theodora look this week but im going to do a quick eye look with this literally just this chubby to show you how these pencils in my view could be a huge time saver in the morning.
It was really a lovely buttery feeling gold shadow and looks like a lovely not too in your face gold which could sit on top a nice eye look or go it alone. As you can see in the picture of the product it looks slightly bronzey looking but it really does show why swatching pays off as above, its couldnt be further from that dense bronze look.

Im really looking forward to using this eye chubby to show you a easy and effective run and go look, like i used to do with eye pencils plus also im going to do a post in a few weeks, as i have alot of eye pencils and they will not be sharp so im going to sharpen them and take notes on which ones are still like as youve just purchased and which should be given wide caution.

So weekend looks are going to be sleek and fun , Have a great friday everyone.

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  1. Great review once again.. will have to buy this product


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